Hug, almost guaranteed!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssi’s hug is almost guaranteed! Let’s keep going at it!

During the 5th Enishi Anniversary celebration of his Enishi magazine on 3 September 2017 on Jeju Island, our favorite man, Park Sihoo-ssi, made a committment. He told his Enishi readers that he would give each of them a hug if his new KBS drama “My Golden Life” achieved 30% average audience rating!

Well, based on my last calculation, the average audience rating after 28 episodes stood at 31.0%! And if we can continue to keep this momentum, that hug is almost guaranteed! The key conditions to participate being that you have to be an Enishi subscriber in 2018 and that you will attend the special “Hug event” which I assume would be in September 2018 which is the traditional time for the annual Enishi readers’ event. Where? I have no idea!

But that special Park Sihoo-ssi hug is an almost guarantee! In fact, he reaffirmed this again in the video that his rascal cats shared yesterday! Here’s what their dear old dad said or the gist of it as I have only done some rough translation so  you can understand what he said.

Park Sihoo

Ready for the hug from Park Sihoo-ssi?

“Dear Enishi readers, I am Park Sihoo.

Enishi 2018 has been decided upon and will again be published next year. Thank you for your continued support.

I am now working on the drama “My Golden Life”. The content of the magazine will contain the behind-the-scenes of the drama. It will take into consideration the feedback which you have sent. I am working hard to present different aspects of myself to you. Please look forward.

Hmmm…and there was this promise I made during the Enishi 5th Anniversary event …
If the ratings were to go above 30%, a hug …

Because the drama has exceeded the 30% rating, I am committed to fulfilling this promise. I will prepare for this special event! It will be a pleasure to meet everyone then! 

Please give a lot of love and support to Enishi 2018 and also my drama “My Golden Life”!

Let us meet in 2018! I love you!”

Enishi Park Sihoo

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So sisters, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Enishi 2018 now! You want a hug from our favorite man, right?

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Youtube Video of Park Sihoo-ssi on Enishi 2018





Park Sihoo

Hug? What have I committed myself to? Kekeke!






请大家多多爱护和支持2018缘Enishi! 也请多多支持和关注”我黄金光辉的人生”!


姐妹们,大家还在等什么?立即订购2018缘Enishi 杂志哦!大家可想和我们最喜欢的男神来个拥抱啊?

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7 thoughts on “Hug, almost guaranteed!

  1. #朴施厚# #我黃金光輝的人生# 噢,太好的福利了,姐妹們快點去訂購緣雜誌吧,除了是施厚珍貴的回憶之外,還可以獲得男神愛的抱抱。機會難得,大家要好好把握啊!

  2. And how happy his ENISHI readers will be to be hugged by him! Reciprocal happyness. His drama “My Golden Life” has already hit 30% rating and even has exceed it. So he must double his hugs! Keep your promise Park SI Hoo! Good luck!

  3. A promise is a promise, and Park Si Hoo will keep it, as he is a man of word. “Promisies are only as strong as the person who gives them.”[Stephan Richards]. And we will also must keep our promise to support him and his drama “My Golden Life” to hit the highest rating possible , to become the best drama of the year. GO!GO!GO!

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