My Golden Life Ep 45: Bursting with laughter

Park Sihoo My Golden Life bursting laughter

Laughter boiling over

On the last day of their seven-day romance in KBS drama “My Golden Life”, Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian went sledding. Sledding was Seo Jian’s version of extreme sport and Oppa Choi looked at her in disdain and disbelief. To him, it was chicken feat that even kiddies could attempt and excel! It was just way too childish for a man like Oppa!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Bursting with energy, bursting with laughter!

But he was in for a surprise and found himself enjoying the sport, bursting out in hilarious humour every so often. Choi Dokyung or should I say Park Sihoo-ssi’s bursting in laughter as he slides down the snowy slopes was what caught my attention. The sound of his laughter so crystal clear, so invigorating and so full of happiness reverberating across the tranquil quiet of the pristine mountain slopes!

I just love listening to his contagious laughter and I have played that same video segment over and over again just to catch him. It has been quite a while to see him in such insuppressible, no-holds-barred behaviour  – as Choi Dokyung and as Park Sihoo-ssi himself! 

KBS Youtube Video – Episode 45 “My Golden Life”: Bursting with laughter

My Golden Life Ep 45


在KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”中,在七天浪漫的爱情的最后一天,施厚君饰演的崔道京和徐智安去了滑雪场。 雪橇是徐智安所为的极限运动,但对崔道京,这简直是小儿科,连小朋友都会玩!

但玩起来时,他感到非常惊惊讶,因为发现自己喜欢这项运动,每隔一段时间就会开怀暴笑。 崔道京,或应该说施厚君,当他滑下白雪皑皑的山坡时,发出一阵阵的笑声,引起了我的注意。 如此清晰而充满幸福的笑声,可以在山坡上听到回荡!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Two people in love 

大家是否喜欢他的感染性的笑声? 已经有好一段时间没有听到偶吧Oppa崔和施厚君这样无忧无虑的开怀笑暴声了

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14 thoughts on “My Golden Life Ep 45: Bursting with laughter

  1. A most beautiful watch worthy scene! Love that loud throaty laughter of his echoing in the vastness of that snowy highland. It’s a picture of a man in love, reflecting sublime joy! Gosh how many times I have rewatched it……

  2. It is a characteristic of Park SI Hoo’s joy in his heart, of his laughters on his lips as the signs of his good grasp of life. It is crucial for Park Si Hoo, in creating his healthy lifestyle through physical activity, enjoynment, laughter and fun. And I remember a similar scene in his drama “Family Honor”, when Lee Gung Suk was enjoying sledding, bursting in a healthy , contagious laughter while sliding down the slopes. I liked the scene very much and I adored Park si Hoo also, as I ‘ve liked the scene in “My Golden Life” sliding down the slopes together with Jian. His healthy, his contagious laughter, his whole-heartedly laughter is indeed blessed, as his laughter is the cure of a grief, the triumph of love. And I also remember a picture from his childhood with his brother, which I love it, as it’s so beautiful, revealing him laughing , bright-eyed, happy child, whose music of his laughter should have been so sweet, and clear , ringing his laughter. And I’ve come the the conclusion that Park SI Hoo was blessed being born with this treasure of his healthy laughter.. “All you need in the world is love and laughter.That’s all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other.”[August Wilson]. Yes, Park SI Hoo has love in one hand and laughter in the other. He is free with his joy, with his laughter, being his gratitude to bring joy and llaughter into his life, and in the lives of all around him.

    • You remember well those scenes from FH and his childhood! Amongst his greatest assets must surely be his cheerful and sunny disposition as well reflected by his captivating smile and contagious laughter. And I am very certain many years on we will still be revisiting all the scenes he has created in his dramas and movies over the years to keep our joy full to the brim! 😊😀😃🤗

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