My Golden Life: Your world, my world collide

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Your world, my world collide

Your world and my world they are different was what Seo Jian told Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung. I have experienced your world and I know what to expect. I hate how your world lives and the rules that you have to abide.

In other words, the world of Choi Dokyung and the world of Seo Jian are two extremes. When they meet, they collide!

Seo Jian chose to completely avoid living the life of Choi Dokyung ever again. Even though she loves him, and knows that he loves her in return, she was prepared to forego any future together in the believe that their worlds would collide and she is afraid of the outcome, on top of her dislike.

My Golden Life

Seo Jian’s fear of Choi Dokyung’s universe

She does not believe in nor is she prepared to put herself in a compromised position and meeting Choi Dokyung half way. Instead, she chose to live her own life, her own way and in finding her own happiness.

My personal view on this, and I am sure it will be up for heated debate, is that Seo Jian is too idealistic in her thinking. We don’t live in an isolated world and neither are we creatures without feelings or emotions. She is slowly coming out of her shell and pursuing things that interest her such as designing which she signed up for a course. But people being people, we can’t completely cut off from needing other people, even though we might think we can. How happy can we ever be to cut ourselves off from feeling or wanting love, especially when we see others around us happy and in love?

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Two hearts can stand together to weather the storm

No doubt, extremes can collide but if the two are prepared to compromise and meet each other halfway, there can still be love and happiness. And two standing together can fend off common challenges and make life more beautiful together.

Choi Dokyung knows how stifling his world can be and he made the first move to breakout, moving away from the extreme. He is prepared to face the consequences and stick to his independence no matter how difficult. Can he convince Seo Jian to meet him halfway and find their happiness together?

I hope so!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo world collide

Our worlds. They collide

“我黄金光辉的人生”: 你的世界,我的世界相撞




My Golden Life

The trauma of facing at the extreme poles


我个人对此的看法 (相信会引起激烈的辩论),是徐智安的思想过于理想化。我们不是生活在一个孤立的世界,也不是没有感情或情绪的动物。她正慢慢地从她的外壳里走出来,去追求她感兴趣做的事情,比如设计课程。但是她毕竟也是人,即使我们认为可以,也不可能完全不需要别人。特别是当我们看到周围的人过着幸福,快乐和有爱的生活时,也会希望生活在爱中。

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Can they meet halfway?




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7 thoughts on “My Golden Life: Your world, my world collide

  1. Now this one is a topic that is very hard to bet on. It is a 50% 50% because either way can be the outcome under writer So’s. It is a bit of Cinderella story but to date we have seen far too many Cinderella stories that not necessary end with both man and woman live happily ever after. Nevertheless the stake is very high to steer Jian towards taking the plunge so that they both end up together, that’s how I think writer will develop the story to slowly introduce into Jian’s head that CDK’s strength of his love for her is worth all the risks. It is only natural for Jian to have such reaction at this stage having herself tasted the Chois rules and values and their way of life. Who wouldn’t try to stay all clear of the Chois’ world. So poor CDK I am sorry for you that your love conquest will come much more difficult than any man on the street. Jian is just being rational using her head rather than her heart, is not about being idealistic. Come to think of it, in their case, what is meeting half way? The way Chois go about dictating the others, there is no meeting half way, is either the Chois’ way or the highway. I don’t see half way if Jian were to plunge in at this point in time before the minds of the senior Chois begin to open up. My preliminary view before even come to view ep 35 or 36 teasers. 🙂

    • In my mind, CDK will not go back to Haesung. If he does, he will not have a Golden Life, to be independent and lead his own life and love who he wants to love. He will continue to strike out on his own but, 33years of Haesung legacy can’t be changed overnigh, so there will be some strands of this still in him. Seo Jian needs to move from the other extreme to meet him there for their relationship to work. If she stays at extreme, they won’t have a future.

    • Park Sihoo-ssi 박시후 씨 The question being even if he insisted to be independent, will grangpa really let him loose. They can still control over him in making things absolutely impossible for CDK. Of course CDK’s won’t want to go back to Choi. Right now they still just let CDK be free, but later it might not be free. Grandpa thinks he owns every Choi. No one can freely choose to live their own life

    • My other view is the old man will learn what is family or he might lose them all. I see Father and Mother Choi looking out for their children in the end because even though they are hard and cold, they still care for their children in their own ways.

    • Park Sihoo-ssi 박시후 씨 I am of same opinion. One by one the senior Chois will start to open their mind. Old man might never learnt is still ok with overall script as he thinks he still has his other daughter. Not enough episodes to dwell into the auntie’s family also changing their lives for a golden life, but as I said before, when it comes to story telling I can never guess what writer has in her sleeve. Every human in real world also has several paths several choices each day as they wake up, so no point guessing is my attitude haha, when drama unveils, then I start to asborb and figure out what stories writer want to tell. Even one same story can be told in many different ways.

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  3. “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” [J.Fort Newton]. And this is what Seo Jian wants to do, sacrifycing the love of both of them, as she despises the world of Do Kyung , where ,she says, she can’t live.” But some say that ” you can’t hate the roots of a tree, and not hate the tree.” Jian hates Do Kyung ‘s world, but she loves him . She confesses him her feelings , but on the other hand she argues that she is not going to do anything with him , as she hates his family. Although he assures her that he left his house, his company to be independent , and so to protect her, she is not impressed , telling him that she learned how to live her life with herself.Her confession makes him sad, me too, because she shouldn’t have told him that she loves him, and on the other hand she will not intend to develope their love.. This flustered him, and me too. And I’ll say her:”Jian, try to understand Do Kyung, and his dramatic decisions he has taken to leave his house, family and company just to be an independent man, as you like a man to be, try to be kind to each other , because knowing him well, you’ll forget to hate his world. “The man [woman] of knowledge must be able to love his [her] enemies.”[F. Nietzsche]. And you must be able to agree also the necessity of compromise. As life is about compromise. Tolereance, compromise, acceptance, patience. compassion that are all in this life together. “Tolerance is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of fraity and error, so let us pardon reciprocally each others mistakes . This being the first law of nature.”[Voltaire]. I hope that in the end, Do Kyung ;with his wisdom, perseverance, love, tolerance, tenacity, trust will persuade he to build their happiness toghether, in their “Golden Life”!

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