Park Sihoo

Taking inspired walks

Park Sihoo

Walks especially out in nature can be such inspired walks

Park Sihoo-ssi fans will know that our favorite man is an exercise buff. He would do some form of exercise every day as part of his routine. Gym is a regular but he also has his swimming gear with him in case he suddenly feels like going for a dip. These were what he revealed during his “talk” at the Tokyo Odaiba “Sky and Sea” Talk Concert and Premium Live events in October 2016.

One more thing he revealed was that he loves his walks. Again, this is something he does daily after his late evening meal. He takes long walks of around 15 km daily, dragging his brother and mother with him. They also needed to exercise, he said. And I can see the improvement in his brother’s physique the last few times I saw him! Kekeke! Well done, Park Wooho-ssi!

A beautiful sight captured by Park Sihoo-ssi

Other than walking for exercise and just for the pure pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors, I wonder if these are also inspired walks for Park Sihoo-ssi. I am inclined to think yes! 

Walks, especially when they are out in natural surroundings, in open spaces and far from the maddening crowd, can be refreshing, clear the mind and help one reflect. For me, I get a lot of fresh ideas and inspiration when I go for walks to let lose all my stress and frustrations. But unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of space, unless I take time to travel to the outskirts of the city. Park Sihoo-ssi is lucky as Seoul has a lot to offer in terms of greenery and waterways, right in the heart of the city. And our man has it all where he lives and works! So taking inspired walks will be a breeze! Many places, any time! 

Park Sihoo

If you can take walks like these, you will be inspired too!

No excuses for slack…and to keep inspirations flowing! 🙂 

Any good inspiration yet on your next drama, Park Sihoo-ssi? Kekeke!

Youtube Video – Park Sihoo Instagram 28 November 2016

In Tudou 土豆网

Youtube Video -Park Sihoo Instagram 28 October 2016

In Tudou 土豆网



Park Sihoo

Come on! Go out, go walk!

他透露的另一件事是他喜欢散步。这是晚饭后每天必要做之事,走大约15公里。他也经常会拖着弟弟和妈妈一起,因为他觉得他们也需要锻炼身体。看他弟弟宇浩君最近的身体有所改善,真的健康瘦了好多!加油哦! 😄


Park Sihoo inspired walks

Ahh! Fresh new ideas in the making!


没有借口松弛,一定要保持灵感的流动! 😄


Park Sihoo

You would be energized too after a walk along the Hangang River!

Credits – Many thanks! Youtube videos by Park Sihoo Instagram and Weibo; Photos – Park Sihoo Instagram, Weibo and Twitter, Hoo Factory Twitter

Park Sihoo

Exposed from head to toe

Park Sihoo exposed from top to toe

Park Sihoo-ssi exposed from head to toe:)

Can’t fault Park Sihoo-ssi fans for being the ever enthusiastic super sleuths! He has been exposed thoroughly from head to toe, top to bottom and including peripherals!

Since last Sunday, when he pushed forward his return from Ishiwada, Japan and was spotted by his fans at the Komatsu Airport, he has been exposed! Ok, he has been exposed even before that since quite a few fans were at the airport to send him off! How ever did they find out his schedule? Super sleuths or a network of spies at work! Kekeke! 

Park Sihoo

The casual jacket Park Sihoo-ssi wore in his Instagram photo

Top to toe, they have uncovered him. The brands, the models or styles and the costs of the outfits he wore, his sunglasses, his luggage bag, the car he drove during his photo shoot! From top to bottom! Nike AJ 11 True OG Tee, Nike shorts, Nike grey hoodie, Guess floral shirt, Perverse sunglasses Rimowa luggage, Mazada MX5 sports car….goodness, I wonder if they even figured out his undewear! Kekeke!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo-ssis colourful floral Guess top

I am quite certain that many fans will be making a beeline for these branded shops to buy exactly what he has worn or used. And they will be showing off their own photos of using the same on their Instagram. I won’t be surprised if one will wear his brand of underwear and flash her photo next to his! His jaws will definitely drop in shock from this extreme attention seeker! Hahaha! 😄

Park Sihoo from head to toe Nike! 



自从上星期天以来,他提前从日本石川県Ishiwada返程,在小松机场被粉丝们发现,他就一直被曝光!应该说,他早已经被曝光了,因为有好几位粉丝就等在机场为他送行!她们是怎么会知道的? 是超级侦探或间谍网络在工作吧!哈哈哈!

Park Sihoo

We need a closer look to this Instagram yesterday morning!

从头到脚的发现了他。他穿的衣服,他拖的行李箱,他戴的墨眼镜,他拍摄中开的车辆的品牌,款式,以及价钱!从上到下,依依的暴料!耐克Nike AJ 11 True OG Tee,Nike耐克短裤,Nike耐克灰色连帽衫,Guess花衬衫,Perverse 墨眼镜,Rimowa行李箱,马自达Mazda MX5跑车….厉害!真的想知道她们是否也查上他穿的内衣! 哈哈哈!😄

Park Sihoo

Hmm…I wonder what brand this casual jacket


Park Sihoo-ssi’s Perverse sunglasses and With Rose hoodie

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Instagram by Sihoonote, hirogreen, Park Sihoo Instagram, Twitter by neko_jamidami, Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club

Park Sihoo

Super compere!

Park Sihoo super compere

Park Sihoo has the makings of a super compere

Since a few weeks ago, there have been some market murmurings that Park Sihoo-ssi might be involved in an event in Japan at the end of June 2017. The event’s online publicity poster had a tiny photo of Park Sihoo-ssi featured on the 2nd day but no other information beyond that.

Now the news is out! It is confirmed that Park Sihoo-ssi will participate on the second day of the Seoul Girls Collection SGC Super Live 2017 in Yokohama, Japan scheduled from 27 – 28 June 2017. The SGC is a popular fashion show and K-pop concert. Into its 13th event this June since it started in 2012, it has been attracting a younger, fashionable audience of teens to the thirties in Asia including Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. The show will showcase the latest and trendiest in Korean fashion on the runway and feature mini concerts by popular K-Pop stars.

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo to appear in Seoul Girls Collection Super Live 2017

This time, Park Sihoo-ssi will be up for another new challenge! Super compere or MC! A role that we have never seen him take on, even though we have see him many times on stage and accepting or presenting awards! But then, we know our man loves being challenged and is constantly experimenting with new things! 

With his knack for fashion, charismatic presence, gorgeous smile, contagious laughter and rich baritone, he has the makings of a super compere! His co-compere will be the beautiful Gyuri 박큐리 of the Korean girl band Tara fame. 

Park Sihoo

Announcement of his participation in the SGC Super Live in Japan

Park Sihoo-ssi’s Japanese fans, are you ladies all ready to see him in a brand new role and to give him as much support as you can? Maybe this time, if you are young enough to have children in the teens to thirties, it will be a good time to do a mother-children night out! No insult intended, my sisters! I admit, I am an old lady! Kekeke! 😄

Check out details on the event at

Youtube Video – Seoul Girls Collection Super Live in Japan



SGC Super Live in Yokohama

SGC Super Live in Yokohama

现在消息公开了!确认施厚君将参加在2017年6月27日至28日在日本横滨举办的首尔女子系列 Seoul Girls Collection SGC Super Live 2017 活动,他会参加第二天的活动。SGC是非常受欢迎的时装秀和K-pop演唱会。从2012年开始以来,6月的活动将会是第13届了。这活动一直吸引着在韩国,日本,新加坡和泰国年轻时尚的青少年观众。活动的特色是展示韩国最时尚和新潮流的服装,和邀请受欢迎的K-pop明星演出。

Park Sihoo

Our gorgeous Park Sihoo-ssi taking on a fresh challenge!


凭借他时尚的穿着,本身的魅力,灿烂的微笑,感染性的笑声和丰富的男中音,他具备了当主持人的条件!他的同伴将会是前韩国女子乐队Tara美丽的朴奎利 Gyuri 박큐리。

Park Sihoo

Our soon to be super compere!



Credits – Many thanks! Youtube video and photos on SGC Live Japan by and; Photos – Park Sihoo Weibo, Hallyu Pia

Park Sihoo

Me and Red

Park Sihoo me and red

Me and Red. We look good together!

We have often heard how men covet their cars, to the extent that they consider them their “wives” or “mistresses”! Especially when their cars are flashy sports models and in eye-catching colours like a provocative red! Many would treat their cars better than they would their wives, lavishing them with that extra love, care and attention!

It was a nice red sports car model that we saw Park Sihoo-ssi being photographed with while he was in Ishiwada Japan. Red and him, they complement each other. They make each other look good, don’t they?

Park Sihoo

Red is the car for that high fashion man!

Park Sihoo-ssi is currently single, that much we know, so no wife. Not even a girlfriend in sight. Nah, we have not heard of one nor have we seen him with one, even though we hope! 😄

So, anyone would hazard a guess as to how he would treat his wife and his car?

Me? I don’t see him as a car man. He would go more for a practical A to B, serve its purpose vehicle. If he were into cars, a sports car may not be his choice. An all terrain SUV that fits into his lifestyle and his hobbies more likely than a conspicuous head-turner. A vehicle which he could go hiking and rough it out in the woods, mountain or beach, and have his surfboard and camping gear mounted overhead. Like the hummer he was featured with in an issue in last year’s Enishi magazine. Now, this strong and tough outdoor man is much more my kind of a man!

So him and Red? Maybe a short fling, but long term chemistry and interest? Nah! Hahaha! 😄

Park Sihoo

Now, this is how I see Park Sihoo-ssi




Park Sihoo

Is this Park Sihoo-ssi’s kind of car?

我们所知道,施厚君目前还是单身王老五,没有妻子。甚至没有女朋友。嗯,还没有听说,也没有看到他拍拖,即使我们是多么的期待! 😄


Park Sihoo

Or is the hummer more his style?



Photo Credits – Many thanks! Instagram by lee_nam_gyu_2879, Enishi, Mentor, Hoo Factory Twitter

Park Sihoo

Artistic inspiration

Park Sihoo artistic inspiration

Let your artistic inspiration flow!

Calling all artists among Park Sihoo-ssi fans! If you have the talent to draw, especially portraits or the human figure, whip out your drawing or painting tools and show some artistic inspiration!

Wow us with your artistic creations, inspired by Park Sihoo-ssi’s unsung hero Baek Siyoon! Remember that evening performance of Park Sihoo-ssi’s Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival in Osaka is dedicated to Osaka’s hero Baek Siyoon? Well, the organiser is calling for drawing or painting submissions of this local hero.

Drawings or paintings will be put together into an album and presented to Park Sihoo-ssi as a gift!

Park Sihoo

It will be your interpretation of what you think of Baek Siyoon

Not only that, these art pieces will be picked by Park Sihoo-ssi personally and the artists of the chosen ones will be presented with a gift during the evening performance in Osaka! Exactly what is the gift? It’s a secret, as can be expected from an ex-secret agent! You will know on that evening !

So, let your artistic inspiration and feelings flow and capture our hero in any mood, pose or situation. He can be how you want to interpret him to be.

Park Sihoo

Unsung hero ready for his fight to the death!

The condition for entry is that all your artistic inspirations have to be rendered on a postcard. Please send your entries by 6 June 2017 (Tuesday) stating on the envelop “Park Sihoo drawing submission” to:

169-0072, 東京都新宿区大久保2-2-11, 新宿太陽ビル6階, 有限会社MENTOR「パク·シフ絵応募」係

Mentor Co Ltd, Shinjuku Sun Building, 6th Floor, 2-2-11 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan.

Hmm…but where are Jami and Dami? How come they didn’t meow about this news? Ah…when dear old dad is away, his rascal cats decided to go out and play?

No, no! Look at them, lazy cats! They are taking cat naps! 😄

Park Sihoo

When dad’s away, Jami and Dami are caught taking cat naps!




Park Sihoo

Capture unsung hero Baek Siyoon on paper!




Park Sihoo

Is this how you see the charming Baek Siyoon?


169-0072, 东京都新宿区大久保2-2-11, 新宿太阳ビル6阶, 有限会社MENTOR「パク·シフ絵応募」系

Mentor Co LtdShinjuku Sun Building6th Floor2-2-11 OkuboShinjuku-kuTokyo 169-0072Japan



Park Sihoo

Unsung hero Baek Siyoon fighting for the underdogs

Photo Credits – Many thanks! OCN, Park Sihoo Twitter

Park Sihoo


Park Sihoo spotted

Spotted by his Japanese fans at Komatsu Airport

Some people no matter how inconspicuous they want to be, just stand out like a sore thumb. They have this aura around them that draw others like a beacon. They can be spotted a mile away even though they do not want to be seen or heard.

But of course, there will be times when even if you don’t want to be recognised, you will be! What with you wearing a bright floral top when everyone one else is in muted colors. Or driving a bright red sports car on a deserted beach with cameramen in toll! You can’t help but be spotted! Kekeke! 😄

Park Sihoo

Japanese fans tracked him down at Komatsu Aiport

Park Sihoo

Caught on camera!

And this is exactly how our Park Sihoo-ssi is like! No, I am not saying he is a sore thumb!😄He has been spotted, many times over the last few days in Ishiwada! We are glad he has been spotted otherwise we will not be having photos to share from casual passers-by, his fans, his stylists and the man himself! 

Thank you for sharing! We are so glad to be in tandem with our favorite actor’s footsteps!

Park Sihoo

Recognise the man in the red sports car?

Park Sihoo

Look who’s behind the wheel?


有些人不管他们想要多么不显眼,就像一根疼痛的大拇指一样脱颖而出。 他们身上有着个光环,就像一盏灯塔一样吸引别人的注目。 即使他们不想被看到或听到,也还会被发现的。

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo seen and heard!

当然有时候,即使你不想被认出,也不由你! 当每个人的穿着是低调的时候,而你穿的是一件明亮的花卉上衣。 或者驾驶着一辆亮丽的红色跑车在一个荒芜的海滩上,摄影师包围着! 你不禁要被发现的!哈哈哈!😄

Park Sihoo

How inconspicuous can you be in bright floral?

这就是我们的施厚君啦!噢!别误会,我不是说他像疼痛的大拇指噢!😄 过去几天在石川県Ishiwada被发现了很多次! 我们很高兴他被发现,否则也不会从路人,粉丝们,他的造型师和他自己有照片分享!

感谢大家的分享! 我们非常高兴可以与我们最喜欢的演员同步!

Park Sihoo

Can’t stay hidden even behind car window 🙂

Park Sihoo

In full sight!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Instagram by lee_nam_gyu_2978,  fu_chan0202, mappy03

Park Sihoo

Man in action!

Park Sihoo

Our man in action! Ready to get his adrenaline pumping!

We know Park Sihoo-ssi loves his sports! He is adept at different sports including skin scuba diving, snowboard, fencing, Aikido and boxing. He is definitely a man of action!

The last few days, he has certainly been a man in action! Since his Instagram posting on 17 May 2017 telling us he was departing somewhere overseas, he has been out and about in Japan’s Ishiwada indulging in some active sports!

Park Sihoo

Can’t wait to paraglide down Shishiku Highland

Paragliding in the Shishiku Highland! Surfing off a beach somewhere along the beautiful coastal region of Ishiwada! With its pristine beach and clear skies, I won’t be surprised if Park Sihoo-ssi also couldn’t resist having a nice swim in the uncluttered crystal blue sea!  

Park Sihoo

Our active man of sports!

Of course there have been quiet moments in between like enjoying the cultural scene at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art and visiting the Higashi Chaya Teahouse District. 

But looking at the photos he just shared on Weibo and Instagram, this man of action probably loves more being the man in action! Hahaha! 🙂 

Park Sihoo man in action

Surfing Park Sihoo-ssi!

Have a happy weekend, Park Sihoo-ssi! Catch some rest, catch some sun and being the foodie that you are, catch some of those deliciously fresh seafood! Yummilicious! Kekeke!

Park Sihoo

Got to show my fans my calm and elegant side!

Park Sihoo

Are we ready yet?

Park Sihoo

Deep inside, I am all excited, ready for some action!


我们知道施厚君喜欢运动!他善于好多项运动,包括皮肤水肺潜水 (skin scuba diving),滑雪板,击剑,合气道和拳击。他绝对是一位动作派男神!


Park Sihoo

Gorgeous weather for paragliding!

在獅子吼 Shishiku Highland 滑翔伞飞行!沿着石川県美丽的沿海地区的一个海滩冲浪!凭借其洁白的海滩和清澈的蓝天,如果施厚君无法抗拒在整洁的水晶蓝色海洋中畅游,我一点也不会感到稀奇!

Park Sihoo

The irresistible crystal blue sea!

当然,也有宁静的时刻享受文化景观,如在金泽二十一世纪当代艺术博物馆Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art参观,和去游览东茶屋街Higashi Chaya Teahouse District 。


施厚君,周末愉快!可要抓住一些时间休息,抓住一时间享受阳光,还有吃货的你,也要抓住时间去品尝美味的新鲜海鲜哦! Kekeke!:) 

Park Shoo

Our man in some reel action!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo Weibo and Instagram