My Golden Life Ep 45 Sealed with a kiss

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

The lovers’ declaration of love

The ending of Episode 45 of KBS drama “My Golden Life” saw two lovers seal their love with a kiss. It was a most emotionally charged scene, the culmination of a week’s love relationship when finally they declared their love for each other and sealed it with a kiss.

Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian made a pact. They have had the most turbulent, roller coaster relationship since they first met and later discovered that they love each other. But due to their circumstances, they might not have a future together as a married couple. They agreed to only love and to go into a relationship…but only for a week!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Inseparable in their one week of love

And during this one week, they were inseparable love birds who did what lovers would do when they date and more. Providing each other with moral support – for business and for family, but they put the bombshell which Mother Choi dropped on them, giving them permission to get married on the back burner.

However, on their own, they both assessed their situation and made decisions and took certain actions to address the proposition. Oppa Choi saw through his mother’s tactics and reiterated again that he would not marry Seo Jian and neither would he return to the Haesung Group. And Seo Jian? She won a prize for 6-month short term training in Finland, but did not share this with Choi Dokyung. She was indecisive but was urged to go by her father.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Each addressed their future separately

Exactly what will happen now that the seven-day affair is over, we wait to see. But for now, we have to contend with the two of them declaring their love for each other and sealed this love with a kiss.

But there is that cliffhanger and clouds looming ahead and decisions would have to be made. Seo Jian’s prize training is dangling in the air. Will she go? And what would Choi Dokyung do with his Grandfather Roh’s heart attack and Haesung Group with no one at its helm. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Only time will tell and we will have to wait till next week to find out the answer!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Decisions, decisions, decisions!




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Love sealed with a kiss

在这一周的时间里,他们是不可分割的恋人,做了恋人在约会时经常做的事情,还有更多。互相提供精神上的支持 – 为了开业和家人,尽管崔妈妈扔给他们一个炸弹,允许他们结婚,但他们却把这决定往后推迟了。


My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Tough decisions!



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My Golden Life Ep 45

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15 thoughts on “My Golden Life Ep 45 Sealed with a kiss

  1. “Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”[B.Berson] And Do Kyung has believed a miracle will happen during a week of dating with Jian. “By the way, are OK with just a week?” asks his secretary Yoo. “We never know. Some miracle might happen.” answers Do Kyung hopefully. And the miracle has happened! At the end of episode 45, at the end of the week of daiting , in a mirific evironment of white snow , Jian finally confesses her love for him, which makes him tell his love for her too.And their kiss will determine , from now on, the course of their life. “Now a soft kiss.Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.”[John Keats]. A kiss we’ve been waiting for 45 episodes;”How did it happen, that their lips came together? A kiss and all was said.”[V. Hugo] No matter what hindrances will appear in their life, being in love with each other, this will give them strength and courage to go together further on. No one can help them but themselves, no one can and no one may, they will walk their own path with love, confidence and strength.Yes, “Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”And I’m happy for Do Kyung and Jian ,as I’ve enjoyed episode 45 as the most wonderful episode , as well as the interepation of both of them which was excellent.

  2. Life in the Haesung Group would be great if grandpa is not there. I think Jian would not mind if it was managed and headed by CDK & his dad. I guess I am jumping to the last episode.

    • I share your thoughts Sora Lee. The biggest hindrance is grandpa. CDK’s father has already made his choice by resigning too. CDK’s mom has been thrown back on herself. Ironically, grandpa knows CDK and his dad are the best for leading Haesung. So when this man regains consciousness again, let’s hope he realizes he can’t continue dictating like he used to do before. If he would his son-in-law and his grandson back, it should be on their on terms and no more tricks!

    • Park Sihoo-ssi 박시후-씨 朴施厚君 Spot On. Writer will ensure no such guilt, otherwise, what’s so golden life when such regrets even if he can work through the guilt. Not only guilt, we should also minimise regrets as far as within our ability to pre empt

  3. Beatriz Altamiranda says:

    I wish this kiss become seal endless love. Please not appart. This is love. How much I dreamed this. I m crying very happy

  4. In this moment, the hard times seem to have … Haesung Company. Harabugi colapsed, dad Choi resigned, uncle and aunt detached in Europe, Choi Do kyung declined the president chair. That „poor” HS co. seems to have only mom Choi. What she doing alone, with so much problems? I think this is the moment for Choi family to reunite in a better and true family feelings. And for the two lovers whose their feelings are strong and fully shared now, a break is inevitable and necessary. Do Kyung must concentrate to help his family.

    • It was a crisis with the Seo family previously when every single member fell apart and the family in disarra. Now the Seos are on the mend and it is now the Chois’ turn to fall apart and find a way to make their family whole again. This is how Writer So is moving towards so that by the end of the drama, everyone will find their golden life…and I hope halabeoji will also see his bad ways and turnaround too!

  5. For me, the most touching moments, above kiss, were those due to the presence of that delicate necklace. At both moments: when Do Kyung gave her and now, when Ji An wears it. The surprise created, the emotion of the two lovers mirrored in their eyes, their tears, were for me moments of maximum emotional vibration. Maybe this wonderful kiss would be delayed a little if Do Kyung had not seen the necklace at the neck of Ji An.

    • Very well picked out and very well described by you Daniela Maria Miricescu, I had seen a little bit of the scene at the snow and the necklace, but without seeing the whole episode I probably not able to pick up the real momentum yet. I just reflected this morning so far the most touching scene of MGL, before I viewed episode 45, is Jisu reconciled with parents. I watched that episode 3 times, every time at that scene, I cried uncontrollably. Of course is not the same emotion compared to what you all are discussing here, regarding DK and Jian’s love story. I will see if the scene you mentioned here will jolt the same choked emotion on me when DK heard Jian’s admission that she does like him, ie that scene when he gave her the necklace.

  6. Lilian says:

    The old chaebol thinks that he can control and manipulate everyone forever. I think it’s only fair for him to get some life lessons too. He seemed shocked that his grandson dared to feel fulfilled without his permission. Anyways, it’s only me but he dropped the phone quite artistic while loosing his consciousness that to be no doubts who is to blame of his distress and I’m sure his chaperon will deliver an impressive story to the family, the whole scene seemed quite theatrical to me. I only hope the elders won’t start an emotional blackmail towards DK and induce him a feeling of guiltiness, it’s something cliché for kdramas but to tell the truth I’ll be disappointed by writer Go, I hope she has a better solution.

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