My Golden Life: On Location

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

See me in action on location!

Have you ever experienced a drama on location shoot?

If you enjoy watching dramas and especially if you also like Park Sihoo-ssi and want to watch him in reel action as he acts out his Choi Dokyung in his latest drama “My Golden Life”, you should not miss the opportunity!

I have been to a number of on location shoots, not just for Park Sihoo-ssi’s dramas but in my lifetime, some advertising shoots as well. Interesting to watch what goes on once the PD calls out “Ready? Lights, camera, action!”. Then all the machinery and people will go into co-ordinated actions to get that few minutes or seconds on film, with the hope of no or minimal “NG”! But, sometimes, it can be one long wait to get everything right and to the PD’s critical satisfaction! Then as onlookers, you can feel real bored! Kekeke! 😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Catch Park Sihoo-ssi as Choi Dokyung on set

Come 23 January 2018, you can give Park Sihoo-ssi your personal on-the-ground support and experience him in reel action on location for “My Golden Life” with his Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC). Join in the activity and you can watch Choi Dokyung as he goes on film. Not only that, you will get to see the drama set, watch never before seen video clips of the drama, catch interviews with Park Sihoo-ssi who will share his “My Golden Life” experience, shake hands with the man and get him to autograph one of your personal items for keeps! I know what I want him to autograph! Yeah, finally he will make my dream come true!

Game for some on location actions and take home some beautiful memories? Sign-up today for the Park Sihoo “My Golden Life” on location event! Don’t miss the action!

I have signed up, air ticket and accommodation all arranged and all set to see our man in action! See you on location! Brrrr…it will be cold in Seoul!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Ready? “Lights, camera, action!”


  • Date: 22 – 24 January 2018 (on location visit and event will be on 23 January 2018)
  • Accommodation: Seoul · Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel
  • Cost of package: JPY 98,000 (3 days/2 nights, two nights’ accommodation on twin-sharing basis)


① Visit “My Golden Life” filming on location
② Interviews with Park Sihoo-ssi & watching never before revealed drama video clips
③ Handshake with Park Sihoo-ssi
④ Autograph by Park Sihoo-ssi on one of your personal items
⑤ Event commemorative special gift
⑥ Event held at one of the finest deluxe hotels in Gangnam, Seoul
⑦ One scrumptious  dinner

For more details of the event and registration, please check out the official event website at http: //

Enquiries: Mentor/Mentor Travel at Tel: +81-3-6380-3773 (weekdays from 10: 00 to 17: 00h); fax: +81-3-6380-3750 or e-mail: 

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life On Location event in January 2018




我去过多次的现场拍摄探班,不仅是施厚君的电视剧,在工作上,也安排过公司的广告拍摄。有机会尝试现场拍摄可以非常有趣,感到拍摄的气氛。一旦导演喊到“准备好!灯光,相机,动作!”, 所有的机器,演员和工作人员都会一起采取行动,为的就是那几分钟或几秒钟的拍摄努力,希望没有或最少次的“NG”!所做的,最后会由导演过目,直到他满意为止。有时候会是一个漫长的等待,那时,就不好玩了! 哈哈哈!😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life on location

Practising his script


别错过这难逢的机会,带回美好的回忆! 今天就报名参加吧!

我已经报名参加,机票和住宿都安排好了,准备去首尔跟我们最喜欢的男神相遇,看他拍戏去了! 姐妹们,我们在拍摄现场见面! 哦 …首尔应该非常地寒冷了!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Catch our favorite actor hard at work!


  • 日期:2018年1月22日至24日(拍摄现场访问日,将在1月23日举行)
  • 住宿:首尔江南帝宫酒店2晚双人住宿
  • 活动费用:每人98,000日元(包括活动参加费,3天2夜,两晚住宿以2人一室安排)



Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Being an actor is pure hard work!

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Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Entertainment, KBS Drama, Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC), Mentor

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