Relentless at 41.9%, averaging 34.3%

My Golden Life Park Sihoo relentless

Park Sihoo-ssi is relentless in holding on to viewers hearts!

Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” is simply relentless in engaging and gripping the interest of its viewers! It continues to captivate the hearts of its audience, making it the No 1 Korean drama since the day the drama went “live”!

The national audience rating of 41.9%, was a drop from the previous Sunday episode on 4 February 2018 (same day comparison) by 2.7%. This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV audience rating.

On average, for 45 episodes to-date, the rating is 34.3%.

Scriptwriter So has been utterly relentless in her penmanship! So many twists and turns that have us guessing which way the drama will evolve and how fast the pace will be! This week’s one episode just isn’t enough! Next week, can’t come fast enough! Even though next weekend will be a late telecast at 2200h Korean time, I am pretty sure the audience will not be deterred. The cliff hanger of Grandfather Roh suffering a heart attack with no successor at the helm of Haesung Group, is hanging us up high and dry for a week! We want to  know the outcome! 

My Golden Life

Relentless in engaging its audience

不懈的魅力! 观众收视率41.9%,平均34.3%




苏编剧的幻想力和笔法真奥妙! 那么多的曲折让我们猜不透电视剧情将会如何发展,剧情节奏速度也好快! 这周的一集实在不够! 期待着下周赶快来临! 即使下周末的播出时间会较晚,在韩国时间晚上2200点,但我相信观众还会继续观看。 昨晚卢祖父遭受心脏病发作,没有继承人当掌舵的悬念把大家都高高的挂着,都想知道接下来海星会如何!但还得等一星期啊!

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4 thoughts on “Relentless at 41.9%, averaging 34.3%

  1. Although I believe that episode 45 deserves more than 41. 9 % rating,but remaining every weekend on the highest rating it’s very good. And I don’t loose my hope for 50 % rating for the following episodes.

  2. This rating is rather in trend with another episodes of Saturday. Procentually increasing with 1,6% compared to episode 43. For our joy, let’s consider this episode like a Saturday episode. Why? Because what happened in this episode is too good to accept this rating down. And the last day date, with the sleigh, is in harmony with the competitive spirit of these days in Pyeongchang. Park Si Hoo is formidable! His laughter and overflowing energy are contagious and made our day more beautiful.
    Perhaps the commercial who running over the last minutes of the episode have contributed to the rating downgrade? Usually, the commercials aering between shows. This commercial entered in an unusual way.

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