Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life: On Location

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

See me in action on location!

Have you ever experienced a drama on location shoot?

If you enjoy watching dramas and especially if you also like Park Sihoo-ssi and want to watch him in reel action as he acts out his Choi Dokyung in his latest drama “My Golden Life”, you should not miss the opportunity!

I have been to a number of on location shoots, not just for Park Sihoo-ssi’s dramas but in my lifetime, some advertising shoots as well. Interesting to watch what goes on once the PD calls out “Ready? Lights, camera, action!”. Then all the machinery and people will go into co-ordinated actions to get that few minutes or seconds on film, with the hope of no or minimal “NG”! But, sometimes, it can be one long wait to get everything right and to the PD’s critical satisfaction! Then as onlookers, you can feel real bored! Kekeke! 😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Catch Park Sihoo-ssi as Choi Dokyung on set

Come 23 January 2018, you can give Park Sihoo-ssi your personal on-the-ground support and experience him in reel action on location for “My Golden Life” with his Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC). Join in the activity and you can watch Choi Dokyung as he goes on film. Not only that, you will get to see the drama set, watch never before seen video clips of the drama, catch interviews with Park Sihoo-ssi who will share his “My Golden Life” experience, shake hands with the man and get him to autograph one of your personal items for keeps! I know what I want him to autograph! Yeah, finally he will make my dream come true!

Game for some on location actions and take home some beautiful memories? Sign-up today for the Park Sihoo “My Golden Life” on location event! Don’t miss the action!

I have signed up, air ticket and accommodation all arranged and all set to see our man in action! See you on location! Brrrr…it will be cold in Seoul!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Ready? “Lights, camera, action!”


  • Date: 22 – 24 January 2018 (on location visit and event will be on 23 January 2018)
  • Accommodation: Seoul · Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel
  • Cost of package: JPY 98,000 (3 days/2 nights, two nights’ accommodation on twin-sharing basis)


① Visit “My Golden Life” filming on location
② Interviews with Park Sihoo-ssi & watching never before revealed drama video clips
③ Handshake with Park Sihoo-ssi
④ Autograph by Park Sihoo-ssi on one of your personal items
⑤ Event commemorative special gift
⑥ Event held at one of the finest deluxe hotels in Gangnam, Seoul
⑦ One scrumptious  dinner

For more details of the event and registration, please check out the official event website at http: //

Enquiries: Mentor/Mentor Travel at Tel: +81-3-6380-3773 (weekdays from 10: 00 to 17: 00h); fax: +81-3-6380-3750 or e-mail: 

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life On Location event in January 2018




我去过多次的现场拍摄探班,不仅是施厚君的电视剧,在工作上,也安排过公司的广告拍摄。有机会尝试现场拍摄可以非常有趣,感到拍摄的气氛。一旦导演喊到“准备好!灯光,相机,动作!”, 所有的机器,演员和工作人员都会一起采取行动,为的就是那几分钟或几秒钟的拍摄努力,希望没有或最少次的“NG”!所做的,最后会由导演过目,直到他满意为止。有时候会是一个漫长的等待,那时,就不好玩了! 哈哈哈!😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life on location

Practising his script


别错过这难逢的机会,带回美好的回忆! 今天就报名参加吧!

我已经报名参加,机票和住宿都安排好了,准备去首尔跟我们最喜欢的男神相遇,看他拍戏去了! 姐妹们,我们在拍摄现场见面! 哦 …首尔应该非常地寒冷了!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Catch our favorite actor hard at work!


  • 日期:2018年1月22日至24日(拍摄现场访问日,将在1月23日举行)
  • 住宿:首尔江南帝宫酒店2晚双人住宿
  • 活动费用:每人98,000日元(包括活动参加费,3天2夜,两晚住宿以2人一室安排)



Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Being an actor is pure hard work!

有关活动和注册的详细信息,请点入 官方活动网站查询。

咨询:Mentor/Mentor Travel 『电视剧[我黄金光辉的人生]拍摄现场访问应援活动』电话:+ 81-3-6380-3773(平日10:00 – 17:00点); 传真:+ 81-3-6380-3750 或电邮

Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Entertainment, KBS Drama, Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC), Mentor

Park Sihoo

Our soul charming star!

Park Sihoo soul charming star

Our soul charming star, Park Sihoo-ssi!

Caution: Long article and only in English as it was in the wee hours of this morning that I managed to finish up this article! No photography is allowed during the event, so you will not get anything taken of the event except where allowed.

Last night, I couldn’t be at two places at the same time. Of course between being at the “Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju” to meeting the man in person and watching KBS drama “My Golden Life” Episode 26, the choice was clear!

And when it came to writing the article for today’s blog, again, being one person with a pair of hands and one mind, there was only so much I could do when I was exhausted and needed to catch up on my sleep before I rush off for a morning flight the next day.

I chose to write on the Jeju event as it was still fresh in my memory!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Sorry Oppa Choi, I will give you a miss today!

Existing, long time fans of Park Sihoo-ssi will know that he is a most charming man! Soul charming if I may say so! He very much grows on you that once you have met him in person, you will have this yearning to meet him again and again! Isn’t that right, those who have ever met him in person before?

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju

Well, last night I was a little distracted as our man continues to be soul charming, so I might not have managed to remember the full works of the programme! He had two costumes for the whole event. One formal suit and the other smart casual. But they were black, black, absolutely dashing black bringing out that soul charming good looks and personality of the man!

The theme of event was centred on “happiness” in Chinese “欢喜”and “幸福”, both of which meant happiness, and sounded like “Sihoo”. Since both meant happiness in English, I should say the event was one of double happiness. And the tagline read “向星星许愿欢喜和幸福的未来” or “Wishing the stars a happy future”

Park Sihoo

The event main theme on the backdrop

It started off with a beautiful video filled with scintillating stars on a blue sky background that when grouped together, made pictorial images of Park Sihoo-ssi. Fanciful me interpreted it as his fans are his stars and when they are brought together, they in turn give life to Park Sihoo-ssi.

Then Park Sihoo-ssi entered the ball room from the back in an all black suit…okay, the man distracted me so much, I forgot to scrutinise the fine details of what he wore! You will just have to trust me that all eyes were were glued to his very presence! And there is only one word to describe him in Chinese “帅“ or “gorgeous” Kekeke!

Park Sihoo-ssi lighted the candles at every table and then went up on stage. He was happy to see his fans again. When he lighted the candles, he made eye contact with his fans who were from China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and me, from Singapore. He was thankful to everyone who provided him with support for his new drama and this gave him the drive to do better.

He had been asked about his injured hand and he assured everyone that he has fully recovered. In fact, new lines have grown and according to old wives’ tale, new lines meant new fate and that things would change. And it did with his drama “My Golden Life” taking off with superb audience rating. He has been very encouraged by the support he is receiving. When he goes out, such as to restaurants, people would stop and greet him and have good words to say, offering him their encouragement.

A video was then played that presented snippets of “My Golden Life” From car accident first meeting, “Oh my God!” she’s my sister!, words of warning to Seo Jian to observe proper behavior where his family is concerned, reconciliation and starting over again as siblings, Namdaemun catch a thief, awakening of love during the car short circuit scene and the farewell kiss. Which was his favorite? The kiss and the car scene!

Looking at Park Sihoo-ssi as he watched those scenes being played was most interesting. I could feel him re-living every moment through his expressions and his gestures such as twirling of the microphone! Nervous? Embarrassed? Yes! Especially of the farewell kiss!

Oh, how many takes did it take to complete that farewell kiss? Guess! You won’t believe it! No NG or cut! Only two shots were taken to capture two different angles! Wow! Daebak! What brilliant acting!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

The farewell kiss, with no NG! Amazing!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

A favorite among the audience but Oppa could not re-enact it

Park Sihoo-ssi was then requested to re-enact the farewell kiss scene to a video of the scene but sans voice. Kekeke! Our oppa failed big time! He was totally embarrased and couldn’t stop himself from laughing, so you can just imagine how it went! 

Any similarity between Park Sihooo-ssi and his character Choi Dokyung? The audience said both were equally gorgeous! 帅!And Park Sihoo-ssi added that in real life, he had no sister, but if he had, he would be just as protective and would take good care of her. He will worry alot about her including when she gets home late. Yes, definitely a true Oppa and everyone in the audience volunteered to be his younger sister, his tongsaeng…even though some of us might be much older! Hahaha!

In the segment on “Wish upon a star”, our star, Park Sihoo-ssi made some ladies’ wishes come true! Three through ruffle and three whose entries were selected. On the ruffled wishes, Park Sihoo-ssi answered his fans’ questions. Where he wanted to go when he takes a break after his drama is completed, if his choice were in China? He wants to go to Hainan! Yeah, my ancestral home! He will take a well deserved break in a restful location, reading his new drama script! Oppa! Are you giving us a big hint? You have chosen already? We hope so! We can’t imagine weekends without you!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

The awakening of love is one of Park Sihoo-ssi’s favorite

How he keeps a balance on his love for food and having to keep his ideal weight? This is not an easy thing to do! He will eat before filming but during his filming he keeps a strict discipline. No food after 7 pm. Walk for at least 2 hours a day. While waiting on location for his turn to shoot, he would rehearse his script and do some exercise in between! And the work pressure is what keeps his weight down, naturally.

The final question was on how difficult it was for him to snap himself out of his reel characters. When he was a rookie, like in “How to meet a perfect neighbour”, it was more difficult. But through experience, it has got better. The easiest is when it is the hardest and most pressurising, and when he really wanted to get out of the character. 

Youtube Video – Park Sihoo in dance

And the three selected entries to grant wishes to? One was to dance a Latin dance with the chosen fan. Wow, wow wow! I, and I think Park Sihoo-ssi, have never seen such a forward woman in a cheongsam! Talk, talk, talk nonstop and refusing to give the MC back the microphone! Park Sihoo-ssi, who had done a Latin dance many years ago for a fan meeting, just could not catch up. Our Oppa can’t remember his steps, barely keeping up with the lady who was leading him on! And the lady took the initiative to give our man a hug! Park Sihoo-ssi’s conclusion, maybe she should take over as compere! Oh my! Really, you scared me shitless at that thought, Oppa! You were joking right?

Next, a skipping competition. Park Sihoo-ssi up against his fan! And she came prepared with sneakers! Why? In her hurry, she forgot to pack her heels! Good one! And the lady said, if she lost, he had to hug her in consolation. If she won, he would have to give her a hug as a reward! Either way, she wins! And she did!

The last wish was with a Japanese fan to mimick a Japanese character in dance  – I don’t know which character, sorry! But it was hand-in-hand, walk, skip and jump and then twirl up and down the runway. And to the tune of something like “Yohelehihoo”! Any idea?

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo performed a kid’s song in May 2016

Two ladies then took up the roles of female actresses alongside Park Sihoo-ssi. And the prize? A Polaroid shot and a hug! Knowing us ladies, we can’t act for nuts…and they were both so funny, I don’t even remember the plot!

Then, Park Sihoo-ssi went off backstage for a costume change. And we watched the segment of the shooting of “Oh my God! Is she my sister?” on Park Sihoo Live TV.

Our man then came back wearing an all black outfit. Black fleece and leather bomber jacket with gold embroidered motifs, floral in front and a skeletal design at the back. Black torn jeans and brown ankle high boots!.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Soul charming a star, don’t you think?

Then it was game time…I am going to skip this as I had no idea what was going on…I was more glued to watching a bit of “My Golden Life” Episode 26 on the mobile! And cursing and swearing at how long the bakery couple scene was again! But it gave me time to switch off to focus myself back on the event! 

Park Sihoo-ssi shared that the filming of “My Golden Life” will be till next February. The drama is already on air in Japan and he hopes it will also go on air in China soon! Hint, hint! He thanked his fans and said they gave him the drive to do even better when he went back to Seoul to recommence his filming.

Then Park Sihoo-ssi read a heart-felt letter which I shall share separately when I get the words. But it surrounded his being thankful to his fans and how his life has changed because of their love and support. His life has become more “golden” with the success of his new drama. It is a new lease of life for him!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

The Namdaemun scene that won him his “Oppa” status

He wrapped up the evening with his song from his movie “Scent”, singing the theme song “The sound of your coming” in Chinese! What great memories it brought!

Then we queued to have one-on-one photos taken with Park Sihoo-ssi.

Many thanks for another memorable event and for taking time to be here in between your hectic filming! We love you marni, marni! You are our soul charming star!

And so concluded the “Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju” event.

We then rushed back to our room to catch the last part of Episode 26 of “My Golden Life”, only to see Seo Jian screaming her head off like a mad woman at Choi Dokyung! And our Oppa was looking at her in askance! Now, so curious, I have to catch this Episode 26 to find out before I hop up the plane! No sleep tonight? Or maybe even no article tomorrow! Horrors! If I miss, I am sure you ladies will give me a break, right?

Park Sihoo

Simple but elegant event setting

Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama, Hoo Factory Entertainment, Park Sihoo Weibo, 러브바이볼렛, Nance

Park Sihoo

Jeju on Sunday

Park Sihoo Sunday in Jeju

See you in Jeju on Sunday!


Latest schedule: 25 November 2017, departing Gimpo on KE1239 at 2025h and arriving Jeju at 2135h


最近日程安排:2017年11月25日搭乘 KE1239从金浦机场起飞,时间2025点,抵达济州2135点


Park Sihoo-ssi will be heading out this Sunday, 26 November 2017, for his “Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju” event to be held that same evening.

He must be running a very tight filming schedule for him to arrive on the same day of his activity! Hopefully he can catch some good rest before the event and afterwards. We don’t want our man to be totally rundown!

Thanks to Sihoorang, his Korean Official Fan Club for sharing his itinerary!

He will be taking Korean Airlines flight KE1215 on 26 November 2017, Sunday, from Gimpo Airport to Jeju departing at 1200h and arriving Jeju at 1310h.

You bet his fans will be in full force to send him off from Gimpo and welcome him in Jeju!

See you on Sunday in Jeju, Park Sihoo-ssi and have a safe journey! 

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju. Don’t miss!


施厚君将于本周日,2017年11月26日,前往济州岛参加当晚举办的“Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in 济州”活动。


Park Sihoo

Have a safe flight!





Photo Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Entertainment, Mentor

Park Sihoo "Live"

Park Sihoo TV “live”!

Park Sihoo "Live"

Park Sihoo “Live” from Jeju!

It has been a while since I talked about Park Sihoo TV. Remember his personal TV on Fresh Live TV in Japan? To refresh, please check out my earlier post “Keeping it fresh!”.

To be honest, I have not delved into this since I paid my subscription on the first day it has been launched and continuing to pay for it. Life has been so hectic I barely have the time or energy leftover after getting through my work and trying to keep going. So Park Sihoo TV has been sadly neglected by me. Sorry, Park Sihoo-ssi!

But here’s news! Park Sihoo TV will be telecasting “live” from South Korea’s Jeju Island next Sunday, 26 November 2017! Yes, you heard it! “Live”! 

Park Sihoo

Getting ready for the big event!

Do you remember what’s happening on that day? A special event! Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju! A fan meeting where we get to meet our star Park Sihoo-ssi face-to-face and enjoy the special program that has been planned. Not only do we get to see this gorgeous star up close and personal but we also get to take one-on-one photos with him! Yeah! ✌

Park Sihoo-ssi will be answering selected questions and requests from fans who will be attending the event. And when you have wished upon a star, he just might make your wish come true! I hope my wish will come true! I can’t wait to be in Jeju this very minute!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju. Don’t miss!

Fans attending the event will have a fabulous time. But you can get a tiny slice of the action “live” too! By watching it on Park Sihoo TV! From what I understand, only the beginning bits of the event and not the event proper, just to set your expectations.

On 26 November 2017, there will be two “live” broadcasts on the channel at 15:00h and 18:00h, Japan time.

To watch the event in Jeju “live”, you need to become a member of Park Sihoo TV. The monthly subscription fee is JPY 600.

Check out the details of membership in my earlier post on Keeping it fresh!”.

And as usual, be sure to read my personal post event write up on the Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju! Got to start getting myself ready for my coming Jeju trip and my face-to-face meeting with Park Sihoo-ssi! I am so excited! Can’t wait to see our golden man!

Park Sihoo live

Are you a ready to watch Park Sihoo-ssi “live” on TV?

Park Sihoo TV直播!

只从我分享朴施厚官方频道 Park Sihoo TV的信息已经隔了有一段时间。还记得这个在日本的Fresh Live TV吗?要更多的了解,请查看之前的贴子“保持新鲜!新官方频道!”

说实话,从第一天频道开始就付款加入会员的我, 还没有深入研究这个平台,生活一直非常的紧张忙碌,除了工作,和继续每天为ParkSihooSsi.com写作和发帖,几乎都没有时间和精力去观看这频道, 所以把Park Sihoo TV完全忽略了。对不起啦,施厚君!

Park Sihoo

Catch our man on live TV!

但这里有个好消息哦! Park Sihoo TV将于2017年11月26日从韩国济州岛上“现场直播”!是的,大家听清楚,是“现场直播”!

还记得当天有什么活动吗?一项特殊的活动哦!是Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州!一项施厚君和粉丝的见面会。可以又和我们的星星施厚君面对面的相聚,并享受计划好的特别节目。我们不仅可以亲眼看到这位华丽的星星,还可以和他一对一的合影呢!


参加此次活动的粉丝们肯定的会过美好的时光。但是没能参加的姐妹们也可以以直播观看这活动的一小小段!就在Park Sihoo TV上观看!据我所了解,只会直播活动开始的一小小段,不会播整个活动。

2017年11月26日,现场播出时间有两段:15:00点 和18:00点(日本时间)。

Park Sihoo

The trills and spills 24-hours a day

要在Park Sihoo TV观看Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州活动,需要成为Park Sihoo TV的会员。每月的会员费是600日元。


和往常一样,请阅读我的Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州活动的后记! 下周日就是活动啦,得开始准备好和我们黄金辉煌的男神施厚君面对面啦! 非常期待和兴奋!

Park Sihoo

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo TV, Mentor, Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC)

Park Sihoo

Ready to wish upon a star in Jeju?

Park Sihoo

Ready to make your wish upon a star?

Are you ready to wish upon a star?

Don’t miss the opportunity to do so in Jeju with Park Sihoo-ssi at the “Park Sihoo Premium event for Chinese in Jeju” event!

His rascal cats, Jami and Dami have shared a personal invitation from Park Sihoo-ssi to the event. You will be as close to our star as can be – what with him granting us our desire to have one-on-one photo taking with him for the most beautiful memories!

And if you wish upon a star hard enough, you might just have yours come true!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo Premium for Chinese in Jeju 2017. Be there!

Get ready now! Register to go for the “Park Sihoo Premium event for Chinese in Jeju” to be held on 26 November 2017 (Sunday)!

I am ready! Registration done, air ticket already booked! Please, make my wish come true! Thank you, Park Sihoo-ssi!

For more details on “Park Sihoo Premium event for Chinese in Jeju”, please refer to my earlier post “Wish upon a star” or check out the official event website at 

Youtube Video – Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju 2017, 3 October 2017



不要错过机会在济州与施厚君在“Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州”相遇!

他的顽皮猫儿扎米Jami和大米Dami已经分享了施厚君亲切的邀请。 他已经许了我们的愿望,大家将可以和他一对一的合影,带回最美好的回忆!

Park Sihoo ready to wish upon a star?

He just might make your wish come true!


准备好向星星许愿了吧?那还不赶快注册参加在2017年11月26日(星期日)举行的“Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州”活动

我已经准备好了! 已经注册参加了,连机票都买了! 请许我的愿望成真啊! 谢谢,施厚君!

有关 Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州”活动的更多详情,请参阅之前分享的文章向星星许愿,祝喜福”或查看活动官方网页

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Naver Post, Mentor

Park Sihoo

Wish upon a star!


When You Wish Upon A Star

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dreams
No request is to extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do…”
— Extract from the lyrics of “When you wish upon a star”
Park Sihoo

Wish upon a star and he just might make your wish come true!

Having attended so many of Park Sihoo-ssi’s events, I have totally lost count the number of times I have met our favorite star. Each time I meet him in person, he grows on me and I always want to see him again! 

Due to language barrier, as the events are usually conducted in Japanese and Korean, I have never totally understood what goes on during his events, with the exception of one. This was last year’s Park Sihoo event for Chinese fans held in Jeju. And I wished there were more events like this so that I can appreciate them more!

Well, my wish came true!

The “Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju” will once again be held this year! Yeah!

Themed around wishes and star, I have made it one of “My wish upon a star!” And I hope that my wish will come true!

Park Sihoo

A shiny star in Jeju

A star ⭐️  is thought to bring good wishes of joy and happiness (喜 and 福). And 喜福 sounds very like “Sihoo” in Chinese. So will our star Park Sihoo-ssi grant us our wish of sharing our joy and happiness with him, now and forever? 

Well, one ardent wish of fans to have close contact with him will be coming true in Jeju. Park Sihoo-ssi will be in close attendance. He will go from table to table to light up the stars (candles) on opening, share his latest undisclosed news, play interactive games with us, and personally present each of us with a gift exclusively created for the occasion!

And what’s more, he will listen to your wish…and maybe he will make it come true!

Are you ready to wish upon your star? I am!

So don’t miss this opportunity to meet Park Sihoo-ssi face-to-face and share the wish of joy and happiness with him!

Park Sihoo

Enjoy Park Sihoo-ssi in song!

Event highlights

  • Special surprise by Park Sihoo-ssi to be announced on 25 September 2017, when registration opens
  • Park Sihoo-ssi to light the stars (candles) at each table at the start of the event
  • Sharing of the latest undisclosed news on “My Golden Life” drama, fans’ sharing their wishes and maybe Park Sihoo-ssi might make them come true (no promises though)
  • Playing interactive games 
  • Enjoying Park Sihoo-ssi in song
  • Park Sihoo-ssi to personally present each fan with a limited edition gift for the occasion

Event details

  • Date: 25 – 27 November 2017 (Sat – Mon); with event held on 26 November 2017 (Sun)
  • Venue: Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel banquet hall
  • Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, a luxury hotel within 10 minutes from the Jeju airport
  • Package: Event registration, 2 nights’ accommodation and two meals
  • Package price per person: JPY 98,000 on twin-room sharing basis; JPY 116,000 on single room basis
  • Registration from 25 September 2017  (Mon), 12:00h – 8 October 2017 (Sun). Seats are limited and will be on a first come, first served basis.

Other services

  • Duty Free shopping vouchers
  • Currency exchange service onsite

For more details on the event, please contact Mentor Travel at: 
“Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju 2017”, 6th Floor, Solar Building, 2-2-11 Okubo Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Tel: +82-3-6380-3773(working hours from 1000h – 1700h); Fax: +82-3-63803750;

For more details on the Ramada Plaza Jeju hotel, please check their website:

Youtube Video – When you wish upon a star by Jimmy Cricket (Cliff Edward)








Park Sihoo

Share with Park Sihoo joy and happiness in Jeju!





Park Sihoo

Spend time with our star in Jeju







Park Sihoo

Don’t miss being face to face with our star!


  • 来自施厚的特别惊喜,将于2017年9月25日在注册开幕时公布
  • 开场时施厚君将一一点亮各桌”星星(蜡烛)
  • 最新电视剧拍摄的密话和施厚直接聆听粉丝愿望和问题的环节
  • 与施厚接触的游戏对战!
  • 享受施厚君施厚尽情歌唱!
  • 活动限定制作!施厚亲手递交将成为回忆的礼物!


  • 日期:2017年11月25日至27日(星期六至星期一 );活动于2017年11月26日(星期日)举行
  • 活动场地:济州华美达广场饭店 Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel 宴会厅
  • 住宿:济州岛华美达广场饭店 Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel ,一家豪华饭店,距离济州机场只有10分钟路程
  • 活动套餐:包括活动报名参加,2晚住宿和2餐
  • 套餐价格 (每人):双人房 – 98,000日元; 单人房116,000日元
  • 注册于2017年9月25日(星期一)12oo 点至2017年10月8日(星期日)。座位有限,先到先得。


  • 赠送购物时使用免税店优惠券
  • 提供比空港汇率更合适的货币兑换服务

有关活动的更多详情,请联系Mentor Travel有限会社:

Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju 2017』课; 169-0072 東京都新宿区大久保2-2-11 太陽ビル6階; 电话:+ 82-3-6380-3773(工作时间:1000点至1700点) ; 传真:+ 82-3-63803750; 电子邮箱


Credits – Many thanks! Youtube Video of When you wish upon a star by Maureen712, Information by Mentor; Photos – Hoo Factory

Park Sihoo

Jeju celebration!

Park Sihoo Jeju Celebration

Check out Hoo Factory’s blog on Jeju Celebration

Hoo Factory’s Naver blog has just been updated.

Today’s blog article covered Park Sihoo-ssi’s “One Summer Night in Jeju” celebration event. And it was a most significant Jeju celebration!

Of our returning Prince to mainstream Korean entertainment. Of the premiere of his new KBS drama “My Golden Life”. Of his exclusive Enishi magazine’s fifth birthday. Of his being together with his fans again! And of course, the fireworks!

Combustive fireworks was also written about his Choi Dokyung’s encounters with Seo Jian in “My Golden Life”. Makes for good watching on KBS 2! I am looking forward to tonight as we are anticipating the shock of a new discovery between the two stubborn headed people! Don’t miss Episode 6!

Check out the rundown of the Jeju celebration and ogle at those gorgeous photos on Hoo Factory’s Naver blog. As I mentioned before, I will not transfer the photos to As fans, we should be helping to drive up Hoo Factory’s visitor traffic. So go check out the blog yourself and leave your comments please.

Use Chrome to open the link and choose the language of your choice. Chrome automatically translates the webpage for you.

Please give Park Sihoo-ssi and Hoo Factory your greatest support!

Here’s the link for easy access 以下是博客的链接:

Park Sihoo jeju celebration

Jeju celebration!



今天的博客文章涵盖了施厚君的夏末的盛宴 One Summer night in 济州”庆祝活动。济州活动是非常有意义的庆祝!


还有也分享了在“我黄金光辉的人生”里,施厚君饰演的崔道京与徐智安的相遇所擦出来的火花。非常精彩的KBS 2电视剧!期待着今晚的播出,因为可以观看到两位顽固的人物之间的震撼新发现!不要错过第6集哦!




Photo Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Naver blog