My Golden Life Ep 29 Taking responsibility

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Oppa is taking responsibility! Go for it!

Last episode of KBS drama “My Golden Life” ended on a cliff hanger with Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung finally seeing light. He told his shocked parents that he could not go into a loveless marriage. And that so delighted the audience who cheered him on, such that the last one minute of Episode 28 hit a high of 40.9% in terms of audience rating!

Good for you Oppa Choi, to finally stand up for what you want and taking responsibility for your life and for your love rather than follow a well planned path of others!

Now in Episode 29 preview, we see an Oppa who is taking his responsibility seriously. Of course he cannot drop everything completely all at once, but he is slowly moving towards his goal to be with the woman he cares about and love. Slowly, so as not to rock the boat for his family and those who will be affected. This is what a considerate and responsible man will do. 

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Pursuing his life happiness and his love

But of course, he would also have to slowly woo his lady and win over her heart!

I am looking forward to watching this weekend’s Episode 29 of “My Golden Life” as Writer So is tightening the different key plots and weaving them closer together. But given what we have seen of her so far, I am sure she will have surprises up her sleeves! KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time! I simply love this drama!

Oppa Park Sihoo-ssi, you have heavy responsibilities on your shoulders to make make “My Golden Life” into a great drama! And we so look forward to watching more of Choi Dokyung courageously moving forward! Fighting!

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Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 29 Preview



My Golden Life

Braving the cold to wait for her

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Oppa going all out to woo his love

My Golden Life

Will his ernest sincerity win her over?

期待本周末的“我黄金光辉的人生”第29集!苏作家正收紧不同重要的环节,把它们编织在一起。但是,鉴于我们迄今为止所看到的,相信她袖里会藏着许多惊喜!韩国时间1955h点KBS 2台,别错过好戏!我越来越喜欢这剧啦!


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2 thoughts on “My Golden Life Ep 29 Taking responsibility

  1. #朴施厚# #我黃金光輝的人生# 這部電視劇真的越來越好看,越來越有人情味了。喜歡和欣賞道京哥哥為自己的人生和愛情負上責任,而且言出必行的模樣,實在太迷人帥氣了。期待星期六繼續收看,大家也要多多支持呢!

  2. When Do Kyung has told his parents that he doesn’t want a marriage without love, he has taken a great responsibility. And he has pointed out very seriously to Sunwoo Hyuk :”What are you going to do if I take the responsibility?”, speaking of his responsibility for Jian. Because he knows that taking personal resposibility is a beautiful thing , that gives him complete control of his destiny. And changing his way of life, he is set free and can focus on winning Jian’s love, behaving in ways that are in harmony with his personal values. From now on ,although he will meet many hardships, he will make his choices based on what he believes, on what he feels, and not others believe. “The key is taking responsibility and initiative, deciding what your life is about and prioritizing your life around the most important things.”[Stephen Covey]. Having this principle in his mind he will achieve , for him and his lover, Jian, “A Golden Life”. Go Do Kyung Go!

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