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My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Confusing simpatico

If I sound incoherent in this article, that is because I am. I am a little confused over the relationship between the couple that has been awarded “Best Couple” by KBS during their KBS Drama Awards. So here you are reading the debate going in my head.

I am a simple person who likes things kept simple. In my mind, when two people love each other, one of the important pre-requisites is that they must be in “simpatico”. “Simpatico” (spelled as “sympatico”) as defined by the Urban Dictionary is “to share a mental connection or bond with someone, or to have a lot in common with someone”.

Maybe I am not only simple but naive. For me, when one loves, one understands the other and would be there to support the other through thick and thin. Emotions can’t be switched on and off at one’s whims and fancy. And yet, the two of them could, one more than the other. Is my comprehension correct or am I mistaken by what has been presented in the drama?

This pre-requisite of being in “simpatico” seemed to be missing between Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian in KBS drama “My Golden Life”. Okay, missing at times and yet not at other times and this is what confuses me.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

I am confused by this best couple. Where is the simpatico?

A simple statement like in Episode 47, Choi Dokyung told Seo Jian that she doesn’t understand him when he returned to Haesung, after striving so hard to establish his independence. She in turn told him she understood him very well. So who’s right? Where is the simpatico when they can’t even agree on this point?

In another instance, Choi Dokyung picked up Seo Jian to drive her to the remote house, where her father used to stay, so that she could escape the eyes of the paparazzi. After spending a happy week together culminating in their admittance that they love each other, there  was an awkwardness in their meeting. Some of you might see it otherwise thinking it was silent communication. Simple me see it as it was, straight forward. Maybe I don’t understand this love thing.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

A scene that is subject to interpretation

He seemed to understand her but not the other way round. He knew she would not have eaten in her anxiety over the press reports and that she would be reluctant to eat with him. She underestimated his intuition and resourcefulness and was surprised he came prepared with bread for the both of them.

And in Episode 48 preview, even their sister Seo Jisu questioned Seo Jian’s sincerity saying that if Seo Jian love Choi Dokyung, then she ought to take responsibility. Yet, her response is, “I will put him in my heart but I will go my way.” Does she not see or understand what he is going through with the crisis he has on hand and that he would need moral support? The press situation, did she just see the effect on her and her family but with no thought about him and his family? Where is that connection between these two who are supposed to love each other?

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Simple person like me like love kept simple

And him? When there is love, should it not like be like a marriage, whether in reality or otherwise? If so, should there not be sharing like stated in the marriage vow “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…” So why does he keep the bad and try to shoulder everything himself?

The more I write, the more confused I get over this twosome. Are they really in love and how deeply in love? With the crisis we see in Episode 48, will their relationship improve? Especially with her reaching out to him asking if she could help. Will this be a breakthrough? Will I understand their relationship better after watching Episode 48?

Sigh! I hope so, as their relationship currently is confusing the hell out of me and giving me massive headaches! Anyone in simpatico with me on this?

KBS Drama Youtube Video – Episode 47 “My Golden Life” Finding refuge

My Golden Life Ep 47

KBS Drama Youtube Video – Episode 47 “My Golden Life” Simpatico?

My Golden Life Ep 47

“我黄金光辉的人生”第48集:心灵相通 simpatico


我是一个简单的人,喜欢简单的事情。在我看来,当两个人彼此相爱时,其中一个重要的先决条件是他们必须是“心灵相通 simpatico”。 “城市词典”定义的“simpatico” (也屏为“sympatico”)意思是“与某人有心理联系或相通,或与某人共同拥有很多共同点”。

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My simplistic way to love


在“我黄金光辉的人生”中,“心灵相通 simpatico”的前提条件似乎在施厚君饰演的崔道京和徐智安之间缺失。好的,是有时会似乎不存在,但在其他时间可以看到。就是因为这样,他们把我给搞昏了!

在第47集中,崔道京努力建立自己独立生活,因危机重回到海星时,对徐智安说她不理解他。她反过来告诉他,她很了解他。那么谁是对的? 心灵相通 simpatico” 在何处,他们甚至无法就此达成一致?

另一个例子是崔道京去接徐智安,把她送到她父亲过去在偏僻的地方住的房子,以便她可以逃脱狗仔队。在一起度过愉快的一周后,最终承认他们相爱,但现在,见面时感到尴尬。 有些些姐妹可能会认为这是无声的交流。 简单的我是直接看待。 也许我不明白这种爱情。


My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Will we see their simpatico fly in Episode 48?


他呢? 有爱时,不是应该像婚姻一样,不管是否现实? 如果是这样的话,是否应该像婚姻誓言中所说的那样要一起分享“更好,更糟,更富有,更穷,健康或病痛……”那么他为什么不分享坏的情况,试图自己承担一切?

写得越多,我对这对情侣感到越困惑。他们真的在恋爱吗?恋爱有多深?在第48集所面对的危机会把他们两拉近吗?特别是当她向他伸出援手时,问他她是否可以帮助。 这会是一个突破吗? 观看第48集后我会更好地理解他们的关系吗?

叹!希望如此吧!他们的关系混乱了我,让我头疼!这里有谁是和我心灵相通 simpatico的呢?

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 48 Corporate battlefield

My Golden Life Park Sihoo corporate battlefield

Choi Dokyung readies himself for the corporate battlefield

From the preview of Episode 48 of KBS drama “My Golden Life”, the corporate battlefield has been drawn for the “Battle Royale” amongst the royal family of the Haesung Group.

A coup de’tat was attempted to oust the reigning monarch, Grandfather Roh, Chairman and Founder of Haesung Group. The challengers are none other than his younger daughter Roh Jinhee and her husband Jung Myeongsu. Not contented to bring down the monarch, they were blood thirsty and wanted to leave no stone unturned, intending to destroy everyone and everything in their way to usurp the throne. So they turned their attention to the favored family and likely also the heir apparent.

My Golden Life

Dokyung issuing his own challenge

Through their moves at the Board meeting, they called for the removal of the Chairman, winning majority of the directors’ votes. With this success, they called for more board resolutions to remove the Vice Chairman of the Group, Father Choi and the Representative of the F&B Division, Mother Choi. And they proposed to put Jung Myeongsu as sole contender for the post of the Chairman of Haesung Group.

The couple drew the corporate battlefield, all ready to battle it out and to draw blood, by hook or by crook.

Do they think what they have planned all along, gathering dirt, spreading dirt and paying dirt to get dirt could be brought into the battlefield and win them the fight? Do they think the Chois will be sitting ducks, easily shot down? And their father, the experienced, conniving old man will let them off so easily?

My Golden Life

“Battle Royale” with the corporate battlefield drawn

Interesting, this corporate battlefield! Bloodthirsty me love to watch a good corporate battle! So I shan’t miss Episode 48! All set to watch at 1955h Korean time on Sunday 25 February 2018!

Please take note: there will be no broadcast of “My Golden Life” on Saturday, 24 February 2018! Yes, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics disruption yet again! Sigh!

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 48 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles

KBS Facebook Page: My Golden Life Episode 48 Preview

KBS Antenna Youtube: My Golden Life Episode 48 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 48 Preview

Click link below to watch “My Golden Life” Episode 48 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 48 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 48 Preview

“我黄金光辉的人生”第48集预告: 企业战场


一次政变试图驱逐当时的皇上卢祖父,海星集团会长兼创始人。挑战者正是他的小女儿珍熙和她的丈夫钟明苏(翻译) Jung Myeongsu。不满足于打倒皇上,夫妻倆渴望血腥,要斩草除根,把可能阻挡他们的每一个人,每一件事都摧毁。所以他们把注意力转移到受宠的家族,也可能针对海星的继承人。

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Will he be next in line of fire?

夫妻通过董事会的举动,要求罢免会长,赢得了大多数董事的选票。取得这一成功之后,再呼吁提出更多董事会决议,也要罢免集团副会长崔父亲和餐饮业务代表崔母亲。他们提议将钟明苏(翻译) Jung Myeongsu 作为唯一的海星集团会长的候选人。



My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Poor Oppa with a burden on his shoulders



Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 47 Chained by guilt

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Chained by guilt, Oppa Choi might be in Haesung for the long haul

Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in KBS drama “My Golden Life” was adamant that he wanted his independence and that he would not return to Haesung Group. He wanted to manage his own life and not continue to be a puppy under his grandfather’s control. He was so happy, so full of energy and passion when his fledgling DK Eco Tech got off the ground starting off with products for pets made from recycled materials.

However, when his grandfather collapsed, he did a quick about turn on his stand, dropping everything he had strived and struggled to achieve since leaving home, to return to the folds of Haesung as President of Haesung Apparel. So quick, cutting off everything and seemingly so unfeeling!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Guilt ridden being the cause of his grandfather’s collapse

He told Seon Woohyuk who challenged his quick departure from the shared house, that it was none of his business. He refused to share his stand on Seo Jian and his new business and that by returning to Haesung, he was letting down so many people who had helped him. Choi Dokyung appeared so opportunistic, so ruthless, so heartless.

But Oppa Choi was feeling immense pain. He had to return to Haesung not by choice. He was chained by guilt and he will find it tough to break free!

Guilt was eating into him for causing his grandfather’s collapse. His grandfather whom he had always thought as very strong had a heart failure because of his refusal to return. As his mother said, no one was forever strong. At times it could be all a facade.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Oppa Choi has to put aside his own interests to look out for his family

With his family facing a crisis, a magnitude which they have never experienced before, his guilt and his allegiance to them might mean he has to stay put in Haesung for the long haul.

There goes Oppa Choi’s dream of a golden life up in smoke. Unless Haesung and its key players change in their attitude, it will be like what he himself said, his life will forever not be his own, but controlled like a puppy! He is chained by his guilt!

Is this what Writer So wants for Choi Dokyung? We wait to see!

KBS Drama Youtube – Episode 46 “My Golden Life” – Chained by guilt

My Golden Life Ep 46




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung felt compelled out of guilt to return to Haesung




Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Choi Dokyung taking up his post of President of Haesung Apparel made his grandfather smile


偶吧Oppa 崔的黄金色的人生梦想变成了烟雾。除非海星及其主要成员对人生有所改变,否则就像崔道京自己说的一样,他的人生永远不会是他自己的,而是像小狗一样的被控制!他被内疚所束缚!

这是苏作家想要给崔道京的黄金光辉的人生吗? 我们拭目以待!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

In the footsteps of grandfather

My Golden Life Park Sihoo in the footsteps of grandfather

I hope Park Sihoo-ssi’s life story will be similar! In the footsteps of Grandfather Kim

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, I caught the documentary on veteran Korean actor Kim Byungki-nim 김병기님 “My Life Documentary – My Way 인생다큐마이웨이” on TVChosun. To many of us here, he is better known as Grandfather Roh, the tyrannical, overbearing chaebol grandfather of Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in KBS drama “My Golden Life”.

Of course not being proficient in Korean, I didn’t understand a word. But it didn’t stop me from understanding the gist of his life story from the broadcast and reading the news reports afterwards.  What I could discern, and my apologies in advance if I have misunderstood anything, I have a lot of respect for this humble, professional actor who spent 50 years of his life in his career of choice.

What he has achieved in his career and more so in his personal life, I hope Park Sihoo-ssi will be able to do the same. Something in the likes of being in his “grandfather’s footsteps” except not his reel grandfather but this mentor grandfather!

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

A “progressive amateur” who is constantly improving himself

Kim Byungki-nim’s  life story is amazing. He had to overcome his father’s objection to become an actor instead of being a doctor. From the time he stepped into the entertainment industry as an unknown in 1969, he spent many years in secondary roles, mainly as an unknown. His prominence arose only when he played the role of Kim Jong II in “Now in Pyongyang” in 1982. He has since had a distinguished career in the Korean entertainment industry, mostly in dramas, with well over 50 under his belt.

He adopts the approach of being a “progressive amateur” in his career, constantly striving to learn and improve. In “My Golden Life”, his parts are not many, but we can see him putting his heart and soul into it just by looking at his script! So many thoughts, consideration and effort to refine and perfect the role of Grandfather Roh. It is no wonder actors like Park Sihoo-ssi have tremendous respect for this brilliant actor.

In his personal life, he and his wife are happily leading a contended, quiet life in their country home in Gyeonggi Province, in the heart of natural surroundings. They have a most loving and romantic relationship that has spanned over 40 years in courtship and marriage. And even now, they are still very much in love!

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

A romance spanning over 40 years

Hmmm…now, other than the achievement in his career, what I really hope for for Park Sihoo-ssi is Grandfather Kim’s success in his personal life. I see so much similarly between Park Sihoo-ssi’s love for nature and the country life …in Buyeo of course. Now, what is really missing is that loving other half whom he can spend the rest of his life with 😄

In Grandfather Kim’s footsteps, that is all I can ever wish for my little tongsaeng brother! All the very best wishes to achieve all the good things in life, Park Sihoo-ssi!

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

A mentor well deserved respect of younger actors like Park Sihoo-ssi


在农历新年前夕,我在韩国中央电视(TVChosun) 中观看了韩国资深演员金炳基老师 김병기 的我人生的记录我的做法 My Life Documentary – My Way 인생다큐마이웨이纪录片。对于这里的姐妹们来说,更熟悉的是他在KBS电视剧我黄金光辉的人生中的卢祖父,是施厚君饰演的崔道京的暴虐霸道的财阀外祖父。



"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

Kim Byungki-nim, a successful life story

金炳基老师 김병기 的人生故事令人惊叹。年轻时他必须克服父亲的反对,不当医生而选择当职业演员。从1969年初步进入娱乐界,多年来担任无名或次角色。他是在1982年的一部电视剧现在在平壤 Now in Pyongyang”扮演金正日 Kim Jong II 的角色时有了突破。此后在韩国娱乐界有着出色的职业生涯,主要是在电视剧中,参演了超过50多部电视剧。


"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

Happily contended life with the woman he loves

在金炳基老师 김병기님的私人生活中,他和妻子在京畿道乡村家园自然环境中,愉快,充满安详和平静的生活着。有着跨越了40多年的恋爱和婚姻,即使现在,他们仍然有着恩爱和浪漫的关系!

……除了他职业生涯的成就之外,真正希望施厚君也会有金祖父般的个人生活的成功。看到他们倆对大自然的热爱和乡村生活有相似之处。现在,施厚君真正缺少的是恩爱的另一半,可以培他度过余生 😄

跟随金祖父的足迹,这就是我希望这位弟弟可以享有的! 施厚君,希望你的人生也会过得美满快乐!

To view the documentary which has been sliced into 11 parts including the preview, click on the photo links. Alternatively, click on the preview and it will become continuous play from start to finish

Preview of My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim 13 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 1: Raising KRW 50 million 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 2: : Jumong & performance award 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 3: : The “Emperor’s Cafe” at the foot of the mountain 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 4: Regret not at his father’s funeral 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 5: The romantic man, 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 6: Playing Kim Jung Il, 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 7: Our love story 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 8: Living with Actor Kim Byungki, 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 9: I am a progressive amateur 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

My Life Documentary – My Way: Kim Byungki-nim – Part 10: A well respected Mentor 15 February 2018

"My Life Documentary - My Way 인생다큐 마이웨이"

Credits – Many thanks! Videos by Voda.Chosun; Photos – Voda.Chosun

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

To work, to work!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo work

Not at work yet? Want me to give you a lift?

I must say, the Year of the Dog has just got off to a flying start! Tails wagging, ears flapping, happy barking! So welcoming! It was great to be home to spend time with my family of the two and four legged kinds for the lunar new year!

But how time flew by! This morning, it is back to work! Back to the daily grind yet again! More hard work expected this year! Some things just don’t change!

Hopefully, this year, we will get to see more of Park Sihoo-ssi too! I am sure our man has already been hard at work this Year of the Dog! His Choi Dokyung would be keeping up the pace to achieve his golden life soon!

So to kick start the brand new working day in the brand new year, here are some motivation to drive up everyone’s energy. Let Park Sihoo-ssi’s gorgeousness give you a lift to get you up and go, go, go!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Happiness in love!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Enjoying his myriad expressions

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Making you fall in love with him over and over again!






Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS drama

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life Ep 47 Keeping our families safe

My Golden Life Park Sihoo families safe

Choi Dokyung trying to keep his love ones safe

Last night, amidst the tyrannical and unreasonable pressure from Grandfather Roh, Chairman of Haesung Group, it was heartening to see Father Choi and Father Seo coming to an understanding and working together in KBS drama “My Golden Life”. They were trying to keep their families safe, protecting what are theirs in their own respective ways.

Father Choi rescued Father Seo from giving in to the demands of Grandfather Roh to take responsibility for kidnapping the long lost daughter of Haesung, something which he didn’t do. But if he were to agree, then he would endanger his family especially his daughters as they would be exposed publicly. He shared with him the news that photos of them had appeared in the news.

My Golden Life

Fathers working together to keep their families safe

And Father Seo in investigating the leaks to the press that could have impact Onn is family, Haesung Group and the Chois, uncovered the real culprit. His discovery and the evidence could help the Chois in their efforts to minimise the impact of the negative press and in turn counter the ambition of the Haesung younger sister and her husband from usurping the Company’s leadership. Whether that would actually help still remained to be seen.

But it was a good sign, having the fathers in alliance as they tried to keep their families safe!

And not only that, we also saw Choi Dokyung and Seon Woohyuk keeping the women they love, the Seo sisters, safe from the expected hounding from the paparazzi press and the uncalled for public attention.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Protecting his woman from malicious rumours

But more battles loomed ahead as we seen in Episode 47. Headwinds are getting stronger with majority of the Board supporting the motion to remove Grandfather Roh as Chairman and his younger daughter mooting the motion to remove her sister as Representative, on top of having her husband taking the role of new Chairman. This angered Grandfather Roh that he had another collapse! And Father Seo, while only previously was diagnosed as having imaginary cancer, now found himself  with stomach cancer for real! 

Writer So is still spinning her web of intrigue despite the drama being on the home stretch! More exciting developments still await! But it will have to be next week that we get to watch the new development! And only for a one episode broadcast on Sunday 25 February 2018 at the usual time of 1955h Korean time! Another long wait to see how these families can remain safe!

My Golden Life

Everyone is working to keep their families safe






My Golden Life

Unexpected twist of imaginary cancer to real!




Youtube videos – Recaps of “My Golden Life” Episode 47 on 18 February 2018. These will only play on KBS Youtube. Please click on the photos to get linked

Recap 1: Shock of daughters in the press 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 2: What is like to be human 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 3: I am sad because I understand it well 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 4: I will take the responsibilities of the past 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 5: I am going to die too 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 6: Tears from sincere words 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 7: Explosive anger 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 8: Efforts to safe daughters 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 9: Compelling evidence 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 10: Knowing the full picture 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 11: Subtle emotions 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 12: Grandfather Roh down again 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 13: Memories of old days 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Recap 14: Stomach cancer! 18 February 2018

My Golden Life Ep 47

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Prime rating at 38.7%, averaging 34.4%

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Oppa Choi in prime position to manage Haesung Apparel

Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” is at its prime! A most enjoyable and engaging Korean drama, it continues to captivate the interests of its audience week after week!

The national audience rating of 38.7%, was a drop from the previous Sunday episode on 11 February 2018 (same day comparison) by 3.2% and a leap of 4.0% over the previous episode on 17 February 2018 (Saturday). This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV audience rating.

On average, for 47 episodes to-date, the rating is 34.4%.

In a prime position, “My Golden Life” is heading for its final stretch and Writer So is upping the suspense! I am totally curious how she is going to propel the ship home into safe habour! It will be another week before we get to know the outcome of this week’s cliff hanger! Remember next week, there wil be no broadcast on Saturday due to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Episode 48 will be broadcast on Sunday, 25 February 2018 at the usual time slot of 1955h Korean time on KBS 2. Don’t miss!

My Golden Life Ep 47 rating

At its prime, unshakable No 1

坚定收视! 观众收视率38.7%,平均34.4%




坚定着它的收视,“我黄金光辉的人生”电视剧正走向尾声的路途行!非常好奇苏编剧将如何把船稳定的航入平安的海港! 要知道这集悬念的结果得等到下星期!请记得由于平昌冬季奥运会,下周六没有播出。 第48集将于2018年2月25日星期日在KBS 2台,韩国时间1955点正常时间播出。千万不要错过哦!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama