Park Sihoo

Hug, almost guaranteed!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssi’s hug is almost guaranteed! Let’s keep going at it!

During the 5th Enishi Anniversary celebration of his Enishi magazine on 3 September 2017 on Jeju Island, our favorite man, Park Sihoo-ssi, made a committment. He told his Enishi readers that he would give each of them a hug if his new KBS drama “My Golden Life” achieved 30% average audience rating!

Well, based on my last calculation, the average audience rating after 28 episodes stood at 31.0%! And if we can continue to keep this momentum, that hug is almost guaranteed! The key conditions to participate being that you have to be an Enishi subscriber in 2018 and that you will attend the special “Hug event” which I assume would be in September 2018 which is the traditional time for the annual Enishi readers’ event. Where? I have no idea!

But that special Park Sihoo-ssi hug is an almost guarantee! In fact, he reaffirmed this again in the video that his rascal cats shared yesterday! Here’s what their dear old dad said or the gist of it as I have only done some rough translation so  you can understand what he said.

Park Sihoo

Ready for the hug from Park Sihoo-ssi?

“Dear Enishi readers, I am Park Sihoo.

Enishi 2018 has been decided upon and will again be published next year. Thank you for your continued support.

I am now working on the drama “My Golden Life”. The content of the magazine will contain the behind-the-scenes of the drama. It will take into consideration the feedback which you have sent. I am working hard to present different aspects of myself to you. Please look forward.

Hmmm…and there was this promise I made during the Enishi 5th Anniversary event …
If the ratings were to go above 30%, a hug …

Because the drama has exceeded the 30% rating, I am committed to fulfilling this promise. I will prepare for this special event! It will be a pleasure to meet everyone then! 

Please give a lot of love and support to Enishi 2018 and also my drama “My Golden Life”!

Let us meet in 2018! I love you!”

Enishi Park Sihoo

Get your copy of Enishi 2018 today!

So sisters, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Enishi 2018 now! You want a hug from our favorite man, right?

To order your copy of Enishi 2018, please check out the details on this link:

Youtube Video of Park Sihoo-ssi on Enishi 2018





Park Sihoo

Hug? What have I committed myself to? Kekeke!






请大家多多爱护和支持2018缘Enishi! 也请多多支持和关注”我黄金光辉的人生”!


姐妹们,大家还在等什么?立即订购2018缘Enishi 杂志哦!大家可想和我们最喜欢的男神来个拥抱啊?

想要订购2018缘Enishi 杂志,请查看以下链接的详细信息:

Credits – Many thanks! Twitter @neko_jamidami, Enishi magazine, Mentor

Park Sihoo

Enishi, together!

Park Sihoo Enishi, together

Enishi, together

During his “One Summer night in Jeju” fan meeting held on 3 September 2017, Park Sihoo-ssi read out a letter he wrote to his fans who attended the event. All of them were readers of his exclusive, long running magazine, Enishi.

As he read the letter, we could see that he was most emotional. However, not knowing well either Korean or Japanese, I could barely understand what he said in his letter. Now, Chinese fan 北京金娜 has translated his letter into Chinese. Reading the translation, and recollecting that evening in Jeju, made me feel all emotional again. It was a simple, yet heartwarming letter that I am sure reflected all of what Park Sihoo-ssi felt in his heart and his gratitude to his fans who have kept vigil at his side. 

The past is past, we look to the future! And as he articulated in his letter, we will be together! No doubt there will be happy days and sad days, but then, that is what life is all about! The key is his promise that we will be together. And we will hold you to it, Park Sihoo-ssi!

We love you too!

Park Sihoo

He always has his fans in his heart

Park Sihoo-ssi’s letter in Jeju – English translation by

“Dear Enishi readers,

Hello everyone, I am Park Sihoo. “Enishi” has been a link that brought you and me together and it has been established for five years now.

I have to seriously think about the word “Enishi” and what it means to this world and to me. For me, Enishi is a symbol of the fate that brought us together.

No matter what the situation I am in, I have always had you waiting and silently cheering me on. It is due to you that I can be where I am today. Now, this has come to feel that for us to be together is a given thing. For the longest time, you have always kept me company, but I have not found the best words to express my gratitude, and it makes me most anxious.

In the future, we will have a lot of happy as well as sad times together. In all of these years, you have been my greatest gift.

Hand-in-hand together! Enishi is the arrangement of fate. In my life, can there be more of such beautiful encounters?

Today and tomorrow, our hands are clasped and will never be apart and we will always be together.

Enishi will always continue. I love you.”

Park Sihoo

His active communication with his fans


在2017年9月3日举办的夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”的活动中,施厚君给参加活动的粉丝们读了他为她们写的一封信。来参加活动的粉丝都是他独家,长期运行的杂志“缘Enishi”的读者。




Park Sihoo

Sharing with his fans his Enishi photo shoot

Park Sihoo-ssi’s letter in Jeju – Chinese translation by 北京金娜


大家好,我是朴施厚。 “缘Enishi”作为连接我和你们之间缘分的纽带,至今已经创办五年时间了。







Park Sihoo

Come, let us always be together!

Credits – Many thanks! Chinese translation by 北京金娜, English translation by; Photos – Park Sihoo Instagram and Hoo Factory

Park Sihoo

Ready for takeoff!

My Golden Life

Get ready for takeoff!

So, Park Sihoo-ssi fans, dear sisters, today is the day, a most significant day! Are your ready for takeoff?

Are you ready to welcome our favorite actor, one of Korea’s finest, back to mainstream Korean drama?

I don’t think I have to ask, right? I am sure you are all ready and waiting anxiously for tonight, 1955h Korean time and making sure you are able to tune in to KBS 2 channel!

Park Sihoo

I am ready for Choi Dokyung!

A quick reminder of what we can do on this most auspicious day. We want to takeoff and takeoff great! So here’s your checklist again:

  • Watch “live” “My Golden Life”on KBS 2 at 1955h (Korean time). Korean fans please tune in on your televisions. International fans, please watch this on the official KBS website. This way we can generate more traffic as the drama is being broadcast.
  • Party with friends to watch together the premiere episode of “My Golden Life” tonight.
  • Post photos and videos of you and your friends watching “My Golden Life” on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, your own websites, Line, Kakao Talk…anything and everywhere. Show the world how much you enjoy watching this new Park Sihoo-ssi’s weekend drama.
  • But most important! Get ready the campagne! Get ready to pop the champagne to celebrate Park Sihoo-ssi’s comeback and the start of his golden life!

Ready for takeoff?

Park Sihoo ready to takeoff

Are you ready for takeoff?

Gosh, I have to get myself ready too! This is the first time I have been so busy, I have no time to think about going for a Park Sihoo-ssi event! I am just following in everyone’s footsteps. Oh, no! Oh no! I am here in Jeju already but with no clue what’s going on!

Better get myself ready now for takeoff! 어떻게! 어떻게! What to do? What to do?

My Golden Life Episode 1 Trailer – Extended version 30 August 2017




我觉得自己在说废话,因为作为施厚君的厚粉,相信大家都准备好了,等待着今晚的韩国时间1955点,并也已经确保可以观看KBS 2频道的直播了!

Park Sihoo

I am all set. Are you?


  • 在韩国时间1955h点,在KBS 2上观看“我黄金光辉的人生”,韩国粉丝们请在电视上观看。国际粉丝们,请在KBS官方网站上观看直播。这样可以在电视剧广播时,增加到访网站的流量。
  • 今晚与朋友聚会,一起观看“我黄金光辉的人生”的首播。
  • 在脸书Facebook,Instagram,推特Twitter,微博,微信WeChat,自己的网站,Line,Kakao Talk等社交媒体上发布你和朋友观看电视剧的照片和视频。向世界展示大家对施厚君的周末电视剧的支持,给世界看我们的享受。
  • 但最重要的!准备好香槟!准备香槟,一起来干杯,庆祝施厚君的回归和他的黄金人生的开始!


Park Sihoo ready to takeoff?

What to do? What to do?


真的得去准备起飞啦!어떻게! 어떻게! 怎么办?怎么办?

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo

Holy cats!

Park Sihoo

Holy cats! Park Sihoo-ssi and his very self centred Jami

“Holy cats!”

Okay, as opposed to “Holy cow!” since as far as I know, Park Sihoo-ssi is not a proud owner of any cow. Kekeke! For those who don’t understand, “Holy cow” or the term I just coined, “Holy cats”, is an expression of surprise…more like an exclamation of huge astonishment!

We might be coming face-to-face with Jami and Dami real soon! Seems like these two rascal cats of Park Sihoo-ssi, his pride and joy, will be making their debut appearance in Jeju !

They might be hiding somewhere in a corner to take a peek at dear old dad and his princesses during his upcoming “One Summer night in Jeju” event on 3 September 2017.

Park Sihoo

Lazy cats, wake up! You are going to Jeju!

We have heard so much of their proud dad raving over his kids, especially Jami whom he claimed to be quite a character with a mind of his own! He has his nose up in the air and will only grant you audience when he feels in the mood…this is even how he treats his own dad too! And then there is sweet, simple and naive little Dami who is constantly looking up to Jami! Jami’s little follower!

Well, from what we hear from Park Sihoo-ssi’s Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC), they just might turn up to give their dad their support in Jeju!

Park Sihoo

Jami and Dami will be making their debut appearance in Jeju

I am looking forward to meeting these rascals…ermm, I mean sweethearts. Got to be nice to be able to worm some sweet secrets of their dad from these two! 😊

Holy cats! Is it only a month to meeting our favorite man again? Are you ready? Have you signed up for the “One Summer Night in Jeju” event yet?

If you haven’t, better be quick or you will soon find yourself with no seat!

Hurry now, if you want to meet these nice little kitties!

For more details on Park Sihoo-ssi’s “One Summer Night in Jeju” event, please check out my earlier post or the official event website at The final closing date is 18 August 2017 (Friday) at 1500h or until rooms run out, whichever is earlier. 

Park Sihoo Meipai – Holy Cats!

圣洁的猫咪!Holy cats!

“圣洁的猫!Holy cats!”

是的,是“圣洁的猫咪!Holy cats! ”而不是“圣洁的牛 Holy cow”!因为据我所知,施厚君没有养头牛! 哈哈哈!😊 是否给姐妹们泼了一桶水,莫名其妙的?在英语里,“圣洁的牛”或现在我自创的“圣洁的猫”是指一种令人惊讶的表情,更像是一种惊叹的惊奇!


Park Sihoo

Sweet adorable Dami during his younger days

在2017年9月3日即将举行的夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”活动中,他们可能会隐藏在会场的某个角落,偷偷张望亲爱的老爸和他的公主们。

他们骄傲的老爸经常提起他的毛孩们,特别是扎米Jami。他声称扎米Jami非常独立,有自己的主义和性格!鼻子总朝空中,不理会人,除非心情好,自愿。它也是这么对待自己的老爸!还有就是甜蜜,简单和天真的大米Dami,整天就会以扎米Jami为榜样,是扎米 Jami的小跟班!



Park Sihoo holy cats

Jami is quite the character, he has his moods

圣洁的猫Holy cats! 与我们最喜欢的男神再次见面只剩下一个月的时间了!大家准备好了吗?已经注册参加夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”的活动了吗?



关于施厚君夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”活动的更多详情,请查看之前的贴子或官方活动网站。最后注册截止日期为2017年8月18日(星期五)1500h,或直到没位为止,以较早者为准。

Park Sihoo

Don’t miss Park Sihoo-ssi’s “One Summer Night in Jeju” event

Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo Meipai, Weibo, Instagram and Twitter
Park Sihoo

Have your say on Enishi concept

Park Sihoo Enishi concept

Have your say on Enishi concept!

It has been five seasons of Park Sihoo-ssi’s exclusive Enishi magazine! Five record breaking years!

In all of this time, as readers, we have always taken the back seat while the editorial team did all the work developing the magazine concept. And when Enishi got published, we would be pleasantly surprised and rave at every single beautiful photo and enjoy all the interviews.  

The coming issue of Enishi magazine 2017 Season, Volume 4 will be different! Now you can let your creative juices flow and have your say on the magazine concept! Your idea of how Park Sihoo-ssi’s magazine should look like and if yours got selected, you get to see it in print!

Park Sihoo

Making a bold statement for Enishi in 2017

During the upcoming “One Summer night in Jeju” event on 3 September 2017, a special corner will be set up where fans can offer their opinions on the look and feel of the magazine. Those who will not be attending the event are also invited to participate. Park Sihoo-ssi would review the proposals and select the winning concept which will be used for the next shoot!

A concept meeting might also be included in the event! So maybe you will have a chance to have a face-to-face discussion of your idea with the man himself! 

Park Sihoo-ssi welcomes your ideas and look forward to Enishi having a refreshing new look!

Park Sihoo

So exciting to have a face-to-face concept meeting with the man!

How to participate in the Enishi concept contest

  • Send your entries via email to the Enishi editorial department at “”.
  • Please include your name with the email subject as “photography concept application”, a photograph of  your concept and state whether you will be attending or not attending the Jeju event. 
  • Entries can be submitted from 26 July 2017 (Wednesday) to 14 August 2017 (Monday),  23: 59h.

For more details on Park Sihoo-ssi’s “One Summer night in Jeju”, please check out my earlier article “One Summer Night in Jeju” or the official event website at Seats are limited so sign up now if you want to go!

Park Sihoo

Don’t miss Park Sihoo-ssi’s “One Summer Night in Jeju” event





Park Sihoo

A different look for Volume 2

在2017年9月3日举行的“夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”活动上,会设置一个特殊的区域,粉丝们可以去哪分享对杂志外观和感觉的意见。不参加这次活动的姐妹们也可以参加这比赛。 施厚君将从建议书中,选择获奖的概念作为下一期“缘Enishi”杂志拍摄的概念!



Park Sihoo

Let your creative juices flow!


  • 以电子邮件提交申请书给Enishi编辑部。邮箱是“”。
  • 提交时,请写上妳的姓名,抬头注“摄影概念申请”,加上概念照片,并说明是否参加济州活动。
  • 参赛作品可以从2017年7月26日(星期三)至 2017年8月14日(星期一)23:59h 提交。

欲了解更多关于施厚君的“夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”活动,请查看之前的文章“夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”或活动官方网站 。座位有限,所以如果想参加活动,请现在就注册!

Park Sihoo

Add your idea to the Enishi collection!

Photo Credit – Many thanks! Mentor, Park Sihoo Japan Official Club, Nance

Park Sihoo

Enishi continues growing

Park Sihoo

Our Enishi continues growing, Park Sihoo-ssi!

“Enishi” or fate or karma between parent and child is a given. So can be expected, Jami and Dami will be ever so proud of their dear old dad, Park Sihoo-ssi, just as their dad will ever be so proud of them, his rascal cats. 

Well, Jami and Dami are at it again showing how proud they are of him. They are promoting his record, long running magazine in Japan, Enishi. Its 2017 edition, Volume 2 will be out on 30 April 2017. 

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssi’s 2017 Enishi magazines, get your personal copy

As his cats raved about his magazine, Park Sihoo-ssi sent his fans his greetings and that he hoped to share with his fans even more and different aspects of him in the upcoming volume. Like the perfectionist that he is, he said his fans should expect to see a lot. He also revealed that his pride and joy Jami and Dami would also appeared in the magazine. And proud dad called his kids mischievous and adorable. He hoped that his enishi with his No 1 Treasure, his fans, continues growing and they will continue to give him their fullest support.  

Being a perfectionist that he is, I don’t expect anything less from Park Sihoo-ssi. So I am looking forward to receiving my copy of Enishi in the mail at the end of the month! I am sure he will surprise and surpass our expectations, presenting even more of his gorgeous and creative sides.

Park Sihoo

Order your copy of Park Sihoo-ssi’s magazine now!

As fans who love this man, I hope that all of you will give him your fullest support by getting your very own copy of his Enishi magazine. As true fans, please, do not hitch a free ride and infringe his copyrights, okay? Many thanks!

Let our enishi continue growing with this man, by leaps and bounds and for a long time to come! Way to go, everyone!

On how to order your copy of the magazine, please check out www.hanryutop/enishi2017. International fans who want to know how to manoeuvre around the ordering process, please check out my earlier post “High five for Enishi”.

Youtube Video – Park Sihoo 2017 Enishi Volume 2 promo video 14 April 2017

In Tudou



扎米Jami和大米Dami又再炫耀老爸了。这次是推广他在日本打破纪录,悠久运行的“缘Enishi”杂志。 该杂志的2017年版,第二季将于2017年4月30日推出。

Park Sihoo

I am looking to grow my collection for a long time to come!

随着猫咪对他们老爸的杂的志狂欢,施厚君向他的粉丝们问候,希望在新一季里与大家分享更多和不同方面的他。追求完美的他,承诺我们可以期待看到更多。他还透露,他的骄傲和喜悦扎米Jami和大米Dami也将出现在杂志里。 骄傲的老爸称他的孩子们是非常顽皮和可爱地。 他也希望他的宝物一号,他的粉丝们,一起和他有着继续增长的缘,期待大家给他最大的支持。


Park Sihoo

Please give Park Sihoo-ssi your fullest support!



关于如何订购”缘Enishi”杂志,请查看 www.hanryutop / enishi2017。国际粉丝想了解订购过程,请查看我之前的贴子High Five 举手击掌!

Credits – Many thanks! Youtube Video of Park Sihoo 2017 Enishi Volume 2 Promotion Video by Hanryu Top and Twitter by neko_jamidami; Photos – Hanryu Top, Mentor, Nance

Park Sihoo

A bold statement

Park Sihoo a bold statement

Beautiful and bold statement

This article took a while in coming even though the headline was one of the first things that popped into my mind when I received Park Sihoo-ssi’s 2017 Enishi magazine, Volume One.

Life has been pretty hectic and stressful, more so this year than last, so my writing has not quite caught up with my thoughts for! Yes, I think faster than I write or should I say I type! How I wish I have an extra pairs of hands! My, I would look totally weird if this happened! Hahaha!

Now, back to that thought when I first received my copy of Enishi magazine…actually it was seven copies of Park Sihoo-ssi on the covers staring back at me 🙂 ! “Wow! What a bold statement!” was what came to my mind.

Bold in that visually striking and more artsy style of the photo of Park Sihoo-ssi on the cover of Enishi. Bold in its new look and layout. The name of the magazine used to be downplayed, made rather insignificant compared to the visual of the man. But now, the word “Enishi” in English and in black bold fonts at the very top, leaps right off the cover. And even more bold is the total removal of the Asian character “缘” from the cover. Is this a sign of Park Sihoo-ssi taking a more international focus beyond his traditional markets? A step forward to new frontiers?

Of course, overall, the whole cover has to be beautifully complemented with the close-up shot of our most delectable man! Our man with a transformed and more mature look!

I like it, this new look – of the magazine, of the man and of the new direction. Augurs well for a successful makeover in my view, though efforts must continue in a well planned and consistent manner. Something that Hoo Factory needs to drive and more importantly, endeavor!

Bold and beautiful! Is this how our Park Sihoo-ssi will be venturing forward? Will this be how 2017 will turn out? I am looking forward for certain!

Park Sihoo

My treasured collection of past issues of Enishi


当我收到施厚君的2017年缘Enishi 杂志的第一季时,脑海有个想法,但好久没把我的想法给大家分享。


当我第一次收到我的那份缘Enishi 杂志时…实际上是七本施厚君在封面盯着我 🙂 !我的第一个感想就是“哇!好一个壮大的声明!”

壮大在视觉上,以更醒目和更艺术风格的施厚君的美照展示缘Enishi 的封面。壮大也在杂志的新设计上。杂志的名字以前是较低调的,就由施厚君的照片为主。但现在,英文的“Enishi”黑色粗字体在封面的上头,非常的显眼。更壮大的是封面把“缘”彻底的去掉。这是个暗示施厚君,要走向国际化,超越他以往传统注重的市场吗?迈向新的前沿?


我喜欢这全新壮大的转型 – 杂志封面,男神的形象和国际化的方向。在我看来,这可以是个非常成功的改造,但必须努力,继续以良好的计划和一致性的去执行。 厚工厂需要驱动这计划,更重要的是要努力坚持,不能间断!


Park Sihoo

I love my Enishi collection

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo Instagram, Enishi, Mentor, other photos of Enishi by Nance