My Golden Life Ep 36: Will they?

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Will they or will they not get married?

After last Sunday’s Episode 36 of KBS drama “My Golden Life”, uppermost in many viewers’ minds, especially the romantics, was “will they”? And watching the preview for Episode 37, we see Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung telling Seo Jian he wanted to marry her and declaring this even to his disapproving mother.

Such speed at which he moves from not even dating, holding hands, to commitment of marriage. It makes me wonder “will they eventually become a couple and get married”?

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Combustive fireworks!

From their incidental meeting from the very beginning, in Episode 1, when their cars kissed bumper to bumper, was that not an indication of their fate? Combustive fireworks? Their journey from there has been such and more. Fiery flaring tempers, twists of fate, compromise and understanding, despicable lie, explosive reaction, worry and concern, depression and anger, acceptance and separation and then independence and admittance. Very long, tedious journey what had viewers appetite whetted so badly with so little of storyline of the couple.

Park Sihoo My Golden Life will they

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Reaching where they are in their journey and when viewers gave a sigh of relief that finally, we will get to see some romantic love…but NO! Writer So was still relentless! She just wouldn’t let go! She wants to sink her teeth even deeper, stirring up more swings in their relationship! In Episode 36, Mother dearest turned up! And there was a confrontation between her and Seo Jian.

Then in preview Episode 37, Writer So supercharged the situation! Makes me really wonder what is up her sleeves and round the corner for these couple! Will they?

Can’t second guess Writer So! She’s having a whale of a time keeping the audience enthralled episode after episode! Keep watching! Tonight, Episode 37 on KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time. 

Will they or will they not?

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 37 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Oppa for real at Namdaemun



My Golden Life Park Sihoo will they

Will they?


真的不能猜测苏作家!她口守如瓶,把观众都给迷惑了!一定要继续观看!今晚,韩国时间1955点在KBS 2台的第37集。


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