My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life: Vindictive old man!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung’s every move is hindered by his vindictive grandfather

In KBS drama “My Golden Life”, Choi Dokyung’s maternal grandfather is a rather complex man. As the drama unfolds, he shows many different sides of himself. At this current stage, by Episode 38, I feel that he is such a vindictive old man!

The first time we saw him, I was surprised that after hearing about how stern and difficult he was from the mouths of the Choi family, that he openly welcomed Seo Jian, supposedly his long lost grand-daughter, with open arms. But no, he showed his manipulative ways later on with the Seo sisters and then from there, with his grandson. No matter that he is the Founder and Chairman of the powerful Haessung Group, his stature has dropped many notches in my eyes.

My Golden Life

Taking pleasure in breaking his grandson

For someone who started his business empire from scratch, I would have expected him to watch with anticipation and delight that his grandson had the guts, strength and determination to become successful after he has been striped penniless. That his grandson is not just living off what he has built and that his legacy will be left in good hands and continue to thrive and grow should make him proud. 

But no, this old man is so vindictive that he has to cut off every tiny avenue of progress his grandson makes, even if he has not leveraged on any of his Haesung Group connections or made use of Haesung’s money. He said it himself and with great relish that he has crippled and broken him and that Choi Dokyung would come crawling back.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

One bad news after another for Choi Dokyung

I am so glad that Choi Dokyung is not what he thinks! The old man has no clue how strong his grandson is and his determination not to live under the shadows of his grandfather ever again. No matter how difficult, he is going to strike out on his own, with his bare hands and with blood, sweat and tears, if necessary.

Yes, Oppa Choi, show that vindictive old man and let him eat his words! Fighting! And you know you have us supporting you every step of the way!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

His ruthless grandfather stripped him of everything




My Golden Life

Calling in his favors or paying to get what he wanted



My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Grandfather does not know his grandson well enough



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My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life Ep 39 Against all odds

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Against all Odds

Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung seems to be fighting against all odds in KBS drama “My Golden Life”. Everything is working against him and nothing seems to be going right.

From what we can discern from the preview of Episode 39, his quest to establish his own business must have hit another road block and he has to continue to do part time work. This time he is doing odd labour in Hyuk’s woodcraft workshop. 

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung still continues to harbor hopes with Seo Jian

While he has broken off with Seo Jian, he continued to harbour hopes. She, on the other hand, was giving him no quarters, cutting him off and giving him the cold shoulder at every turn. Choi Dokyung’s father found him working in the woodcraft factory and also poured cold water over his dreams. His father cut it to the chase and told him “You can never make her happy. Give up Jian and come home.”

Poor Oppa, he is working against all odds! Maybe it could be that he can never make her happy. But I have this feeling that she will never be able to make him happy too! So maybe it is time he made a clean break!

Don’t miss Episode 39 of “My Golden Life” this Saturday on KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time. 

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 39 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles

KBS Drama Facebook “My Golden Life” Episode 39 Preview

Click link below to watch “My Golden Life” Episode 39 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 39 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 39 Preview

“我黄金光辉的人生”第39集预告: 困难重重



My Golden Life Park Sihoo against all odds

His father crushed his hopes “You will never make her happy!”



不要错过这周六播出的“我黄金色光辉的人生”第39集。KBS 2台,韩国时间1955点!

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My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life: Pride and prejudice

My Golden Life Park Sihoo pride and prejudice

He suffers because of Seo Jian’s pride and prejudice

I have thought about this headline for a long time ago during the initial few episodes of Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life”. But because I was inundated by so many topics, I put this on the back burner.

Now after following the drama all the way till Episode 38, I thought it was an opportune time to write about pride and prejudice.

In general, when we talk about pride and prejudice, the first thing comes to mind would probably be Jane Austen’s novel by the same name. Rich, proud man who had preconceived ideas and looked down upon the poor or different class. In “My Golden Life” it started off like that. Rich and proud family who considered it their lot in life to perform “noblesse oblige” for the less fortunate. The act of “noblesse oblige” in itself has a certain element of prejudice.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Chaebol 3rd generation of wealth with his “noblese oblige”

However, I see another side to pride and prejudice, a reverse situation but of the same concept. This time it is the poor looking down on the rich. Added to that, it is about over-compensating for a past experience that makes one overdo things, like when you are not supposed to show favouritism to your children, instead of being fair, you overcompensate and treat your own children much harsher than you would others.

Seo Jian has her own pride and prejudice. That she is proud, there is no argument, I believe. But prejudice? I think she has that too, except that it is in the reverse. Having gone through the experience of living with the wealthy Chois as their long lost daughter, she didn’t like it, especially the “rules” of the class. In fact, she felt traumatized by it when her mother’s lie got exposed. That fear factor has made her prejudice towards wealthy people whom she dislikes and does not want to be associated with.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Seo Jian with her reversal pride and prejudice

Despite Choi Dokyung leaving home because of her, she saw it fit to throw his rich chaebol background at him, even though she knew first hand that he is as poor as a church mouse. She told him how she deplored their wealth, in fact any wealth. Her pride blinded her so much, she refused to see things differently, making her just a guilty of being prejudice. “You think you are rich and that when you hold out your hand I have to accept?” 

So just as Seo Jian accused others of being prejudiced, she should look at herself in the mirror and judge her own behavior!

And my dear, pride goes before a fall…and it would come, eventually to that!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

You think you are rich so I have to accept you?




在大多数情况下,当我们谈到骄傲与偏见时,会想到简·奥斯汀Jane Austen的同名小说。富有,骄傲的一位,心里有数,瞧不起贫穷的阶层。在我黄金光辉的人生中,就是这样的开始。富有和自豪的家族,认为他们有责任为不幸或低于他们的人执行贵族义务贵族义务本身就有一定的偏见。

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

The rich and the poor with their pride and prejudice



My Golden Life Park Sihoo

No compromise between two extreme worlds




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Park Sihoo Confession of Murder

From original to remake

Park Sihoo Confession of Murder original remake

Congratulations from original to remake team

Five years ago in 2012, a rookie became a movie star in Korea. While he had experience in dramas, it was the first time for Park Sihoo-ssi to go into the movies. And he made impact with the original production of the suspense thriller “Confession of Murder”. 

His serial killer Lee Duseok was so eerily good, he gave me the creeps! Unbelievable that a man who has always portrayed Mr Goody Two Shoes can become such an evil character! Those who have yet to watch Park Sihoo-ssi’s “Confession of Murder”, the original Korean production, be sure to catch it! It will keep you at the edge of your seats!

Park Sihoo Confession of Murder

The original “Confession of Murder” was so eerily good!

It was so good that there is a Japanese remake called “Confession after 22 years” (translation). It has hit the cinema circuits in Japan and in many parts of Asia this year and did well. It will make its debut in Korea shortly. The original stars, Park Sihoo-ssi and Jung Jaeyoung-ssi and the director Jung Byunggil-ssi send their congratulations and support to the cast and crew of the Japanese remake.

Park Sihoo Confession of Murder

Park Sihoo-ssi’s message in support

This was what Park Sihoo-ssi said in the congratulatory video:

“Hello, everyone, I am Park Sihoo. I am now working hard on location shoot for my drama.

I want to convey a piece of good news. I have previously acted in the movie “Confession of Murder”. Now the Japanese remake of the original movie will finally be released in Korea.

You all know that in the (original) movie I took on the role of serial killer Lee Duseok. I heard that Japanese actor Tatsuya Fujiwara plays this role and look forward to watch his acting as I am very curious. When the remake hits the cinemas, I will go watch it. Please also give it a lot of support.”

Youtube Video Trailer of original Korean production of “Confession of Murder” in 2012

Youtube Video – Congratulatory messages from Korean original cast and director to Japanese remake team 17 January 2018




Park Sihoo Confession of Murder

The chemistry that made the original turn out so good

应该是原创制作得特别出色,所以现在出了日本的翻拍“22年后的告白” (翻译)。日本翻拍今年已经在日本和亚洲许多地区的电影院播放了,反应不错。现在将会在韩国首映。原来的演员施厚君和郑在勇和导演Jung Byung-gil向​​日本翻拍的演员和工作人员表示祝贺和支持。


大家好, 我是朴施厚。我现在正努力的在拍摄现场拍摄我的电视剧。


Credits – Many thanks! Youtube video Confession of Murder by One Ring Korean Film Trailers, Confession after 22 Years by ext_channel ; Photos –  Confession of Murder – The Movie, Showbox,

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 38: Live to fight another day

Park Sihoo My Golden Life live and fight another day

Choi Dokyung picking himself up to start again

In Episode 38 of KBS Drama “My Golden Life”, Seo Jian dealt Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung the biggest blow of his life. In no uncertain terms, she rejected catching hold of his hands and going down the future road together with him. 

This was after he left home, partly because of her, penniless and struggling to make ends meet. His efforts saw some improvement, only to be cruelly nipped in the bud by his vindictive grandfather. At this lowest point in his life, he clutched at straw, hoping that the love of his life would accept him and go down the future path in life together.

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Life’s cruel blow

But alas, no, she refused to do so, she does not want to be associated ever again with rich chaebols because she hated their lifestyle and their rules. And Choi Dokyung cannot change his birthright, no matter what. 

Struggling under the weight of this heavy blow, Choi Dokyung had to let vent his anguish and despair, falling sick in the process. But being of strong character and determination, he picked himself up, determined to live to fight another day. He would not let himself be defeated. He will show the world that he can make good what life has to offer, good or bad!

Yes, live and fight another day, Oppa Choi. Life can be cruel but as long as you work hard and persevere, success has no limits, the world is in your hands! If Park Sihoo-ssi can do it, so can you! Fighting!

KBS Drama Youtube Video – “My Golden Life” Episode 38: Dealing him with the biggest blow 

My Golden Life Ep 38

KBS Drama Youtube Video – “My Golden Life” Episode 38: Live to fight another day

My Golden Life Ep 38



这是在他为了她离家出走 (部分原因),身无分文,每一步都得挣扎去谋生时,给他的打击。他不断的努力去创出自己的新天地,但在萌芽时,所有的努力,一下子就被他残忍的祖父扼杀了。在他生命最低潮的时刻,绝望的他抓着微弱的稻草,希望可以生存,所爱的女人可以接受与他一起同行,走向未来的人生道路。

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

He will live and fight another day




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My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life Ep 38 Disappointment

My Golden Life Park Sihoo disappointment

Only highlight of a disappointing episode

What can I say about Episode 38 of KBS drama “My Golden Life”?  I don’ t know how the audience rating would turn out to be, but I am sure it would still be high due to the rub-off from the previous episode and the super sales pitch of the preview of Episode 38 which saw Choi Dokyung at his lowest point.

But for me personally, it was a disappointment. Sitting through the hour long episode when whatever I wanted to see was in the 40 seconds preview already, nothing much beyond that. And I don’t believe I am the only one with the same feeling. 

More than half of the episode was focused on Father Seo and his terminal illness everyone thought he had and it turned out all imaginary. He just had an overactive imagination! Imaginary cancer! I am sure there must be real cases like this in real life and I sympathise. The best these people should do is go for a medical check up rather than become quark doctors and self diagnose, then they don’t have to worry themselves and their families sick.

For me, in a drama with certain expectations, especially when the preview of the episode sold something else, I felt short-changed by all the time that had been dedicated to this sub-plot! Disappointment was what I felt!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Only thing of interest

The highlight of the preview had the audience expecting a continued high on the Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian relationship, how they both cope with their break-up and what Choi Dokyung would do going forward. In all, it barely got 5 – 10 mins of airtime! What happened? Did someone forget that this is what keeps the drama going and why the audience keeps coming back for more? Don’t they read and value audience reviews? At the rate this goes, the audience will lose patience and just move on. There are choices out there and audiences can be fickle! I hope Writer So and the production team take note.

A disappointment it was for me, a strong supporter and avid follower.

Am I looking forward to the next episode? At this moment, sleep is a lot more appealing! I have no expectation for Episode 39, least I will end up in disappointment again!

My Golden Life

All the fuss and it turned out to be imaginary cancer




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

I will learn to hate you

这一集多半的时间是关于徐父亲和所有人都认为他患上的绝症,一直都显得非常严重,惹人注目。结果都是幻想,他的想象力过于活跃!是想象癌症!相信现实生活中一定有这样的真实案例,我很同情。 这些人最好的处理方法就是早点去检验,查个究竟,而不是自当医生,自我诊断,让自己有压力,也令家人担忧。


预告的亮点给观众期待崔道京和徐智安的关系持续高涨,他们如何应付分手,以及离家出走,挫折重重的崔道京会如何前进。 昨晚,这主题只有5 – 10分钟的播出时间! 究竟为什么呢? 有人忘了电视剧继续吸引观众的就是这对情侣的发展吗?编剧和制作组没有读和注重观众的评论和回馈吗? 这样忽略了重点,观众很快的会失去耐心和兴趣,不再积极跟剧了,他们有的就是选的!希望苏作家和制作组注意一下。



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My Golden Life Ep 38

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My Golden Life Episode 38

Episode 38 rating 43.2%, average 33.0%

My Golden Life Episode 38

My Golden Life Episode 38

Last night KBS drama “My Golden Life” national audience rating stood at 43.2%, up from the previous Sunday episode on 7 January 2018 (same day comparison) by 0.4% and a jump of 5.4% over the previous episode on 13 January 2018 (Saturday). This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV audience rating.

On average, for 38 episodes to-date, the rating is 33.0%.

My Golden Life

Episode 38 audience rating




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