My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Pyeongchang 2018: Let everyone shine

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssi filming outside Deoksugung Palace

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics opens tonight, 9 February 2018 in South Korea and will run till the Games closes on 25 Feb 2018. It will be bringing together athletes from 92 countries to compete in this sleepy small town.

So what has this to do with Park Sihoo-ssi you may ask? Nothing and yet everything! His home country will be playing host to their first ever Winter Olympics in Korea and being Korean, I am sure he would be standing tall and proud.

Pyeongchang Soohorang and Bandabi

Soohorang and Bandabi welcomes you to Pyeongchang 2018

Tonight, after a 101-day journey from Greece to Korea and across 22 cities and provinces in the country, the Olympic torch will light up the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium to an audience of 35,000. 

It will be a proud moment for Korea, Koreans and for the athletes from all around the world. Let everyone shine! Let everyone shine tonight and throughout the Games!

Enjoy this beautiful theme song!

Pyeongchang Olympic Torch

Pyeongchang Olympic Torch will light up the Opening Ceremony tonight

平昌2018:让大家闪耀 Let everyone shine!


大家可能会问,这与施厚君有什么关系? 没有什么,但又可以说是一切! 他的祖国将首次举办冬季奥运会。作为韩国人,我相信他会为祖国感到非常自豪。


这将是韩国,韩国人和来自世界各地的运动员骄傲的时刻。 让每个人都闪耀 !让每个人都在今晚和整个比赛中闪耀!


Video of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Torch Relay “Let everyone shine” by Insooni

pyeongchang let everyone shine

Video of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Torch Relay “Let everyone shine” by Insooni with English lyrics

pyeongchang 2018

Around the walls of Deoksugung Palace decked out for Pyeongchang

White tiger Soohorang and Asiatic black bear Bandabi welcome you to the Deoksugung Palace area. I caught these beautiful displays of Pyeongchang 2018 where Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian shot the most beautiful snowy scene!

Soohorang and Bandabi

Welcome to Deoksugung Palace

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My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Ace at 38.8%, average 33.5%

My Golden Life Park Sihoo ace

My Golden Life aces it!

Ace! This would be how I would describe Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” last night!  Since Day 1 it has stamped its position as the top Korean drama and has aced it each and every time!

Last night, the audience rating was 38.8%, an increase of 2.0% over the last Saturday episode on 20 January 2018 (same day comparison) and a drop of 3.1% over the previous episode on Sunday 21 January 2018. This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV ranking.

It is usual that ratings on Saturdays are  lower than that of Sundays.

In terms of average rating, on a national level, after 41 episodes, it stood at 33.5%.

I am confident that “My Golden Life” will ace it all the way to the very end of its run! Last night, the shared synergy from the residents of the shared house, a combination of Choi Dokyung, Seo Jian and Seon Woohyuk in the rescue of Seo Jisu was just magnificent!

I am looking forward to the continuing excitement as the drama unfolds tonight! Hopefully, we will have a breakthrough in the relationship between Oppa Choi and Seo Jian finally? Please! KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time! Don’t miss!

My Golden Life

Ace audience rating!


显著! 这是我将如何描述昨晚播出的施厚君的KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”!自从首播,这剧一直受欢迎,维持着它榜首的位置。

昨晚,全国电视观众收视率达到了38.8%,跟上星期六2018年1月20日播出的一集比(同日比较),上升了2.0%!跟上一集 (星期日2018年1月21日)比较,下降了3.1%。这是基于韩国AGB尼尔森的电视排名。



我相信“我黄金光辉的人生”一路走到最后还会继续是显著! 昨晚共享公寓的居民的协同效应力量,崔道京,徐智安和善宇赫的组合,去救被逼留学的徐智秀,真的非常的杰出! 期待今晚电视剧继续激动人心!

希望Oppa偶吧崔道京和徐智安的爱情取得突破! 苏编,留情吧!现在,兴奋的期待着今晚的播出! 韩国时间1955点,KBS 2台! 不要错过!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo

Give someone a hug today!

Park Sihoo hug day

Give someone a bear hug!

The buzz word in the world of Park Sihoo-ssi right now is “hug”.

Why? Because our favorite actor promised to give one to his Enishi readers if his drama “My Golden Life” averaged 30% in audience rating. And now, after 30 episodes, it is averaging 31.5%! Keep it up and we will get what our man has promised come September 2018 when his Enishi magazine usually holds its annual premium event for its readers!

But for now, do you know what day is today in Korea? Hug Day! 14 December of every year! 

So take this opportunity to give someone a hug today! And anyone within the vicinity of Park Sihoo-ssi today, you know what to do! Kekeke! 😄 Good luck!

Big bear hug for ParK Sihoo-ssi! And a huge one all round for all of our sisters! Many thanks for keeping up with my nonsense and often hard-headedness for so long! I love you1

Park Sihoo

If you are so lucky to be near Park Sihoo-ssi, you know what to do!



为什么呢? 因为我们最喜欢的演员承诺,如果他的电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”平均观众收视率达到30%,他会给他的缘Enishi读者一个拥抱。 现在,到第30集为止,平均收视率已经是31.5%,如果继续保持下去,我们的拥抱将会在2018年9月举办的Enishi年度活动实现!

Park Sihoo

The warm, fuzzy feeling…

但,9月还老远的。大家可知道今天在韩国是什么日子吗? 拥抱日! 每年12月14日就是拥抱日!

所以借此机会,今天就给一个人一个拥抱呗! 今天在施厚君周边的人,妳知道该怎么做吧?哈哈哈! 祝妳好运!

献给施厚君一个大熊拥抱 big bear hug! 还有所有的厚粉姐妹们,也给大家一个大拥抱哦! 非常感谢妳们一直忍着我的无理取闹和经常任性行为!大拥抱!

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Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Topping off the weekend at 36.0%

Park Sihoo My Golden Life topping off the weekend

Topping off the weekend on a high! Well done!

Topping off the weekend last night, Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” was again at No 1 spot with an audience rating of 36.0%! It is the top rated weekend drama since its premiere on 2 September 2017!

The national audience rating of 36.0%, was up from last Sunday 29 October 2017 (same day comparison) by 1.5% and a jump of 4.8% over the previous episode on 4 November 2017 (Saturday). This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV audience rating.

On average, for 20 episodes to-date, the rating is 28.8%.

The drama has seen its ratings moving upwards, topping every weekend on a high note. I can’t wait to watch the next episode but it will be one long wait till next weekend!

My Golden Life

Ending this weekend on a high note!





这部电视剧的收视率有所上升,每个周末都刷新高的成绩。 期待观看下一集的播出,但得等整整一个星期,直到下个周末啦!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life: Crime and punishment

Park Sihoo My Golden Life crime and punishment

The crime committed by the Seos will have major repercussions

Crime and punishment. A serious subject to cover when I know everyone’s still high from the stirring of love in the cliff hanger from last Sunday’s KBS drama “My Golden Life”. So unforgettable that expressive face of sudden attraction on Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung’s face.

But unfortunately, the subject of crime and punishment is causing grieve between Seo Jian and Choi Dokyung and it is a huge threat looming ahead. Can’t be avoided.

There was an article by star.fnnews on the subject with legal opinion on issues in the drama. Basing on some of this information, I share my view.

My Golden Life crime and punishment

Mother Seo’s lie is in fact tantamount to fraud under the law

What started off as a lie by a mother who wanted a better life for her flesh and blood daughter might escalate into a big issue! It is not just a lie, but one involving fraud, an intention to deceive and for benefits. Benefit of gaining her own daughter a better and affluent life, and in so doing, depriving the real daughter of her birthright. Benefit also in accepting a popular Haesung owned hamburger restaurant franchise which can earn a substantial future income. Because of this act of fraud, the Chois could suffer reputation damage resulting in loss of societal standing, possibly even financial losses due to the “scandal” on their image on an individual as well as corporate basis. And not forgetting the mental distress they will experience.

This was the crime Mother Seo committed and which she could be imprisoned for up to 10 years and/or fined up to KRW 20 million for a fraudulent act in accordance with Korean law, Article 347 of the Criminal Act.

My Golden Life

Both Father and Mother Seo could face criminal charges

While Father Seo was not involved in the whole process and in fact was against it. He did not stop his wife, nor did he report this incident. He might be considered an accessory to the crime and be fined up to KRW 500 million and imposed other penalties under the Criminal Act. 

Both Father and Mother Seo might also be subject to further civil litigation and be required to pay compensation for causing mental distress.

Seo Jian, even though she was central to this fraud, might not be subject to any litigation or punishment  as she was not privy to and had no motive for fraud and in fact raised this with Choi Dokyung.  

So even though Mother Seo’s lie might seem “trivial”, it is in fact not. It can have huge repercussions that involve crime and punishment, if the Chois decide to pursue criminal charges and legal actions. Given that “My Golden Life” is a family drama and happy endings are expected, I wonder how Writer So will spin her tale. Interesting…but not without causing heartache between Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian before the end of the series!

Whatever it is, crime doesn’t pay!

Park Sihoo

A serious Choi Dokyung at a crossroad between family and love? What road should he take?




My Golden Life

The crux of the matter, a lie on who the real daughter was





My Golden Life

With crime, comes punishment



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Park Sihoo My Golden Life money at heart

My Golden Life Ep 8 Money at heart

Park Sihoo My Golden Life money at heart

Money was at the heart of misunderstanding

It seems like money is at the heart of everything, if we go by Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” Episode 8. The different threads in the episode had something to do with money, some very obvious and others, if you dug deep.

The misunderstanding and battle royale between Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian had money at heart, revolving around the car accident and its repair cost of KRW 20.7 million. The fierce ping pong volleys were of paying or not paying, the amount to be paid, how a poor, unemployed Seo Jian came up with the money and who gave her the money. Money continued to plague the couple in last night’s episode, and further misunderstanding was caused by a “boyfriend” in the picture!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life money at heart

Money was at the heart of their battle royale

Money was also at the heart when it came to Seo Jitae, Seo Jian’s brother. He and his girlfriend of four years broke up in a public quarrel due to his lack of money. He was adamant not to get married as he didn’t want his children to suffer like their father who could not break out of the rut of being in the sandwich class in society. He saw no opportunity to develop and had given up hope totally.

Then the parents who brought up Seo Jian also had money woes. Father Seo felt totally helpless as his children were deprived due to his failed business and they had to struggle in society. He also felt the betrayal of his wife whom he felt “sold out” their daughter to the Chois in exchange for the benefit of getting a franchise business. 

My Golden Life

25 years ago, they thought it was kidnap. 25 years later the fear recurred

Choi Dokyung’s mother was in a state of panic when she lost contact with her new found daughter who failed to return home at the agree time and her handphone was off. Mother Choi had visions of her daughter being kidnapped again! The evil of having too much money!

Yes, money was at the heart of “My Golden Life” Episode 8. So while some might aspire to have more money, having too much can have its problems too!

With Seo Jisu’s discovery of old photos of the lost daughter of the Choi family, will this simple and naive girl fight for her inheritance as the true daughter of the rich chaebol family?

Watch “My Golden life” Episode 9 to find out! KBS 2 at 1955h (Korean time) every Saturday and Sunday! Now we have to wait for the next weekend for new developments in this drama that is full of twists and turns!



施厚君饰演的崔道京与徐智安之间的误会和战斗起源是车祸,和2,070万韩元的汽车修理费。 他们激烈的乒乓赛是围绕着几个问题。支付还是不支付,要支付的金额,一个穷,失业的徐智安是如何找出这一大笔钱来,是谁给了她这笔钱? 在昨晚的那集中,钱继续困扰着这对男女,产生进一步的误会也是中间夹着的“男朋友”!

My Golden Life

Lack of money was why Seo Jitae refused to get married




My Golden Life

With the discovery of old photos, will Seo Jisu claim her inheritance?



请观看下周末的“我黄金光辉的人生”第9集的发展!每逢星期六和星期日,KBS 2台,韩国时间1955点播出!现在,只好耐心的等待下周末的播出啦!

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