My Golden Life Ep 45: Last straw

My Golden Life Park Sihoo last straw

Grandfather Roh clutching at last straw to get Choi Dokyung to return

Geez! A one day delay in the broadcast of KBS drama “My Golden Life” can make a huge difference when one is so addicted to it. Such an excruciating long wait even though it is 24 hours!

Choi Dokyung’s chaebol Grandfather Roh is clutching at the last straw in Episode 45. His heavy handed tactics of destroying every avenue and chance of his grandson establishing his own business, even though he wasn’t touching any Haesung money, has come to naught. Even his violent treatment of Seo Jian’s parents had not been effective. Every blow he had dealt, his grandson bounced right back.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Grandfather Roh ill intentions turned the table on him

The last was when his grandson discovered he was being trailed and threw his tail a punch! Grandfather Roh was rather taken aback as he had not expected his genteel grandson to react with his fist.

Putting pressure on Choi Dokyung’s parents was also not yielding any result. So Grandfather Roh had to throw in his last straw.

He announced the appointment of Choi Dokyung as the President of Haesung Apparel as the huge incentive! And not only that, he would transfer Choi Dokyung’s uncle Jung Myeongsu, the current President of Haesung Apparel and his ex-boss, to become the Branch Manager of Haesung F&B Europe!

Whoa! Definitely last straw from what I see!

My Golden Life

Haesung appoints Choi Dokyung as President of Haesung Apparel

Will grandson Choi Dokyung bite? Will Mother Choi add pressure particularly when her father had told her in no uncertain terms that she was finished if her son doesn’t bite?

Me? I think for his own sake, Oppa Choi won’t care a hoot as he wants to control his own life. The only reason he might possibly relent, in my view is for the sake of his parents and his younger sister. Being the filial son and caring brother, he won’t want his parents to suffer.

Watch what happens tonight on KBS 2 at 2000h, Korean time! Tonight can’t come fast enough!

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My Golden Life Ep 45 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 45 Preview



崔道京的财阀卢外祖父在第45集中,抓紧着最后一根稻草 (英文的“last straw最后一根稻草”指的是渺茫的机会)。尽管崔道京没有用到任何海星的钱,他的外祖父也破坏了他每个渠道和机会去建立自己的业务。卢祖父也用了暴力对付徐智安的父母。但卢祖父所做的一切都也没有效。他的孙子崔道京每遭到一次又一次的打击后,都会马上反弹而重新开始。

My Golden Life

Grandfather Roh puts pressure on Mother Choi



他宣布任命崔道京为海星服装的会长为激励!而不仅如此,他还将现任的海星服装的会长,崔道京的姨舅钟明苏(翻译)Jung Myeongsu也是他的前任老板,调动到海星欧洲食品和餐饮业 F&B Europe的分公司当社长!


My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Oppa Choi might consider only to protect his parents



大家可别错过今晚在韩国时间2000点,在KBS 2台的播出。答案将会揭晓哦!

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  1. I think he would not take up grandpa’s offer because the preview showed that he was cutting ribbon for his factory with Yubi. He even told his mum that if grandpa continues to derail his plans he would resort to street stalls & sell all his shares, if need be.

  2. Hope episode 45 to get at least 47% rating today! Hope Korean watchers, and not only, to increase the number in watching Do Kyung ‘s success in opening his own business, finally.

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