A guerilla date!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life guerilla date

Ready to brave the cold for an outdoor date?

I admit, over the last few months, my life has been so busy, I haven’t quite kept up with the news, especially where Park Sihoo-ssi’s “My Golden Life” is concerned. With such an overwhelming avalanche of news due to the drama’s popularity, I basically skimmed through the headlines, not bothering to read the details. I am sure I must have missed a lot, though not what were important. Kekeke! 😄

One piece of information I remembered was Park Sihoo-ssi’s promise of a guerilla date when “My Golden Life” hits 43% audience rating! Not “if” even then as I was that confident that the drama would break records! Not only will we get to see Park Sihoo-ssi in the crowded streets of Hongdae but Shin Hyesun-ssi also committed to having the main cast on the guerilla date!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

The promise of a guerilla date!

Well, we are now so close to the committed 43%! Episode 36 hit 42.8%, just  short of 0.2%! 

So Park Sihoo-ssi, are you ready for your guerilla date? We are all set to hit the road running at 43% and more over this coming weekend! Go, ladies, go!

PS: The guerilla date information came from a Korean Entertainment Weekly video interview, but I can’t find the video online. Instead, I found one about the drama’s viewership increasing non-stop and it was the same interview that talked about the guerilla date except that it was featured in another week.  Enjoy!

KBS Youtube Video – Viewership increasing non-stop for “My Golden Life” 27 November 2017



Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Get ready for our outdoor guerilla date!




Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Ladies, let’s go for 43% and more!

PS:游击约会信息来自韩国的娱乐周刊 Entertainment Weekly采访,但在网上找不到了这视频。找到了关于该电视剧的观众不断增加的视频访谈,是游击约会访谈的另一部分。给大家分享!

Credits – Many thanks! Youtube Video of Viewership increasing non-stop by KBS World; Photos – KBS Drama, Instagram by Hoo Factory Entertainment 

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