Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 32 Starting from zero

Park Sihoo My Golden Life starting from zero

Oppa is starting from zero!


Last night, Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in KBS drama “My Golden Life” Episode 31 was ousted from his home by his ruthless grandfather after he confiscated everything. He was left out in the cold with nothing except the clothes on his back and whatever little leftover money in his wallet. 

Starting from zero was what Oppa Choi has to do, with no help from anybody. Not his family as his grandfather has issued his order to not give him a single cent and which I doubt anyone would dare defy. Not his best friend whom he has set such high hopes to start his own business, only to find him backing out of his words. And maybe not even the woman he loves! The only person who cared about him was Liubi, his secretary!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Having lost everything, Oppa has to start from zero

Poor Oppa, he is starting from zero, but he is not deterred, even if he has to take the worst possible job as a cleaner in the gym and take on other people’s dirty laundry. A huge sacrifice for one who would never have dared to touch other people’s used items previously!

That’s the fighting spirit, Oppa! Show your tyrant of a grandfather you are made of sterner stuff! Make a success of yourself no matter how difficult! I have every confidence in you!

Tonight, you know we will be there giving you our fullest support! KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time. 

Fighting, Oppa!

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 32 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles

Click link below to watch “My Golden Life” Episode 32 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 32 Preview

My Golden Life Ep 32 Preview

“我黄金光辉的人生”第32集预告: 从零开始


偶吧Oppa 崔道京得从零开始,没有任何人可以帮助他。他的祖父给家人下了命令不可以给他一分钱。我怀疑他家人是否有人敢违抗。他寄托的最要好朋友,希望可以一起创业,也收回他的承诺,让他失望。可能他所爱的女人也还会继续不理睬他!唯一关心他的就柳秘!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Undeterred, he is determined to succeed! Fighting!



今晚,大家一定会在那里给你最大力的支持! 一定会观看KBS 2台在韩国时间1955点的播出!


Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Will the woman he loves be there with him to weather the storm?

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 31 Price of independence

Park Sihoo My Golden Life price of independence

Oppa discovering the price of his independence

I found myself crying buckets at the end of Episode 31 of KBS drama “My Golden Life” last night. It was heartbreaking to see Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung who has everything reduced to nothing!

The price third generation chaebol and heir to the Haesung Group Choi Dokyung discovered when he chose independence and love was extremely steep and expensive. A hefty price and a huge sacrifice that cost him everything he had. He has become as poor as a church mouse, no better than a beggar! All the material things he had ever owned, his family, his friends and maybe even his love, lost! 

Independence might seem so sexy and attractive, particularly when he has set into action and put into place what he would do when the time came. And every thing seemed to be going his way. 

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

An amicable separation with Jang Sora

An amicable separation from the woman whom his family had planned a marriage alliance. In fact this elegant lady was sympathetic to his plight as she was in a similar situation with a man she loves in the US of A but she was not brave enough to defy her family wishes. Not only that, she paved the way for her Oppa Choi to hopefully reconcile with his love! Jang Sora, we love you!

Choi Dokyung has also managed to secure a deal with his best friend on a partnership for a face recognition technology business which would give him a solid start once he was ready.

Best of all, he met the woman whom he was giving up everything for and told her where he stood. That he was not engaged to nor will he be marrying Jang Sora. And Oppa Choi was determined that he would make something of himself before he came back to woo his love!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

The price to pay for defiance

But alas, his plans backfired! His crafty grandfather will not stand defiance and was determined that he paid the price of his independence. Since everything Choi Dokyung has ever owned was due to the Haesung Group or as his grandson, he would leave with nothing of his and that of the Haesung Group. Car, credit and bank cards, his watch, everything except what he was wearing and what little cash he had were confiscated. And he was ordered out of the house, immediately!

Poor Oppa! Out with nothing in the cold! No better than a beggar! What would he do? Find out in tonight’s Episode 32 of “My Golden Life”! KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Giving up everything he has got!




Park Sihoo My Golden Life

What price love?




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Will she even care, Oppa?



Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Go forth and show them what you are made of, Oppa!


今晚的“我黄金光辉的人生”第32集中将会揭晓! 不要错过韩国时间1955点, KBS 2台的播出!

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My Golden Life Ep 31

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Uncontested at 35.7%, averaging 31.6%

My Golden Life Park Sihoo uncontested

Uncontested since Day One

Park Sihoo-ssi’s KBS drama “My Golden Life” continues to lead the pack of Korean dramas in 2017, uncontested! From the onset since it first premiered on 2 September 2017, it has been top of the chart!

Last night, the audience rating was 35.7%, an increase of 0.1% over last Saturday 9 December 2017 (same day comparison) and a drop of 5.5% over the previous episode on Sunday 10 December 2017. This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV ranking.

It is quite normal for Saturday ratings to be lower than that of Sunday.

In terms of average rating, on a national level, after 31 episodes, it stood at 31.6%.

Uncontested leading drama “My Golden Life” will continue it stellar performance! We will see another exciting episode tonight as Oppa goes independent! 

My Golden Life

Maintaining its top rank!


施厚君的KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”,继续在2017年引领韩剧,无可争议! 从一开始,在2017年9月2日首播以来,这电视剧一直坚持榜首!




无与伦比的 “我黄金光辉的人生””将继续表现出色! 今晚我们将会观看到兴奋的情节,因为偶吧Oppa宣布独立了!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Entertainment

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life Ep 31 Finding his footing

Park Sihoo My Golden Life footing

Finding his footing in life

Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in KBS drama “My Golden Life” is a man born with a silver spoon. Leading an affluent and sheltered life, he has no want of the material kind. However, having decided that he can’t go into a marriage without love, he is breaking free from his family and what he has been used to all his life.

Now, he has to find his own footing in this world. He will probably have to start from scratch especially if his grandfather decides to pull all plugs and his access to money, contacts and networks. And the world can be a most cruel place. You will have friends aplenty when you are on top of the world, but when you are down and out, no one even knows you!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Oppa never had to worry about a job

Choi Dokyung has twin challenges, he will have to find his footing in work and in love. 

Being groomed to take over the helm at Haesung Group, he has never had to find a job and had everyone at his beck and call, no matter what position he took in the company. Now, being on his own, would he have to scrape the barrel and be at the beck and call of his supervisors like what Seo Jian used to have to do? No fancy business meals at posh restaurants but eating from whatever street stalls and what the stall holders dish out! No top of the line luxurious sedan as transport butte will have to squeeze along with others on the public bus! Can he get used to life like the common folks before he can, if ever, find his footing?

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Oppa started off on the wrong footing, so he has to correct it now

Then, there is love. He thinks he loves Seo Jian and that she would make him happy. But he has got off the wrong footing with her and she is totally ignoring him. How can he right what he has wronged? Would a loveless marriage be much more pleasant than the situation he is finding himself in now?

Choi Dokyung, I feel for you. You are like an innocent kid out in the big bad world! Can you really find yourself and firmly establish your footing in life?

We will see Choi Dokyung taking his first step towards independence, tonight! KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time! Let us give him our fullest support! Go, Oppa, go!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Finding his footing with love





My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Can he live simply like the everyday man?



Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Going in with his eyes wide open


今晚,我们将会观看到崔道京迈开独立的第一步!韩国时间1955点, KBS 2 台!让我们全力支持他!加油,偶吧!

Park Sihoo

Cold, hungry but happy

Park Sihoo

I was cold, hungry but very happy to see Park Sihoo-ssi!

Cold, hungry but happy would be how I sum up my experience last weekend in Seoul. I really want to thank our sisters at Sihoorang, Park Sihoo’s Korean Official Fan Club, for their wonderful hospitality! Cold and hungry were no fault of theirs – cold more due to mother nature’s winter season and hungry through my own fault! But, many thanks dear Sihoorang sisters for making my day! You made me very happy! 고맙습니다!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Park Sihoo-ssi sisters meeting at Gangdong station

On the spur of the moment, I decided to head on to Seoul last weekend to join our sisters in Sihoorang, Park Sihoo’s Korean Official Fan Club for their year-end event. Having been a Park Sihoo-ssi fan for more than five years, I have certainly heard of  Sihoorang which was started by the man himself when he first entered the Korean entertainment industry. I have also been a Sihoorang member for the last couple of years and communicated with some of our sisters there. Having only met a handful of them, it was a good opportunity to get to put faces to names I know. And it was not just our Korean sisters but also our Japanese and Chinese sisters too! We must have been around eighty strong!

The event also promised a scrumptous meal at the restaurant called 대사골 Daesagol which Park Sihoo-ssi has frequented before. And after lunch, if there were filming, a visit to a location shoot to watch Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in action.

Park Sihoo

K-star press coverage onsite

We started our afternoon meeting at the Gangdong sub-way station at noon before heading off to the restaurant by taxi. When we arrived at the restaurant, its parking lot was decked with banners and posters of Park Sihoo-ssi and “My Golden Life”. A K-star press crew was also onsite to do a couple of video interviews with fans and take in all the actions of the day. So, sisters, watch out for this video news that should be telecast soon! Watch what K-Star reports and what fans had to say about Park Sihoo-ssi and to him.

We then headed up to the second floor of the restaurant which Sihoorang had booked the entire floor for the event. Seated Korean style on the floor, we were practically back-to-back in full capacity, but  it was conducive for good intimate conversations with fellow Park Sihoo-ssi fans!

Park Sihoo

Sisters unite for Park Sihoo-ssi!

The appetizers or banchan as usual were already served at the table before the mains came. Me? I was a little carried away getting photos taken and posting them on Facebook. Food wasn’t quite my priority. I remembered there was the grilled duck and Park Sihoo-ssi’s favorite black sesame rice cake which his mother had specially arranged for the occasion. Many thanks, Omoni 어머니! Then, it was a blur afterwards where food was concerned as I hardly ate…so I deserved to be hungry with almost no food all day long since breakfast with a cup of coffee, a couple of bites of the duck and rice cake and a latte and fruit tea I managed to sneak in before the night was out. Hungry!

As I fidgeted with my iPad and internet access trying to send out Facebook posts, the lucky draw started. Park Sihoo-ssi had graciously contributed some signed poster leaflets, personal items and a couple of autographed scripts of ”My Golden Life” for the event. Never been lucky when it came to lucky draws, I wasn’t paying any attention.

Then suddenly, my name was called…and then repeated by some sisters. Huh? What, what, what? I won some thing? Park Sihoo-ssi’s signed script! 진짜,진짜? For real? A much coveted script of “My Golden Life”, signed by the man himself? Hoo Woo! As can be expected, I was in a daze as I got up to receive it! Oh my! It is so very precious and worth every single word that I have ever written for and on KBS drama “My Golden Life”! Many thanks Park Sihoo-ssi! It will be something I will treasure infinitely!

Then we received news that the filming had already started at 1.30pm and that we needed to hurry as this was expected to wrap up by 4pm! Yikes! It was already 2.30 pm! And we still needed to get to the filming location which was in Mapo, a half an hour car ride away, subject to traffic conditions crossing the Hankang River on a Saturday! So it was a mad rush as the remote restaurant had no access to transport – taxi, bus or train. Luckily, Sihoorang had arranged for a 7-seater to ferry us to the sub-way station to either catch a train or taxi.

With the Chinese group or part of it, eight of us packed into the car and headed out to catch taxis at the subway station with the help of the driver. But horrors, we met with slow moving traffic conditions as soon as we hit the Hangang River and time was passing by, and fast! The taxi’s GPS showed an arrival time of 4.09 pm! Gosh, will we make it or would it already be game over when we arrive? Please wait for us, Park Sihoo-ssi!

Arriving at the address on the handwritten slip, we saw no sign of crew or crowd! But undeterred, we searched and finally found the film crew and a waiting public bus! Park Sihoo-ssi’s car was spotted at the back of the bus! Yippee! Our man was still there! But where was he?

Then ah ha! We spotted him, in the bus, but on the far side! Head down, a bit shy as all eyes were glued on him, he made occasional waves and smiled at us as the crew set up the scene for filming. Then suddenly, we realized on the near side of the bus, dressed in white but totally nondescript was Seo Jian! Oooh…a Choi Dokyung – Seo Jian scene! But wait before we could catch our breath, the bus with its cast and crew moved off…Oh, oh, oh! So we didn’t get to watch the filming! 

Then 10 – 15 minutes later, the bus returned…and the filming was done! Huh? That fast? Out came Park Sihoo-ssi and Shin Hyesun-ssi, thanking each other before she walked off with three people whom I presumed were her stylists and manager. But we of course, had eyes only on Park Sihoo-ssi. He was swarmed and greeted warmly as he made his way to his car, smiling and waving before being whisked off in minutes! So, there, that really short “on location” shoot, out in the cold Seoul winter!

But wait! There is more! Another handwritten slip with the address of the next location was handed out!  8 pm, Choi Dokyung’s house! Oh! Go or not go? If we went, it meant we would miss watching the exciting follow-on to the cliff hanger of “My Golden Life” “live” on KBS 2! What to do, what to do? 어떻게? 어떻게? But the answer was obvious! After going through all the hassle of flying all the way to Seoul, we can’t miss watching our man in real action, right?

As it would take a while to get to Choi Dokyung’s house which was in an exclusive district but not quite accessible, we hurriedly grabbed a cup of hot coffee from Starbucks and hopped into cabs and headed out!

Taking the front seat, I had a good conversation with the cab driver who knew a little English. And I was most happy that he knew about “My Golden Life” and Park Sihoo-ssi and was amazed that he had as passengers, Park Sihoo-ssi fans from China, Hong Kong and Singapore! Kekeke! 😄😄😄 Hey, our man is international, you know, he is not just any Korean actor! And when I whipped out my iPad to address an emergency from the office, out popped a photo of you know who and immediately, our cab driver exclaimed “Park Sihoo”! Yup, that’s our man!

We arrived at Choi Dokyung’s house in good time despite the heavy Saturday Seoul traffic. It would have been a long and tedious uphill climb if not for the cab! But, have we got the right place? Where  was everyone? There was no soul in sight, no body, no filming machinery, nothing except a deserted street! But nice to take a couple of night shots of the simple, lighted Christmas wreathe decked on the front door of Oppa Choi’s house!

Then we discovered why we didn’t see anyone including our sisters…the few of them who have arrived earlier were cosy up in a gallery cum tea/coffee place next door, in the good company of the owner, a good looking Korean guy who spoke fluent British English! Some competition for Oppa? Hahaha! 😄😄😄Unfortunately, even though I was hungry, the gallery only served beverages and wafer thin almond biscuits, sweets which I don’t take…so I guess I have to stay hungry till the filming was over!

My Golden Life

The cafe and gallery outside the Choi’s home

Things started stirring at around 7.30 pm when the film crew arrived and started setting up their equipment. Glimpses were seen of the arrival of Father Choi and Seo Jisu but no sight of our Oppa Choi. Rumours had it that he would be there at 8 pm. And all the fans got shooed off the front of the house so as not to interrupt the filming. So some of us hid in the gallery while others loitered about a distance away on the side road, all being courteously told by our Sihoorang sisters and the crew that there should be no photography or video of the drama and to be careful of the traffic and not to block the flow of the film crew and the residence returning home! And we were good girls, being as quiet as we could, not filming anything relating to the drama but not resisting taking photos and videos of ourselves! Being Park Sihoo-ssi fans, we want to make our man proud and not tarnish his reputation! Well done sisters! Me, I took nothing…so had to use some of the photos shared by those who did. Many thanks, sisters! 

Park Sihoo

We were good girls not disrupting the shoot!

Park Sihoo-ssi came on time in his black SUV and obviously the news was out of his presence and all of us rushed out from wherever we were to have a glimpse of him but were shepherded to a side lane by Choi Dokyung’s house where were could only get peeks of what was going on. 

Well, we saw Oppa Choi in action along the street outside his home, but I shall not be a spoiler on what transpired. You should be able to watch this scene this weekend! Get ready your hankies, okay! That’s all I can tell you.

The shoot for Choi Dokyung was really short…though the preparation was much longer We saw him in conversations and walk throughs with the director, putting himself through the paces in a very short practice before the cameras rolled! Oppa did great, there was hardly any NG! And it was already over! A professional through and through! 

Then Park Sihoo-ssi quickly came to greet his fans, shook hands with some before getting back into his car, wind down the windows to smile and wave at us before he disappeared into the night!

Tired, cold, hungry…but very happy, I trekked back to the hotel, hopped into a G25 store to grab some bites before I knocked out, KOed! The precious “My Golden Life” autographed script safely packed, and handcarried on flight home! Precious cargo! Happy! Kekeke! 😄😄😄

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Many thanks, Park Sihoo-ssi for that precious keepsake!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo Instagram & Weibo, Intagram by j_hyo.eun,, sisters who attended the event – my apologies but I cannot identify the sources but please accept my sincere thank you! Nance

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

My Golden Life Ep 31 Independence

Park Sihoo My Golden Life independence

Oppa Choi is happy to declare his independence

When Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in KBS drama “My Golden Life” finally made the decision to break free from the Haesung Group, declaring his independence, I wonder if he knew what he would be in for?

Going against the wishes of his powerful chaebol family, particularly his manipulative, cunning and influential grandfather by declaring his independence might be suicidal. Will they totally disregard their family blood ties and make life so difficult for him that he would already be a sinking ship even before he could learn to swim? How can Choi Dokyung, who has been so sheltered all his life, stand on his own two feet and withstand the strong backlash that would surely come?

My Golden Life

Is Seo Jian ready for Oppa?

Not only that, is he taking the independence route to make a new life for himself thinking that he would have his love, Seo Jian at his side? Did he think that Seo Jian loves him and that he will be able to find happiness with her? Will he be set for disappointment as it seems from Episode 31 preview that she is not quite ready for him?

I hope our brave Oppa Choi can find true happiness no matter what! 

And I look foward to catching Episode 31 of “My Golden Life” on KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time this coming Saturday! Fighing, Oppa! Make the best of your independence!

Never Give Up!

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 31 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles

KBS Drama Facebook “My Golden Life” Episode 31 Preview

Click link below to watch “My Golden Life” Episode 31 Preview

My Golden Life

My Golden Life Episode 31 Preview




My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Are you ready to take on the challenge, Oppa?



不要错过星期六韩国时间1955点,在KBS 2台播出的“我黄金光辉的人生”第31集!加油,偶吧Oppa!充分利用你的独立去争取幸福!


Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo

Give someone a hug today!

Park Sihoo hug day

Give someone a bear hug!

The buzz word in the world of Park Sihoo-ssi right now is “hug”.

Why? Because our favorite actor promised to give one to his Enishi readers if his drama “My Golden Life” averaged 30% in audience rating. And now, after 30 episodes, it is averaging 31.5%! Keep it up and we will get what our man has promised come September 2018 when his Enishi magazine usually holds its annual premium event for its readers!

But for now, do you know what day is today in Korea? Hug Day! 14 December of every year! 

So take this opportunity to give someone a hug today! And anyone within the vicinity of Park Sihoo-ssi today, you know what to do! Kekeke! 😄 Good luck!

Big bear hug for ParK Sihoo-ssi! And a huge one all round for all of our sisters! Many thanks for keeping up with my nonsense and often hard-headedness for so long! I love you1

Park Sihoo

If you are so lucky to be near Park Sihoo-ssi, you know what to do!



为什么呢? 因为我们最喜欢的演员承诺,如果他的电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”平均观众收视率达到30%,他会给他的缘Enishi读者一个拥抱。 现在,到第30集为止,平均收视率已经是31.5%,如果继续保持下去,我们的拥抱将会在2018年9月举办的Enishi年度活动实现!

Park Sihoo

The warm, fuzzy feeling…

但,9月还老远的。大家可知道今天在韩国是什么日子吗? 拥抱日! 每年12月14日就是拥抱日!

所以借此机会,今天就给一个人一个拥抱呗! 今天在施厚君周边的人,妳知道该怎么做吧?哈哈哈! 祝妳好运!

献给施厚君一个大熊拥抱 big bear hug! 还有所有的厚粉姐妹们,也给大家一个大拥抱哦! 非常感谢妳们一直忍着我的无理取闹和经常人性行为!大拥抱!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Red Chili Paper