My Golden Life Ep 46 Difficult decision

My Golden Life Park Sihoo difficult decision

Oppa Choi has to make a difficult decision

From the preview of Episode 46 of KBS drama “My Golden Life”, Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung had to make one of the most difficult decision in his life. To continue to fight his Grandfather Roh and not return to Haesung Group or to go back to take on the helm of Haesung Apparel as his grandfather struggles with his life!

Difficult decision as it would mean an unravelling of what he had strived  and struggled so hard to achieve – to go independent, start his own business and no longer be a puppy under the thumb of his grandfather.

But for the sake of his family, being the filial grandson and son, in a way, it will be Hobson’s choice! Oppa just has to go back! He needs to make sure his family and the business that his Grandfather Roh had painstakingly built will not have a disastrous end. Not only that, his grandfather will need to recover sfully so that Oppa Choi will not have to suffer the guilt of being the cause of his grandfather’s collapse!

My Golden Life

As Grandfather Roh struggles with his life…

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung has to struggle to make his decision

Difficult decision but Choi Dokyung being the responsible man that he is, will not shrink from his responsibilities!

Now the question is, what will happen to his relationship with the love of his life, Seo Jian?

I won’t miss Episode 46 this Saturday for the world! Remember that this weekend, it will be a revised time slot of 2200h Korean time due to the Pyeongchang Olympic coverage! Don’t miss, hear! Oppa needs our support more than ever before! So sisters, let us all stand by him!

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My Golden Life Ep 46 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 46 Preview

“我黄金光辉的人生”第46集预告: 困难的决定


这是一个困难的决定,因为意味着要放下自己努力奋斗所实现的目标 – 独立自主,开始自己的事业,不再在祖父的大拇指下被他控制如小狗般。

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Shock at the collapse of his grandfather

但是为了家族,作为孝顺的孙子和儿子,在某种程度上,他是毫无选择! 偶吧Oppa崔不得不回去!他需要确保卢祖父艰苦建立起来的家族企业不会有灾难性的结局。不仅如此,祖父需要充分恢复健康,崔道京才不会永远会有罪恶内疚感,因为他可是祖父崩溃的主要原因!


My Golden Life Park Sihoo difficult decision

I am Choi Dokyung, President of Haesung Apparel



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  1. The writer must have been going through some tough time. At first it was JA who almost lost her life, then DK, after that everyone thought it might be JA’s father with that imaginary cancer and now DK’s grandad. They’ve all changed their ways of thinking after having their lives flashed in front of them. I believe this is what’s gonna happen to DK’s gdad, he will in the end let DK live his own life realising how precious life is

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