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A warm welcome to ParkSihooSsi.com!

Over the last few weeks, ParkSihooSsi.com has seen a huge upswing of visitors and followers across all its communication channels. From the main website ParkSihooSsi.com to its Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo and Youtube. This surge has very much to do with the return of an outstanding actor, Park Sihoo-ssi. I am so happy to see his fanship on the rise again after a long while! 

A warm welcome to sisters who have joined our international community dedicated to Korean actor Park Sihoo-ssi. And many thanks to loyal sisters who have supported and given this site tremendous encouragement over the last couple of years since its inception!

This website has been set up as a platform to support Park Sihoo-ssi and as a community for interaction of international fans. Our sisters hail from across the world! From Asia, to the Americas to Europe to Australia, Middle East and Africa! It is good to see new fans joining and also returning fans of Park Sihoo-ssi, some of you whom I have met previously on other websites.

Park Sihoo

Welcome to the international community for Park Sihoo

I hope you will enjoy our small community here on ParkSihooSsi.com. We are an almost daily blog carrying at least an article a day on our favorite man and his activities. All articles are originally written, expressing my thoughts with a view to spread the news on and build awareness for this talented actor. These articles are food for thought to spur and stimulate your thinking and discussions too!

And our sisterhood can be extremely vocal in our views – all of which are warmly welcome! We talk in any language – so it doesn’t matter if you leave your comments in English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Bahasa, Romanian, Spanish…anything you are comfortable with! We can always Google translate! So share your thoughts in this Park Sihoo drama and movie club, please!

Welcome dear sisters and let us rally together and give our strongest support to Park Sihoo-ssi and his latest drama on KBS “My Golden Life”! 

Welcome to our sisterhood and to our community!


Park Sihoo

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在过去几个星期,ParkSihooSsi.com在所有社交渠道上到访的流量和追随者(followers)有巨大的增长。 从主页ParkSihooSsi.com到脸书Facebook,Instagram,推特Twitter,微博和油管YouTube。到访的增加是与一位杰出的演员施厚君的回归有很大的关系。 非常高兴看到他的粉丝再崛起!

姐妹们,热烈欢迎加入致力于韩国演员朴施厚而设的国际社区。 也非常感谢自从ParkSihooSsi.com设立,在这两年来一直给我支持和鼓励的忠实姐妹们!

Park Sihoo

Our hardworking man in action!

这平台是为了支持施厚君和提供一个国际渠道给厚粉们聚合和交流,所以非常欢迎来自世界各地的大家来参与! 从亚洲到美洲到欧洲到澳大利亚,中东和非洲! 非常高兴见到新粉丝们到访,还有回归的施厚君粉丝们,好几位是我曾经在其他网站上认识的姐妹。

希望大家会喜欢ParkSihooSsi.com。 在这里几乎每天都会发布至少一篇文章关于我们最喜爱的男神和他的动向。 所有文章都是原创,表达我的想法,以传播关于这位有天赋的演员的消息和加深他的认识。 这些文章是为了刺激大家的思考和讨论! 希望姐妹们也可以分享妳们的想法和意见 – 非常欢迎大家的分享! 在这里,我们可以说任何语言 – 所以大家随意,可以用英文,日文,中文,阿拉伯文,泰文,马来文,咯曼妮雅文,西班牙文等留言! 我们可以随时Google翻译去了解! 请在我们这个施厚君电视剧和电影俱乐部分享妳们的想法和评论!

Park Sihoo a warm welcome

Come visit us often!



Nance 国际朴施厚粉丝N姐

Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama, Hoo Factory Entertainment

6 thoughts on “A warm welcome!

  1. #朴施厚# #我黃金光輝的人生# 太好了,希望會有越來越多人,喜愛我們的男神,看到他受到大眾的歡迎和愛戴,真的好感動和開心。他是一位超卓優秀又善良的好演員,好男孩,盼望各位繼續多多支持!

  2. If I am not mistaken when I started following this website in h1 of 2016 no of followers stayed around 600? Then the increase trickled in as interest on PSH started to grow! And now just one year plus on, we are looking at explosive growth! 2 obvious reasons for this – (1) renewed sustainable popularity of PSH is growing by the day, not only due to MGL but also because of the tremendous efforts by him and his Hoo Factory in solid collaboration with so many quarters ( fan clubs ) to solidly enhance his visibility; (2) the high quality and standard being maintained for the articles appearing in this website-which we can rely on! So I congratulate Nance for your commitment, dedication and passion in running this website. Definitely not an easy task, and you continue on only because your love and respect for this wonderful Korean actor is thrivingly strong! ❤️❤️

  3. Having this website, “ParkSihooSsi.com”, Nance has made very easy for people around the world to know who Park Si Hoo is. Reading everyday her articles dedicated to this gorgeous K. actor, it’s her great job making known his talent, his performance, his success. “ParkSihooSsi.com” is a website that can influence his audience all over the world to be actively engaged ,for many hours a day, reading all day long the news about PSH and support him and his performance with enthusiasm and love. Once Nance created this website , she has done it forever, and will continue to work forever on behalf of Park Si Hoo. Not an easy job, but a wonderful one , Nance deserves our admiration and thanks for making this website our home. May our home be warm and our freinds many! Welcome to all who enter everyday in our home as guests and remain forever as fans of Park SiHoo! There is no place like “ParkSi HooSsi,com”!

  4. Today is a very special day for Nance 25.Oct.2017. I shall pen my utmost gratitude to Nance who puts in the kind of works into this website, the standard and quality and consistency are all out of this world. Something not until you personally experience it, you would not believe exists in this world. The most important factor of success of Nance’s works is that her works are all based on highest level of integrity, honesty, respect for patent right, respect for privacy, walks the talks, leadership by example in fans support, never about Nance, is all about Park SiHoo the talented actor who is the sole reason for this website. I repeat my words which I have said it many times, that without Nance’s this website, I will not be a PSH fan. All because of Nance, Nance’s whole heartedly one objective, whole bodily energy and time, all poured into this website for nearly 3 years, with every article written from within her intellect, her creativity, her judgement of when and what to promote PSH at the appropriate pull and push factors. From a 3rd party point of view, allow me to say that Hoo Factory marketing department needs to think and learn about what Nance has done. Dear Sihoossi, I hope you are reading this particular article posted on 24th Oct 2017. That you too are sharing our celebratory spirits of welcoming more followers of this website. And I wish that today, you pause 1 minute to spare your thoughts about the works Nance has done for you. Yes, For You, just like your song in …..arrhhh…is that Prosecutor Princess? I’ve forgotten. And I hope you send her a cyber wish, a brain wave, of your well wishes, why? Because today is Nance’s day. While for me 24th Oct is an anniversary day, it was the day 24.10.2016 Nance made my darling boy Bob the Dog appeared on this website, with a full article about my most beloved Bob, the hilarious choice of the dog’s taste for wanting only chicken and turkey necks, but not vulture necks. And how on earth a country dog in the far away corner could come into association with a brilliant Korean actor’s world. Of course, dog’s mum was the culprit, and Nance’s website was the reason this dog’s mum could commit that crime. The lifetime imprisonment crime of being locked into PSH’s fans world.

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