Lazy Saturday

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Sorry, while you work, I’m having a lazy Saturday!

Last night, I asked myself, do I want to write anything for today?

And I said to myself, “Nah! it has been a while since you had a lazy Saturday!” Actually since 2 September 2017 when Park Sihoo- ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” started and even earlier, I haven’t had a lazy Saturday at all! Every weekend has been fully occupied writing articles for posting either that same weekend or the following week!

So, I am giving myself a lazy Saturday today since there is no drama broadcast tonight! 

But it would still be a busy day, since it is the last weekend before the Lunar New Year! I have lots of things to finish up before I head for home sweet home next week to warmer weather! Looking forward to spending time with my family and my three fur kids!

So, signing off for today! Have a great day Park Sihoo-ssi and my dear sisters!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo lazy Saturday

Don’t work too hard, Park Sihoo-ssi!



我对自己说:“呃,已经有好长时间没有享受过一个懒惰的星期六了!” 其实是从2017年9月2日,施厚君的KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”首播以来,甚至更早时候,我根本没有一个懒惰的星期六! 写作几乎占据了我的每个周末,为的就是那周末或下周发贴的准备!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

See you tomorrow!


但是,今天将会是繁忙的一天,因为是农历新年前的最后一个周末! 有很多事情要办完,因为下周会回到温馨暖和的老家!好期待看见家人和我的三只毛孩子啊!

所以,今天就先告别! 祝亲爱施厚君和姐妹们有个美好的一天!

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9 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Please go rest up all your nerves and brain cells and muscles, to be away from MGL for a day. I know you won’t rest too much as the buzzy CNY atmosphere will engulf you. Whatever whichever, I wish you A Great Happy Weekend.! Cheers

  2. Though sad we don’t have |My Goldem Life ” tonight, it’s a good opportunity for you, Nance, to take a deserved rest, and charge your batteries for tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. The approaching of the footsteps of the Spring Festival, although the journey is the stars and the sea, at the moment, come home together, is the most tender choice! Every friend, in the eyes, the best color, should be, feel relaxed, soft, happy!

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