My Golden Life: Maternal instinct

My Golden Life

Obedient son turned rogue for Mother Choi

Roh Myunghee or Mother Choi, Choi Dokyung’s mother in KBS drama “My Golden Life” is a cold, hard and seemingly unfeeling woman. Nothing maternal about her at all. She lives by the rules of the social hierarchy she grew up with under the directives and thumb of her imposing father.

Just as how she has been brought up, her instinct is to bring up her children the same way. Strict discipline, adherence to the rules and etiquette expected of the position, proper decorum and no stigma of scandal and doing anything and everything to ensure the family business is protected and can grow and develop.

But deep down, there is that glimmer of maternal instinct in her. We saw a little of this with her son Choi Dokyung whom she takes pride in but was quick to chastise and put him into place. When he opted to leave home to become independent and got banished by her father, she missed him and thought about him over Christmas dinner.

My Golden Life maternal instinct

A rocky relationship between mother and daughter

While she did not welcome Seo Jisu, her real long lost daughter, with open arms, she was not immune to her moods. Her maternal instinct reared its head, in tune with her sadness, especially when she heard her daughter sobbing in her room and she wanted to find out the reason.

But her real maternal instinct is honed in on Seo Jian, whom she thought was her missing daughter. Maybe it was maternal love or maybe guilt of losing her when she was a toddler that had her shower Seo Jian with attention and love, in her own way, when she returned home. And even when the Seo Jian bombshell was thrown and she was thrown out of their home, Mother Choi missed her and thought about her on occasion. In fact she was genuinely happy to know that Seo Jian had returned after disappearing for a while.

My Golden Life

Mother Choi was happy to see Seo Jian in her own way

The joy of seeing Seo Jian again, even though instinctively she called her Eunseok, was clear in her that smile on her face in Episode 35.

Maternal instinct? Maybe!

But how maternal will she be now that she has found out that her obedient son left home because of Seo Jian? Will her past “love” for her and her son bring out her real maternal instinct that she would help this pair of love birds from the wrath of her father? Will she be their champion and saviour knowing how much her son cares about this woman? 

No doubt she is furious now. But will she give in after she calms down? We wait to see! KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time, this weekend!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo maternal instinct

Will real maternal instinct set in for Mother Choi?





My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Pride and joy of Mother Choi





My Golden Life

Will that confrontation eventually turn into support?


我们拭目以待!KBS 2台,每逢周末韩国时间1955点,一定要收看哦!

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