Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life: On Location

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

See me in action on location!

Have you ever experienced a drama on location shoot?

If you enjoy watching dramas and especially if you also like Park Sihoo-ssi and want to watch him in reel action as he acts out his Choi Dokyung in his latest drama “My Golden Life”, you should not miss the opportunity!

I have been to a number of on location shoots, not just for Park Sihoo-ssi’s dramas but in my lifetime, some advertising shoots as well. Interesting to watch what goes on once the PD calls out “Ready? Lights, camera, action!”. Then all the machinery and people will go into co-ordinated actions to get that few minutes or seconds on film, with the hope of no or minimal “NG”! But, sometimes, it can be one long wait to get everything right and to the PD’s critical satisfaction! Then as onlookers, you can feel real bored! Kekeke! 😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Catch Park Sihoo-ssi as Choi Dokyung on set

Come 23 January 2018, you can give Park Sihoo-ssi your personal on-the-ground support and experience him in reel action on location for “My Golden Life” with his Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC). Join in the activity and you can watch Choi Dokyung as he goes on film. Not only that, you will get to see the drama set, watch never before seen video clips of the drama, catch interviews with Park Sihoo-ssi who will share his “My Golden Life” experience, shake hands with the man and get him to autograph one of your personal items for keeps! I know what I want him to autograph! Yeah, finally he will make my dream come true!

Game for some on location actions and take home some beautiful memories? Sign-up today for the Park Sihoo “My Golden Life” on location event! Don’t miss the action!

I have signed up, air ticket and accommodation all arranged and all set to see our man in action! See you on location! Brrrr…it will be cold in Seoul!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Ready? “Lights, camera, action!”


  • Date: 22 – 24 January 2018 (on location visit and event will be on 23 January 2018)
  • Accommodation: Seoul · Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel
  • Cost of package: JPY 98,000 (3 days/2 nights, two nights’ accommodation on twin-sharing basis)


① Visit “My Golden Life” filming on location
② Interviews with Park Sihoo-ssi & watching never before revealed drama video clips
③ Handshake with Park Sihoo-ssi
④ Autograph by Park Sihoo-ssi on one of your personal items
⑤ Event commemorative special gift
⑥ Event held at one of the finest deluxe hotels in Gangnam, Seoul
⑦ One scrumptious  dinner

For more details of the event and registration, please check out the official event website at http: //

Enquiries: Mentor/Mentor Travel at Tel: +81-3-6380-3773 (weekdays from 10: 00 to 17: 00h); fax: +81-3-6380-3750 or e-mail: 

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life On Location event in January 2018




我去过多次的现场拍摄探班,不仅是施厚君的电视剧,在工作上,也安排过公司的广告拍摄。有机会尝试现场拍摄可以非常有趣,感到拍摄的气氛。一旦导演喊到“准备好!灯光,相机,动作!”, 所有的机器,演员和工作人员都会一起采取行动,为的就是那几分钟或几秒钟的拍摄努力,希望没有或最少次的“NG”!所做的,最后会由导演过目,直到他满意为止。有时候会是一个漫长的等待,那时,就不好玩了! 哈哈哈!😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life on location

Practising his script



我已经报名参加,机票和住宿都安排好了,准备去首尔跟我们最喜欢的男神相遇,看他拍戏去了! 姐妹们,我们在拍摄现场见面! 哦 …首尔应该非常地寒冷了!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Catch our favorite actor hard at work!


  • 日期:2018年1月22日至24日(拍摄现场访问日,将在1月23日举行)
  • 住宿:首尔江南帝宫酒店2晚双人住宿
  • 活动费用:每人98,000日元(包括活动参加费,3天2夜,两晚住宿以2人一室安排)



Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Being an actor is pure hard work!

有关活动和注册的详细信息,请点入 官方活动网站查询。

咨询:Mentor/Mentor Travel 『电视剧[我黄金光辉的人生]拍摄现场访问应援活动』电话:+ 81-3-6380-3773(平日10:00 – 17:00点); 传真:+ 81-3-6380-3750 或电邮

Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Entertainment, KBS Drama, Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC), Mentor

Park Sihoo

Squidgy wiggly squids

Park Sihoo

Squids? I love those squidgy, wiggly ones! Uh, uh!

Among all food, my favorite is seafood…any kind from fish to prawns to crabs to clams. Cooked or raw! I simply love them! Just thinking about them now, my mouth waters!

However, there is something that I avoid and each time I go to Korea, the topic will always come up.

Do I like those squidgy wiggly squids 🐙 or sannakji 산낙지 which are small live octopuses or squids cut into pieces and eaten raw as they are still squidgy and wriggly? Uh, uh! Sorry, this is one acquired taste that I just can’t stomach.

When we hit Seoul for Park Sihoo-ssi’s 39th birthday celebration earlier this year, we wanted to try restaurants that he has been to before. On 31 March 2017, accompanied by Korean fan, Shin Sarang, we ended up at 오징어 청춘 Ojingeo Cheongchun, owned by his former manager, Kim Suyong-ssi 김수용 씨.

With a name like 오징어 or what they call squids in Korean, I braced myself to have to part take those squidgy, wiggly suckers that are a special in Korea, in case Park Sihoo-ssi also loves them. Yes, they serve them…but luckily, we could have options as he also ate other dishes on the menu. We chose to try two cooked dishes our favorite man had dined on previously. A spicy stir fried seafood with Korean rice cake 해물볶음, which included the restaurant’s name sake, squids, and another dish of lightly battered deep fried squids 오징어튀김 🐙 .

Park Sihoo

Where to find fresh food as only a foodie like Park Sihoo-ssi knows

Was the food good? Yes, absolutely! And I bet you it would have tasted even better if we had eaten them hot, just as they were being served!

But we were a little carried away…snapping photos as Suyong-ssi was most hospitable and allowed us to dine at the same table in the private room where Park Sihoo-ssi sat! Of course we took turns to sit where he sat…and even photographed the autograph he presented to the restaurant where he sat!  We really behaved like teeny boppers that day, going completely berserk over Park Sihoo-ssi’s association in 오징어 청춘! Hahaha! Unbelievable, these mature, grown women!

Park Sihoo

Inside that nicely decorated room

Ok, back to those squidgy, wiggly squids. I love the fried squids 오징어튀김. The light batter with a slight sprinkling of salt and pepper really brought out their delicious freshness! Not too heavy even though they were fried. Between the two dishes we ordered, this was more to my taste. The other seafood rice cake dish 해물볶음 was also yummilicious but was a little too spicy for me. Dorothy walloped them down with glee, relishing every bite! Her tastebuds are more attuned to the hot peppers and spice. And she gave the dish the thumbs up! 

Thank you for your hospitality, Suyong-ssi! We will be sure to come visit again and I am sure many other Park Sihoo-ssi fans will be equally game! In fact some have already passed through since we have been there! I am sure some of these ladies just might be adventurous enough to try those squidgy, wiggly little suckers too! Kekeke! 😄 😄 😄

And many thanks to Shin Sarang who kept us company. We had a lot of fun with our chicken and duck talk! And if all else failed, we said simultaneously “Line, line!” And my dear, you look simply beautiful wearing a Hanbok! I hope very sincerely that soon, some dashing young man will come and sweep you off your feet! Ok, someone already has! Hahaha!  

Park Sihoo

The seat of honor…where Park Sihoo sat in the private room


在所有的食品当中,我的最爱是海鲜…不管是鱼、虾、螃蟹或蛤蜊。 煮熟的或生吃的! 我都喜欢😍! 想到海鲜,我就流口水了!


Park Sihoo

Do I really want this try these squidly, wiggly suckers?

我究竟喜欢抽搐蠕动的乌贼或sannakji산낙지吗?这是小章鱼切片,身体还扭动着、沾上酱,生吃。 ,! 对不起,这是一种得习惯的嗜好,我不能忍受。

这回经过首尔去扶余参加施厚君的39岁生日会时,想去一些他光顾的餐馆尝试他吃过的一些佳肴。 在2017年3月31日我们的好同伴韩粉Shin Sarang介绍并陪同我们去了오징어 청춘 Ojingeo Cheongchun餐厅,是施厚君的前助理,金苏阳君 Kim Suyong-ssi 김수용 씨所开的一家餐厅。

Park Sihoo

Spicy seafood with rice cake…hot stuff!

Ojingeo 오징어是韩语的乌贼。看餐厅有乌贼的名称,心想若施厚君喜欢吃抽搐蠕动的乌贼산낙지,那没办法,也得忍着尝试一口。是的,在餐厅有这道菜,但幸好,施厚君也在这吃了其他的菜肴,所以我们有得选择。我们选择尝试另外两道菜。一道是辣味海鲜年糕해물볶음,也有乌贼在内,和轻炸乌贼오징어튀김 🐙


但我们都被分心了…顾着拍照。金苏阳君 Kim Suyong-ssi好客,特别照顾,让我们在施厚君之前用过的私人房里和同一张桌子用餐!我们就轮着坐他所坐过的座位,也摆着他为餐厅的签名在他坐的座位拍照!当天就像天真的青少女疯狂的拍摄施厚君在오징어 청춘餐厅的一切!哈哈哈! 令人难以置信的是这几位成熟的女人也会有这样不寻常的行为!

Park Sihoo

Deep fried squids and sweet potato were more to my taste

好啦,回到那些抽搐蠕动的乌贼菜肴。我喜欢油炸的乌贼오징어튀김 ,轻轻的一层面糊,撒上一些盐和胡椒,带出了乌贼的新鲜美味!两道菜之间,这道菜更符合我的口味。那辣海鲜年糕 해물볶음 也特别好吃上味,但对我有点太辣了。Dorothy 多萝茜可乐了,辣味是她的菜,兴高采烈的,吃得津津有味。她给了这道菜大拇指哦!

金苏阳君 Kim Suyong-ssi,感谢你的款待!我们一定会再来光顾,相信许多厚粉们也会来品尝你们家的菜肴!其实已经有好几位厚粉在我们之后已经关顾了,有可能有些也会尝试那些抽搐蠕动的乌贼哦! Kekeke!😄 😄 😄

非常感谢好朋友Shin Sarang的陪伴。 我们的鸡讲鸭谈非常的有趣开心! 一讲不通,我们就会同时说“Line, line!”  亲爱的,穿着韩服的妳看起来特别的漂亮! 非常真诚地希望很快的,有位潇洒的男生会到来,把妳给迷个颠倒! 哦,是的,已经有一位了! 哈哈哈!

Address for 오징어 청춘 Ojingeo Cheongchun 餐厅地址

Park Sihoo

Address for 오징어 청춘 Ojingeo Cheongchun in Gangnam, Seoul

Photo Credits – Many thanks!,, Dorothy, Shin Sarang, Nance

Park Sihoo

Reliving beautiful moments

Park Sihoo Reliving beautiful moments

Reliving beautiful moments with our Flower Prince!

I am so glad we can relive that most enchanting day with our Flower Prince Park Sihoo-ssi again. Every beautiful moment captured on DVD for keeps that will be most treasured by his Princesses!

For those princesses who gave Park Sihoo-ssi your fullest support by being there to celebrate his birthday with him, with the Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017 Premium DVD Box you will be reliving those treasured moments with our Flower Prince once again.

Park Sihoo

The opening video to the celebration

The beautiful moments as our Prince went from table to table to present each of his princesses with a pale pink rose. The games we played that brought us closer to our favorite man. The most emotional song he sang “Don’t Leave” that made us want to reach out in comfort. Lots of sweet memories contained in the video and photo book that will remind us again of our enchanting trip to Flower Country.

And even if you were not there, you can still enjoy this special celebration and give Park Sihoo-ssi your support! It is a wonderful experience not to be missed!

The limited edition Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017 Premium DVD Box contains:

  • Disc 1. Main event (about 90 minutes)
  • Disc 2. The making of… (about 30 minutes)
  • A 64-page photo book
  • Special commemorative gift
Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017 DVD. Get yours now!

Priced at JPY 9,500 per set including tax and shipping fees (Japan only). Order starts 17 April 2017 (Monday) from 15:00h Japan time and shipment will start from 31 May 2017. 

Get yours now, before stocks run out!

Check out more details at or contact Mentor Shop at Tel: +81-3-6380-3773 or fax: +81-3-6380-3750.

Youtube Video – Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017 DVD Box 17 April 2017

On Youku



Park Sihoo

That treasured one-on-one gift from our Flower Prince

那些参加了施厚君的生日会并跟他一起庆祝的公主们给了他最大的支持。现在,通过朴施厚2017年生日会DVD 套装,大家可以再次重温与他度过的那些珍贵的时刻。



Park Sihoo

Beautiful moments in a box for keepsake

限量版朴施厚2017年生日会DVD 套装 Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017 Premium DVD Box包含:

  • 光盘1: 主要活动(约90分钟)
  • 光盘2:制作过程…(约30分钟)
  • 一本64页的相簿
  • 特别纪念礼品



请在查询更多详情,或联系电话:+ 81-3-6380-3773或传真:+ 81-3-6380-3750。

Credits – Many thanks! Youtube of Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017 DVD Box by Twitter @neko-jamidami and hanryutop; Photos – Hanryutop

Park Sihoo

Making a difference

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssi is making a difference in Buyeo

On 14 April 2017, Good Friday, Park Sihoo-ssi and his fans brought good cheer to the less fortunate in Buyeo. They made a difference to some of the elderly folks living alone, low-income households, and neighbors with difficulties who are not in the scope to receive public welfare.

For his 39th birthday this year, fans from Sihoorang, (Park Sihoo’s Korean Official Fan Club), Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC), China Baidu Park Sihoo Bar, China Hoo Family and Baidu Voting Bar, Taiwan Fan Club and us at showered our man with our love. We donated a total of 2.42 tons of rice, filled with love and blessings from all over the world. True and sincere love that come from our hearts to Park Sihoo-ssi and then from him to them!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo is public relations ambassador for his hometown Buyeo

Park Sihoo-ssi as public relations ambassador for Buyeo-gun made a difference to the community who saw him grow from birth to a young man making his way into the Korean entertainment world. He has been delivering rice filled with all of his love and that of his fans since 2010.

At the donation ceremony on Good Friday, he was represented by his father Park Yonghoon. Papa Park should be so very proud to have brought up such a strong son, fulfilling his ancestors’ vision and the prediction of Plum’s Landing.

Park Sihoo

Represented by his father, Park Sihoo-ssi and his fans donated rice of love to Buyeo

Park Sihoo-ssi is making a difference, not only in his hometown Buyeo, but also elsewhere in places like China through his influence on his fans to do good for their community.

At, we are proud to be part of his effort and will continue, in our small way, to contribute to make the difference in the community we live in.

Youtube Video – Park Sihoo 39th birthday rice wreathe donation 2 April 2017 

In Youtube/Tudou




Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssi has been contributing to the Buyeo community and his alma mater since 2010




Sincere love and well wishes from our hearts to Park Sihoo-ssi and from him to them

Park Sihoo making a difference

Rice wreathe from our website

Park Sihoo

Rice wreathe from Sihoorang, Korean Official Fan Club

Park Sihoo

Rice wreathe from fans of Japan Official Fan Club

Park Sihoo

Rice wreathe from China Baidu Park Sihoo Bar

Park Sihoo

Rice wreathe from China Hoo Family and Baidu Park Sihoo Voting Bar

Park Sihoo

Rice wreathe from Taiwan Park Sihoo Fan Club

Credits – Many thanks! Video by Nance; Photos – Park Sihoo Weibo,, Nance

Park Sihoo

Forget me not!

Park Sihoo forget me not

Forget me not, this forget me not, Park Sihoo-ssi

Many of you may know about the mimosa plant, also known as the forget me not. It is the most inconspicuous and shyest plant. With the slightest touch, it will fold up its leaves and close itself out from the world.

I am an introvert, very much like the forget me not, especially when it comes to strangers, with people that I really care a lot about but not quite familiar with or whom I feel a deep respect for. It may seem strange to you when I can talk a lot and can appear to be totally extroverted when it comes to Park Sihoo-ssi…at least on paper, so to speak, on

But whenever I come face-to-face with the man himself, like during his birthday celebration, I become very nervous, tongue-tied and shy, just like the forget me not. I had no clue, not much impression of what transpired during that short one-on-one photo session. I went about like an automaton. All I remembered was him asking me twice “Hong Kong? Hong Kong?” And my reflex response was “No, Singapore”. I could have clarified that I am from Singapore but live and work in Hong Kong! That is if he could understand me or I just might confuse the man even more!

Park Sihoo

Ever the gracious gentleman

And I know that for many ladies, like the romantic prince he is, Park Sihoo-ssi held their hands during the photo session. I have no doubt he must have extended his but being so shy and self conscious, mine was clenched in fists! And it showed in the photo, my nervousness. Darn…my lost opportunity! I did feel the light touch of his hand on my shoulder though.

With so many photos being taken, around 280 shots, I wonder if he would even remember any of them. But for me, it will forever be a much treasured experience, a beautiful memory of our very gallant prince.

Forget me not, this forget me not, Park Sihoo-ssi!


The shy mimosa says “forget me not”




Park Sihoo

Remember this forget me not 🙂

但每当我和施厚君本人面对面时,如在他生日庆祝活动中,我就会变得非常紧张,口呆和害羞,就像勿忘我一样。今年的生日会上的短短一对一合影时,我没有太多的印象,像机动一样。只记得他问我两次香港?香港?” 而我的反应是不是,是新加坡。完全忘记解释我是来自新加坡,但在香港生活和工作!那是如果他听得懂我所说的,而不是被我弄得更混淆了!

就像浪漫的王子,施厚君在合影时和许多姐妹们握着手拍照了。他应该也伸出手来要握我的手,但害羞的我是拳头握紧自己的手!照片中显示出了我的紧张感。 噢 …失去了机会!但感到他的手轻轻的搭在我肩膀上。



Photo Credits – Many thanks! Star News,

Park Sihoo

A true gentleman

Park Sihoo true gentleman

Park Sihoo-ssi’s gentlemanly behavior speaks for itself

I have always thought Park Sihoo-ssi a gentleman, very well brought up and courteous. During his birthday celebration, I saw more and it increased my respect for him as a true gentleman.

As I have shared in my earlier article, “An enchantingly day”, Park Sihoo-ssi went from table to table and personally presented to each of his fans a single, long-stemmed off-white pink rose. He made each and every one of us felt very special, looking us in the eyes and smiling his most dazzling smile, all very sincere and personal.

Park Sihoo

I will always remember this precious gift from my true gentleman!

Being the thoughtful gentleman he is, when he had done his round with all of his princesses, he did not forget about the emcee, Kim Tei. In fact, he was the one who signaled to the organizing staff for a rose when he was about to go up on stage to join her. Our very gentlemanly prince then presented the lady with the rose, making her most happy! An act of a true gentleman!

Not only that, during the one-on-one photo taking, he knew exactly how precious and treasured that one shot would be to his princesses. He made sure every photo turned out perfect and every lady looked and feel beautiful! I am totally happy with mine for sure. I felt beautiful both inside and outside, all because of a true gentleman! Our Flower Prince Park Sihoo-ssi! 박시후 씨, 감사합니다! Many thanks!

Park Sihoo true gentleman

Our very gallant prince on stage with emcee Kim Tei




Park Sihoo

His gallantry knows no bound

作为周到的绅士,送完鲜花给他所有的公主们后,他没有忘记在台上的主持人 Kim Tei。事实上,当他准备上台的时候,他自己亲自向工作人员要了一枝玫瑰花。非常绅士的王子上台后给这位漂亮女士呈现了那枝玫瑰,让她非常开心!一位真正绅士的行为!

不仅如此,在一对一的合影时,他知道这张照片将会是多么的珍贵和会被珍藏。他确保每张照片都拍得完美,让每位女士看起来很美丽!我真的很喜欢我的照片,让我感到内外美!都是因为一位真正的绅士!我们的鲜花王子施厚君! 감사합니다!非常感谢!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo Instagram and Weibo, Weibo, Nance

Park Sihoo

The leaf and his flowers

Park Sihoo leaf and flowers

The leaf and his flowers

Park Sihoo-ssi’s 39th birthday party centered around a flower theme with its Flower Prince. Given this fairy tale theme, we can be forgiven to let our imagination run wild, be and act whimsical too.

Pink and green, those were the colours of the two outfits he wore respectively at the beginning and at the end of his birthday celebration. Colours that he himself shared he felt shy about wearing because they were not quite what he normally wore. I guess our prince only had his princesses in mind and how he could create the fairy tale atmosphere to make them happy!

Park Sihoo

His brilliant leaf green to complement his princesses

The pink matched the pink rose he presented to each of his princesses. The romance surrounding the occasion. The green? The leaf as he presented himself to be. That single leaf that would complement any and all of his princesses, his flowers! That leaf that would make every one of his princesses beautiful! So the evening was oh, so very romantic and fairy tale like, very much enjoyed by many of the princesses who were game to play dress-up.

Park Sihoo

The leaf and his beautiful princesses! Sihooheart’s adorable darlings!

A few decked in floral outfits, with fresh flower wreathes adorning their heads. Even one daringly went all out dressed like a bride, carrying her bridal bouquet, ready to march down the aisle with our Flower Prince…if only he were willing!

Park Sihoo

Some flowers were decked like this…

Hold your horses, my dear, least you forget what Ha Dana’s grandfather said in “Family Honour”. A marriage is not just between the man and the woman, it has to have the blessings of his and her families too! So, you need to get past Park Sihoo-ssi’s real family and the 280 plus members of his extended family, who were present that day…and many more who were not present!

The leaf and his flowers, in a world of make believe and fairy tale!  In your dreams, my dears. Your sweet, sweet dreams! Hahaha! 🙂 

Park Sihoo

A celebration with his fans



Park Sihoo

Our very gallant leaf




Park Sihoo

All ready to march down the aisle…


亲爱的小姑娘,可别忘了在家门的荣光里,何丹雅的祖父所说的话。 婚姻不仅是男女之间的事,也必须得到他和她的家人的允许和祝福! 所以,妳得通过施厚君的家人,还有在现场的超过280多位施厚君的家族成员,加上那晚没到席的更多亲人才可以哦!不容易啊!


Park Sihoo

Marriage is not just between man and woman…the family has to approve too!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Twitter by @neko_jamidami, Mentor,,, Instagram by Sihooheart