Be our valentine today!

Park Sihoo valentine

Be our Valentine today, Park Sihoo-ssi

Today is a day made for love! Valentine’s Day!

From me at, here’s wishing Park Sihoo-ssi and all our dear sisters a wonderful day that’s filled with beautiful love and glorious laughter!

Whether from that special someone, our family or our friends, love that comes sincerely from the heart is much to be treasured. Infinitely precious and totally priceless!

On this special day, we send our love to our Valentine, Park Sihoo-ssi. You should be hard at work on your drama “My Golden Life” and creating your own beautiful golden life! May our little gift bring you warmth on a cold winter day and give you refreshed energy knowing that you are very much in our thoughts and in our hearts. You are well loved and supported by your fans from all around the world!

Have a wonderful day! Spend quality time with your special someone and make beautiful memories together!

And, Park Sihoo-ssi, please be our Valentine today! We shan’t ask for seven days, only one, okay? Kekeke! 🙂

Park Sihoo-ssi, be our Valentine today! Enjoy this special day!

Park Sihoo be our valentine today

Park Sihoo-ssi, be our Valentine today!


今天是属于爱的一天! 情人节!

ParkSihooSsi.com祝施厚君和所有亲爱的姐妹们情人节快乐! 希望大家度过一个美好,充满美丽的爱情和灿烂的笑声的一天!

爱无论是来自那位特别的人,还是我们的家人或朋友,只要是来自真诚内心的爱都是值得珍惜的。 无限珍贵,无价之宝!

在今天这个特别的日子里,我们把爱送给了我们正在努力工作,拍摄他的电视剧并创造他自己美丽的黄金人生的“情人”施厚君! 愿这份小小的礼物在寒冷的冬天给他带来温暖,让他知道他一直在我们的脑海和心中。他是被来自世界各地的粉丝姐妹们热爱和支持的!

祝你有个美好的一天! 可以找些时间与你特别的某一位共度美好的时光!


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  1. A Day To Cherish Friendship and Love. Happy Valentine’s. Your black calla lilies should catch PSH’s attention among the mountains of flowers and greetings/wishes flying his way.

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