My Golden Life Ep 45 I love you!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

“I love you” declares Choi Dokyung

Rarely will you see me use a very direct headline but today, I think no other headline suits!

“I love you!” That will be what Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian will be saying to each other on the skiing slopes. From the preview of Episode 45 of KBS drama “My Golden Life”, we get to see this moving scene as these two lovers finally made their declaration of love to each other after a long and tumultuous journey! So very happy that they made it through! Now they truly deserve their “Best Couple Award”!


As we all know, with seven episodes to go, including the extended 2 episodes, there will be more stormy weather ahead.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo i love you

Will more stormy weather be in the horizon?

The imminent one being Seo Jian winning a design competition that will bring her to Finland for training. How long that will be, we don’t know from the preview. But this would mean the two lovers being torn apart again. But then, with Oppa Choi’s new business just beginning, maybe it would give them breathing space to work at making a success of their careers.

Of course, there is this question that we all have uppermost in our minds. Yes, they will say “I love you” but will they get married?

And with Grandfather Roh throwing in the gauntlet and making Choi Dokyung the President of Haesung Apparel, would  he get his way?

Watch Episode 45 of “My Golden Life” on Sunday, 11 February 2018 at 2000h to find out…remember, it will be a revised time! Don’t miss, hear? We want the audience rating to continue to fly, higher! Fighting!

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My Golden Life Ep 45 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 45 Preview

“我黄金光辉的人生”第45集预告: 我爱你!




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung faces another gauntlet thrown by his granfather


即将到来的是徐智安设计比赛赢了奖,让她可以去芬兰进行训练。这训练将会是多久,从预告中,我们不知道。但这意味着这对恋人又得再次分离。但是,偶吧Oppa 崔的事业也刚开始,也许他们需要喘息的空间,让各自的事业取得成功。


而卢祖父再次宣战。这次他宣布让崔道京当海星服装的社长,希望成功的孙子给带回来。偶吧Oppa 崔将会如何呢?


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