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Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo, Korean actor

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Twitter: @parksihoossi

Weibo: Nance国际朴施厚粉丝N姐

Weibo Group: 朴施厚家族 Park Sihoo-ssi Family

Instagram: parksihoossi


Welcome to visit or any of the links for this site for news and views on everything and anything about Park Sihoo-ssi. Of course, I would love to hear from you too especially on news of Park Sihoo, how to build more awareness of Park Sihoo and and feedback on how this site can be improved.

Many thanks!


欢迎访问ParkSihooSsi.com和任何跟这网站链接的其他社交平台。在这些链接,可以看到有关朴施厚的新闻和动态。 当然,非常欢迎妳的联系,也希望妳能分享施厚君的消息,如何发扬光大施厚君和ParkSihooSsi.com给更多人认识,和给反馈和建议如何把网站改进。


Nance 国际朴施厚粉丝N姐

11 thoughts on “ Links & Contacts 联系站

  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you for sharing on your encounter with Park Si Hoo. Simply amazing and so happy for you . I wanted to be there , unfortunately due to work/ personal commitment , I had to forgo this trip this time . Thanks for sharing this wonderful event Nance !

    Sandra ( PSH fan from Singapore )

  2. Otome says:

    Wow!!!so lucky from Italy,so i dont think i will ever have the chance to meet him.. 🙁 just an info,do you also have instagram??

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