My Golden Life Ep 38 Struggle in anguish

Park Sihoo My Golden Life struggle in anguish

Oppa Choi struggle in anguish

In the preview of Episode 38 of “My Golden Life” we see Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung has to struggle in anguish to get his life in order. This was after the love of his life Seo Jian refused to accept him as he is, an offspring of the chaebol Haesung Group because she hated being associated with a chaebol more than she loves him.

Having left home for Seo Jian and with no hope whatsoever of making her change her mind, his pride would not allow him to return without proving his worth. He has to struggle in anguish, fighting tooth and nail and pushing himself to the limits to succeed. And his struggle was not just with work but also to overcome the anguish of still having to meet Seo Jian who lives in the same shared house!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Struggling to establish himself

My heart goes out to Oppa Choi and I hope that Seo Jian’s hard heart would also feel the pain and anguish for making him suffer! Let’s give Oppa Choi our strong support and help alleviate a little of the anguish he is suffering.

Watch Episode 38 of “My Golden Life” tonight on KBS 2 at 1955h and let’s work to drive up the rating to make Oppa’s struggle in anguish all worthwhile! Fighting Oppa!

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My Golden Life Ep 38 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 38 Preview

“我黄金光辉的人生”第38集预告: 痛苦的挣扎



My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Why bother Seo Jian?

非常为崔道京担心,也非常怜惜他的一切遭遇。希望硬心肠的徐智安也感受到崔道京所受的痛苦!让我们给Oppa 崔道京最大力的支持,帮助他缓解一点痛苦。

今晚在KBS 2台,在韩国时间1955点,请观看“我黄金光辉的人生”第38集。让我们努力提高观众收视率,使偶吧Oppa崔痛苦的挣扎是值得!加油,偶吧Oppa!

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3 thoughts on “My Golden Life Ep 38 Struggle in anguish

  1. Mel says:

    The storm is here and was raining heavily ( in tears) last night. To think positively maybe writer so was just trying to kill time as she has 14 more episodes to go through hence prolonging the hurdles the love birds have to go through before seeing the sun after the rain.

  2. Like the unexpected scenario! The emotional journey of the protagonist, the dream of the fairy world, and the helpless and cruelty of the real world! People, people, can not be foreseen, but also changeable! Emotional experience, two people’s emotions, hope is to use love to tolerate and understand, together to face! From a rational perspective, though everyone is a unique individual, he also strives to be the most authentic himself. His personality is excellent, but he still can’t extricate himself from it. The author, the analysis of human nature, is in place, is a strong but also fragile existence of the individual! Between male and female, between the family and the actor, is also a combination of individual, indestructible love, to what extent, in order to defuse the crisis, to bury the hatchet? Where is the best balance between the man and the man on the track of love, between "I, he, her", in the pursuit of happiness? In the last dozen episodes of the plot, no matter what the ending is, what we want to see is the only heroism in life. That’s the state of being still in love after life. The 38 set, more anticipation, more exciting rhythm, the evening ratings, should be more innovative!

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