My Golden Life Ep 36 Calm before the storm

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Choi Dokyung hard at work but facing calm before the storm

It was the calm before the storm last night in KBS drama “My Golden Life” Episode 36. Calm all round for almost everyone before the big storm hit with the confrontation between Seo Jian and Choi Dokyung’s mother.

We saw Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian’s relationship more cordial after their “heart-to-heart” when she told him she likes him but that she was not prepared to move the relationship forward. He accepted this with calm for now as he has to focus to find his own grounding to establish his business and earn a living. No easy task as he would not leverage on his Haesung legacy which left a lot of loopholes in his career background that he could not explain. He also had to grapple to learn new things that he did not have to do in the past when he had staff to do everything for him.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Seo Jian helping Choi Dokyung learn the ropes

Despite his fully loaded days, he managed to become “part time” worker to accompany Seo Jian to the flower market to buy flowers for the wedding floral arrangements for the “coffee couple”. It was so sweet to see them together enjoying a day out and even part taking a meal of street food! 

This was the calm. The storm was brewing in the meantime as Grandfather Roh was on the warpath with his grandson Choi Dokyung and putting pressure on Mother Choi to find the woman who lured him away from the right path.

My Golden Life

The storm broke with the confrontation

Mother Choi’s deduction was spot on and finally, the storm broke when she confronted Seo Jian! Pushed came to shove, Seo Jian stood up for herself and told Mother Choi, whom she had always been afraid of in the past that she hated the association with Haesung and had no intention ever to return. Mother Choi also should resolve her issue with her son directly and not with her!  

Well done, Seo Jian! Make your stand and don’t let yourself be bullied ever again!

Calm, yes, last night. But the coming week, we should see a huge heavy storm hit the roofs of the Chois and the Seos! My, oh, my! Better brace yourselves and find shelter!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Unfolding of calm before the storm




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian enjoying time together



My Golden Life





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7 thoughts on “My Golden Life Ep 36 Calm before the storm

  1. Mel says:

    I must say, well said indeed. You feel the calmness in ep36 but there is certainly a storm brewing in the near horizon. There are several hints of this in ep36 that the writer has slotted in rather subtly.

  2. The circle tightens around Do Kyung. Mom, grandfather, old jerk friend is getting closer. but in this storm that is about to begin, he also has allies. First of all Ji An, his secretary, the friend of the share house and, more recently, his father. Which of the camps will be stronger?

    • I think his allies will grow. His old jerk friend is not that much of a jerk after all as he protected CDK not telling his mother about a woman ie: he knew of none in Ep 36. I also think that his mother will become an ally as well. She might break away from her tyrant of a father to be with her family ie: husband, son, daughters.

  3. After every storm comes a rainbow! And this will happen to Do Kyung in his conflict with his grandfather . It may be storm, but it never rains forever. Even in the midst of his life’s storm, he will have the capacity to stand up firmly, having the strength to overpass his grandfather’s hardships. Do Kyung’s grandfather is a hardheaded person, a stubborn man who does what he wants to do, even sacrificing his children and grandchildren’s life, for his company. But neither grandson, his flesh and blood,is less stubborn ,leaving his home and family’s company, also his status as vice-president, because he wants to start his own business , as his grandfather did.He wants to make his grandfather be proud of him:”The power of my mind, the might of my hand have done these good things.” Will Do Kyung be able to persuade his grandfather, who is not receptive at all at his creative mind? Now his grandfather’s stubborness is clinging to one opinion:Do Kyung has left company and family due to one woman only. Poor grandfather with his narrowindedness! What I like at Do Kyung is his belief that he cant change the destination overnight, but he can change the direction of his life overnight! He will work hard and being helped by JIan and his faithful friends , he will win.And although :”The circle tightens around Do Kyung.”, as Daniela predicts, he will not be frightened at the will of his grandfather, because his courage will rise at every attempt to intimidate him. And he will meet in the future such unfortunate moments. For Do Kyung from now on:”The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to onself.”[Michel de Montaigne] Go!Go!Go! Do Kuyung!

  4. The grandfather is strong, he has gained so much power that it has shaded his heart, causing the heat and love of it to disappear. As you say, Stephanie, he does not hesitate to treat his own family as pawns on the chess board of power for his own company. I think he has to get his life lesson. And this will be possible because of his nephew. The nephew is not as superficial as his grandfather believes. Between them began a fight, at the end of which Do Kyung does not want grandfather’s appreciation, but wants to win his own life, dignity and respect for his own decisions.
    Do Kyung is now in the stage of the accumulation of his own power. He is loaded with shared love and with those small but sure steps on the new chosen path, away from his family.
    I want to see in this confrontation „the awaked lion”, that Do Kyung was talking about at the beginning. At that time he defended his family’s reputation in front of the newly-arrived Ji An. Now the stake is much bigger: he has to defend the independence of his own life and his love.

    • Very well said Dana and as difficult Do Kyung ‘s enterprise, his good result in business will prove that his hard working, courage and determination was not in vain. I do pity him coming home exhausted, but not complaining. I’m waiting the next episodes to see how things will go on , as his mother has traced his wherabouts.

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