My Golden Life: I have a bad feeling

My Golden Life Park Sihoo bad feeling

His boss’ abnormal behaviour has Liubi’s gut thinking “I have a bad feeling!”

In Episode 24 of KBS drama “My Golden Life” Choi Dokyung’s secretary mumbled to himself “I have a bad feeling…”. I wonder if this would turn out to be the case and that Writer So is using him as her mouthpiece to hint at what the audience could expect in future. And subsequently, he has mumbled this to himself a few times whenever his boss displayed abnormal behavior over one particular woman.

I kind of like “Liubi” as Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung calls him, meaning Secretary Liu in short.

My Golden Life

A good secretary who is absolutely discrete and take a lot of flak from his boss

He is exactly what a personal secretary should be like. Knows what is going on, is discrete, does what needs to be done and only shares his opinion when asked. I have thought that his role is so much like that of Housekeeper Min except that he is a much more pleasant and sympathetic version…and of course, younger and male! Kekeke! 

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Never seen his boss mooning over a woman!

Having worked with Choi Dokyng for five years, he must have taken a lot of flak from his boss, especially recently! Most probably, he has never caught his boss in a compromising position like kissing a woman in a deserted lane! And he has never seen his boss so distracted by any woman to the extent that his normally rational boss does irrational things like eating in Namdaemun market, going berserk with worry over a small iron burn, trying all ways and means to track her down when she had but disappeared for a few days, gazing for hours at a photo on his mobile phone…and many more! Worse, he has to drag him in and make him find her whereabouts. 

Youtube Video by KBS Drama – Episode 29 “My Golden Life” – My boss’ abnormal behavior

My Golden Life Ep 19

His boss even rushed off to find her in Incheon just because her last mobile signal was there! Will it be a wild goose chase? Is his boss going bonkers? Over a woman? He who has been totally discrete and cut off all entanglements with any woman since he committed to an arranged marriage?  What has the world come to? No wonder this thought crossed Liubi’s mind, “I have this bad feeling!” 

Yes, Liubi, maybe your gut is telling you about this “bad feeling” that will be coming up. And you will be caught in the crossfire between your boss and this woman, your boss and his family, your boss going even more bonkers! Bad feeling, indeed!

So, Liubi, do you want to come work for me? I will be a less demanding boss! No “bad feeling” anywhere in sight! Okay, except my hangup about one man! Kekeke!

Youtube Video by KBS Drama – Episode 24 “My Golden Life” – I have this bad feeling

My Golden Life Ep 24




他有着私人秘书应该具备的条件。完全知道发生什么事情,守口如瓶,做需要做的事情,被老板问时才分享自己的意见。个人觉得他的角色和闵管家非常相似,但,他更爽快和有同情心…当然,更年轻和是男生! 哈哈哈!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Has Liubi’s boss gone bonkers over a woman?



My Golden Life

My boss acts weird and he makes me do weird things too!

是的,柳秘,也许你的直觉正告诉你这种“不好的感觉”即将到来!你会被老板和这女人,老板和他家人, 疯癫的老板的交火所困!确实是不好的感觉!

柳秘,想过来我这里为我工作吗?我这老板比较简单,是不需要太照顾和费心思的!不会出现任何“不好的预感”!好吧,除了追随一位男人罢了! 哈哈哈!

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  1. #朴施厚# #我黃金光輝的人生# 我也好喜愛道京副社長身邊的這位秘書先生,他的角色真的太可愛,他既是盡責的秘書,也是道京的知心朋友。他心思細膩,應該早就洞察到老闆,最近所有的奇怪行為,都是來自一個女孩子。有他在道京身邊幫忙著,亦算是一種安慰。真慶幸有這個好秘書,替副社長分担一點掛慮啊!我們也安心不少!

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