Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 24 Oppa in agony

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Oppa in agony

Oppa Choi Dokyung is in agony even though he has received a text message from Seon Woohyuk that Seo Jian is safe. In fact, he felt more depressed afterwards as Seon Woohyuk refused to answer his calls for him to find out more.

Not giving up, he continued his search. His temper is not at its best as he is in deep agony with worry over the woman whom he has come to love. His unyielding efforts finally bore fruit as he is able to trace the location of the phone which Seo Jian used to send him her last message. With renewed energy, he is speeding off to find her.

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Not in the best of temper our Oppa

I hope he does find her! While Oppa is in agony, my heart aches for him too and I certainly look forward to him reassuring himself that Seo Jian is safe. Even more so, that they will come to terms with each other!

Hopefully, tonight’s Episode 24 of KBS drama “My Golden Life” will wake up from being the living dead and up its previous exciting pace again! Don’t miss it on KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time!

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 24 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles

KBS Drama Facebook “My Golden Life” Episode 24 Preview

Click link below to watch “My Golden Life” Episode 24 Preview

My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 24 Preview



不放弃的他,继续搜索徐智安的下落。 在沮丧痛苦中,他的脾气并不是那么好,因为担心他所爱的人。 用了徐智安发出最后一个短信时的手机位置,他不屈不挠的努力寻找,终于结出硕果,让他重新振作起来,赶紧去找她。

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Speeding off to look for the woman he loves

希望他能尽快找到他所爱的人! 当偶吧Oppa崔道京痛苦的时候,我也为他心痛,当然期待他确信徐智安是安全,而他们倆可以重新开始!

期待今晚播出的KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉得人生”第24集。希望这集可以从行尸走肉的慢度重新活过来,可以跟往常一样剧情发展的紧密度! 今晚在韩国时间1955点,不要错过KBS 2台的播出哦!

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

My Golden Life Park Sihoo walking dead

My Golden Life Ep 23 Walking dead

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Like a walking dead Choi Dokyung looking for Seo Jian

Last night’s Episode 23 of KBS drama “My Golden Life” was like the tale of the walking dead, a little too slow and lifeless in my view. An anti-climax from the ending of Episode 22 when I was full of anticipation on what would transpire after the cliffhanger. Or maybe the episode was just fine (I guess it was since the audience rating was 35%)  but I had high expectations and what I saw fell short of my expectations.

It was an overkill of every sub-storyline with very little content of the main storyline. Makes me wonder if this episode was written by Writer So or she was taking a break, long with the male and female leads! The bakery couple, Seo Jian’s elder brother’s story, unfolding of Choi Dokyung’s sister’s blackmail, Seo Jian’s younger brother confrontating their mother, Father and Mother Seo talking about turning themselves in to the police, Seo Jisu causing more conflicts in the Choi family…walking dead, no life, no spark, no interest!

My Golden Life

One of the many sub-stories last night

What about Seo Jian? She was truly the walking dead. No life in her, no zeal to live after she had been rescued by a fisherman. She is just going about life each day, working like a living dead to repay her hospital bill, not caring for anyone or anything. Even when found by her friend Seon Woohyuk, she was indifferent and refused to go back with him to Seoul.

And Choi Dokyung? He continued to look high and low for the missing Seo Jian. Getting his secretary to do a search, looking up her father, retracing her footsteps. He received Seon Woohyuk’s message to say that Seo Jian was safe, but he couldn’t contact him to find out more asSeon Woohyuk wasn’t answering his calls. His secretary telling him that maybe she didn’t want to speak to him depressed him even more. Now, would Choi Dokyung now become the living dead too?

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Will Choi Dokyung live like walking dead with Seo Jian gone?

But wait, suddenly there is a flurry, a burst of energy from the living dead Seo Jian in the middle of the night! We see her running! What is she up to?

We will find out tonight! KBS 2 at Korean time 1955h. Will what transpire next, the sudden adrenaline rush help to push the drama’s audience rating over the 40% mark? We will see! And sisters, let’s all charge together tonight! Fighting!


昨晚KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”第23集就像行尸走肉的故事,我个人感觉剧情缓慢而无生气。第22集结束后,有严重的反高潮。第22集的悬念让我充满期待接下来会发生什么事情。可能这集的情节还不错 (我猜因该是吧,因为收视率是35%),但,因为我有超高的预期,所以没有达到我所预的。


My Golden Life

Seo Jian living like a zombie after being rescued from suicide



My Golden Life

Sudden spurt of energy


今晚就会知道了! 请观看KBS 2台,在韩国时间1955点播出的“我黄金光辉的人生”第24集。接下来会发生什么,就如其来的肾上腺素加快,可以帮助推动电视剧观众收视率超越40%吗?加油啊,姐妹们!今晚我们一起冲破这个目标!Fighting!

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My Golden Life Ep 23

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My Golden Life Ep 23

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Standing tall at No 1 at 35.0%

Park Sihoo My Golden Life standing tall

Standing tall at No 1!

Consistently the No 1 weekend drama since it first premiered on 2 September 2017, Park Sihoo-ssi’s “My Golden Life” is standing tall!

Last night, the audience rating was 35.0%, an increase of 2.7% over last Saturday 11 November 2017 (same day comparison) and a drop of 2.9% over the previous episode on Sunday 12 November 2017. This is based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s TV ranking.

It is quite normal for Saturday ratings to be lower than that of Sunday.

In terms of average rating, on a national level, after 23 episodes, it stood at 29.6%.

KBS drama “My Golden Life” is standing tall at No 1! It has a strong audience support with its refreshing and quick pace approach. Every episode has seen it hitting new highs! Tonight should be another outstanding performance! So looking forward to watching it! Fighting!

My Golden Life

My Golden Life standing tall at No 1!






KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”高占第一位!该剧以清新快捷的方式获得了强大的观众支持。 每一集都看到了新高! 今晚应该是另一集出色的演出! 所以非常期待! 加油!

Photo Credits – Many thanks! Hoo Factory Entertainment

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 23 Missing you

Park Sihoo My Golden Life missing you

I miss you, Seo Jian!

Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung in KBS drama “My Golden Life” is in denial. In his mind, even in a drunken state, he told his best friend Kim Kijae that he was only concerned with Seo Jian because he had broken his promise to her and let her down. He had committed that he would be with her when she broke the news to his parents that she was not their daughter. But he was not present. And now she has disappeared and he can’t find her!

But looking at him, Kim Kijae and even us, the audience would not believe that that is the only reason for his concern.

He is missing her! No doubt, even though he would not admit it!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Choi Dokyung sees Seo Jian’s shadow everywhere

Watching Episode 23 preview and looking at him running around trying to find her. Walking down memory lane and seeing her shadow everywhere. Swallowing his pride and asking Seon Woohyuk, her schoolmate if he had seen her and begging him to let him know if he knew her whereabouts. Not only that, going to her old home and seeking out her father. 

This is a man in deep sorrow, full of regrets. He badly misses his love! 

I hope he finds her real soon! Seon Woohyuk, do the right thing! Honor your word!

Don’t miss Park Sihoo-ssi in action as Choi Dokyung tonight on KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time!

Looking at him, I can’t help thinking about John Waite’s “Missing you’! He said it all! A man in love but in denial!

Youtube Video – Missing you by John Waite

“Missing you”

Everytime I think of you, I always catch my breath
And I’m still standing here, and you’re miles away
And I’m wonderin’ why you left
And there’s a storm that’s raging through my frozen heart tonight

I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me smile
I spend my time thinkin’ about you, and it’s almost driving me wild
And there’s a heart that’s breaking down this long distance line tonight

I ain’t missing you at all since you’ve been gone away
I ain’t missing you, no matter what I might say

There’s a message in the wire, and I’m sending you this signal tonight
You don’t know how desperate I’ve become
And it looks like I’m losing this fight
In your world I have no meaning, though I’m trying hard to understand
And it’s my heart that’s breaking down this long distance line tonight

I ain’t missing you at all since you’ve been gone away
I ain’t missing you, no matter what my friends say

And there’s a message that I’m sending out, like a telegraph to your soul
And if I can’t bridge this distance, stop this heartbreak overload

I ain’t missing you, I ain’t missing you, I can lie to myself
And there’s a storm that’s raging through my frozen heart tonight

Ain’t missing you, I ain’t missing you
I ain’t missing you, I can lie to myself…

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

A man in love but in self denial




Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Walking down memory lane





不要错过今晚在韩国时间1955点,KBS 2台播出,施厚君饰演的崔道京!

哦,看着他,我不禁想到约翰·怀特John Waite 的热门歌曲“想念着”!他为崔道京说出了心里话!一个恋爱中的男人但还在否认的状态中!

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Living with regrets









Credits – Many thanks! Youtube video of Missing you by Micky-as-himself; Photos – Park Sihoo Instagram, KBS Drama

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life: A matter of face

My Golden Life Park Sihoo face

My son, he does me proud!

I am sure many of you will know the concept of “face” and how important this is in Asia. It is a person’s public persona, symbolic of his or her dignity. “Face” is somewhat similar to the concept of “pride” in the Western world. Our sisters here had a lively debate in the earlier episodes of KBS Drama “My Golden Life” on “pride” which guided Seo Jian’s actions over the KRW 20 million for the repair of Park Sihoo-ssi’s Choi Dokyung’s damaged car.

My Golden Life

Mother Choi, a woman whose face or pride rules

As we saw in KBS drama “My Golden Life”, face is particularly important among the high society chaebol families. Mother Choi puts it a top priority for her outlook in life. She has to look good among the socialite ladies, especially when she is a small potato among them, the super rich and powerful.

Her son, Choi Dokyung is her pride for the way he conducts himself well. She has a lot of confidence in his ability and he is much welcomed by her group of elite friends. However in recent times, after Seo Jian entered their lives, his stature has dropped in her eyes. Poor oppa!

Not only does she has to be in good standing among the high society ladies, she also has to look good in the eyes of her father. She is currently her father’s pet, one up against her weasel of a sister. 

My Golden Life

Her fake daughter left a strong impression

With face being of paramount importance to Mother Choi, the incident of recognising a wrong daughter is a big blow to her pride. How in the world can she unravel the mistake with her high society friends? They have met Seo Jian and she has been presented as her lost daughter Choi Eunseok and left a strong impression. Now her real daughter Seo Jisu has appeared, With her uncultured and unruly behaviour, she is totally not fit to be presented to refined society, and will be a loss of face and another dent to her reputation!

My Golden Life

What to do with uncultured being? Is she my flesh and blood?

But wait, Mother Choi, that might not be all! The worse might just be round the corner! What with your younger daughter’s rebellious streak and her double life that is being held at ransom? Maybe even a possible budding romance with one with no university education, no class and a Seo son at that! And your son Choi Dokyung has fallen in love with your fake daughter and might choose to make a firm stand with her? Horrors, their actions will definitely have a bearing on the arranged marriages you have proudly put in place with influential chaebol families! These business alliances will suffer a meltdown!

My Golden Life

Daughter Choi Seohyun’s double life threatens

And will there be more?

Where can you hide your face? 

As they say, “pride goes before a fall”. And the higher you go, the harder you will fall! Oh dear, oh dear!

It would be feast for the eyes of the audience to witness such a loss of face for the high and mighty Mother Choi! Kekeke! 😄 Looking forward to weekend nights on KBS 2 at 1955h! May the face be with you, Mother Choi!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Her son falling in love with a nobody will make her lose face


我相信我们当中的很多姐妹们都知道“面子”的概念,以及“面子”在亚洲的重要性。“面子”是一个人的公众形象,象征着他的尊严。 “面子”有点类似于西方文化的“骄傲”或“自尊”的概念。之前,到访ParkSihooSsi.com网站的姐妹们在KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”开播时的前几集热烈的辩论了“骄傲”或“自尊”,认为就算穷“骄傲”或“自尊”引导了徐智安为了2,000万韩元汽车修理费而跟施厚君饰演的崔道京有纠纷。

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Mother Choi’s pride and joy. Will he let her down?



“面子”对崔妈妈是如此的重要,认了错女儿的事情给了她面子一个大打击。在社会上,她怎样才能跟她那群社交名媛们解释,她们见过的崔恩素, 留下深刻好印象的,并非是她的女儿,是自己搞错了。不仅如此,真正的女儿徐智秀和她不文雅,不守规矩,不能见大雅社会的行为将会成为她丢面子的另一个痕迹!

My Golden Life Park Sihoo

Will Choi Dokyung take a firm stand with Seo Jian affecting his arranged marriage?




正如他们所说的,骄傲是在摔倒之前 pride comes before a fall。而爬得越高,跌得越重!哦,糟糕,糟糕!

但是,观众就期待着这个结局,看到高傲的崔妈妈丢了面子! 哈哈哈!😄 期待韩国时间1955点在KBS 2台播出的周末剧“我黄金光辉的人生”!愿妳的面子跟随着妳 May your face be with you!

My Golden Life

Where to hide my face? I need my smelling salt!

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

My Golden Life Ep 23 Adapting to change

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Choi Dokyung worried sick about Seo Jian

In the aftermath of the big reveal that the Choi family daughter is not Seo Jian but Seo Jisu, lives have changed. Those impacted are adapting to the changes, some better than others.

Mother Choi is adapting very well, getting back to her normal self very quickly, meticulously going down her logical mind and drilling down the details of how to handle the situation.

My Golden Life

Mother Choi adapting well bouncing back to her usual self

Considering herself the victim in all that had happened since her mother lost her 25 years ago, Seo Jisu made an about turn from a sweet, simple girl to an obnoxious one, not caring who she hurt along the way. She couldn’t care less what happened to the sister who has loved and protected her all her life! 

Seo Jian who bore the blunt of the explosion was the most traumatised, being witness to the brutal, ugly and pitiful sides to the people she loves or come to know. So traumatised that she was driven to suicide! But she was saved and working in a fishing community drying seaweed. She is adapting to a new life, not wanting to have anything to do with her past.

My Golden Life

Adapting to a new life after her trauma

And Choi Dokyung is frantically looking high and low for Seo Jian, leaving no stones unturned, even going to her home and looking up her father! This man is full of worries for the woman he loves as she has gone missing.

Park Sihoo My Golden Life

Choi Dokyung missing Seo Jian

My heart aches for both Choi Dokyung and Seo Jian! I hope her friend Seon Woohyuk would keep his promise to Choi Dokyung and let him know her whereabouts since he has found her!

I won’t be missing KBS drama “My Golden Life” this coming weekend on KBS 2 at 1955h Korean time! Can’t wait! This week has been hard adapting to life after that cliffhanger last weekend!

Youtube My Golden Life Episode 23 Preview with English and Chinese subtitles

KBS Drama Facebook “My Golden Life” Episode 23 Preview

Click link below to watch “My Golden Life” Episode 23 Preview

My Golden Life

My Golden Life Episode 23 Preview




My Golden Life Park Sihoo adapting

Difficult adapting to life without Seo Jian




My Golden Life

Will Seon Woohyuk honor his words?


这周末,绝对不会错过,在韩国时间1955点,KBS 2台播出的KBS电视剧“我黄金光辉的人生”! 自从上周的悬念结尾,已经很难熬过这周,适应平时的生活啊!

Credits – Many thanks! KBS Drama

Park Sihoo "Live"

Park Sihoo TV “live”!

Park Sihoo "Live"

Park Sihoo “Live” from Jeju!

It has been a while since I talked about Park Sihoo TV. Remember his personal TV on Fresh Live TV in Japan? To refresh, please check out my earlier post “Keeping it fresh!”.

To be honest, I have not delved into this since I paid my subscription on the first day it has been launched and continuing to pay for it. Life has been so hectic I barely have the time or energy leftover after getting through my work and trying to keep going. So Park Sihoo TV has been sadly neglected by me. Sorry, Park Sihoo-ssi!

But here’s news! Park Sihoo TV will be telecasting “live” from South Korea’s Jeju Island next Sunday, 26 November 2017! Yes, you heard it! “Live”! 

Park Sihoo

Getting ready for the big event!

Do you remember what’s happening on that day? A special event! Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju! A fan meeting where we get to meet our star Park Sihoo-ssi face-to-face and enjoy the special program that has been planned. Not only do we get to see this gorgeous star up close and personal but we also get to take one-on-one photos with him! Yeah! ✌️

Park Sihoo-ssi will be answering selected questions and requests from fans who will be attending the event. And when you have wished upon a star, he just might make your wish come true! I hope my wish will come true! I can’t wait to be in Jeju this very minute!

Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju. Don’t miss!

Fans attending the event will have a fabulous time. But you can get a tiny slice of the action “live” too! By watching it on Park Sihoo TV! From what I understand, only the beginning bits of the event and not the event proper, just to set your expectations.

On 26 November 2017, there will be two “live” broadcasts on the channel at 15:00h and 18:00h, Japan time.

To watch the event in Jeju “live”, you need to become a member of Park Sihoo TV. The monthly subscription fee is JPY 600.

Check out the details of membership in my earlier post on Keeping it fresh!”.

And as usual, be sure to read my personal post event write up on the Park Sihoo Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju! Got to start getting myself ready for my coming Jeju trip and my face-to-face meeting with Park Sihoo-ssi! I am so excited! Can’t wait to see our golden man!

Park Sihoo live

Are you a ready to watch Park Sihoo-ssi “live” on TV?

Park Sihoo TV直播!

只从我分享朴施厚官方频道 Park Sihoo TV的信息已经隔了有一段时间。还记得这个在日本的Fresh Live TV吗?要更多的了解,请查看之前的贴子“保持新鲜!新官方频道!”

说实话,从第一天频道开始就付款加入会员的我, 还没有深入研究这个平台,生活一直非常的紧张忙碌,除了工作,和继续每天为ParkSihooSsi.com写作和发帖,几乎都没有时间和精力去观看这频道, 所以把Park Sihoo TV完全给我忽略了。对不起啦,施厚君!

Park Sihoo

Catch our man on live TV!

但这里有个好消息哦! Park Sihoo TV将于2017年11月26日从韩国济州岛上“现场直播”!是的,大家听清楚,是“现场直播”!

还记得当天有什么活动吗?一项特殊的活动哦!是Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州!一项施厚君和粉丝的见面会。可以又和我们的星星施厚君面对面的相聚,并享受计划好的特别节目。我们不仅可以亲眼看到这位华丽的星星,还可以和他一对一的合影呢!


参加此次活动的粉丝们肯定的会过美好的时光。但是没能参加的姐妹们也可以直播观看这活动的一小小段!就在Park Sihoo TV上观看!据我所了解,只会直播活动开始的一小小段,不会播整个活动。

2017年11月26日,现场播出时间有两段:15:00点 和18:00点(日本时间)。

Park Sihoo

The trills and spills 24-hours a day

要在Park Sihoo TV观看Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州活动,需要成为Park Sihoo TV的会员。每月的会员费是600日元。


和往常一样,请阅读我的Park Sihoo Premiun Event for Chinese in 济州活动的后记! 下周日就是活动啦,得开始准备好和我们黄金辉煌的男神施厚君面对面啦! 非常期待和兴奋!

Park Sihoo

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Credits – Many thanks! Park Sihoo TV, Mentor, Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC)